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Re: “Warwick Sabin considering run for Little Rock mayor UPDATED

Little Rock, AR - Failing to keep up with the modern world technologically.

Electricity? Entergy feels like exactly how NOT to do it correctly. Outages galore. What a bloody joke. I've never seen so many transformers sparking and blowing up in my life. God forbid they should run the main lines underground where at least they'd be protected from every idiot in a car that wants to take out a whole section of the grid. Looking at you, lines that run down Cantrell.

Broadband? Comcast or AT&T, maybe only one works even some of the time. Oh, your business relies on internet connectivity? Good luck with that...

The next mayor needs to have a plan to get us out of the 19th century and into the current one. And I am thinking the first things that need to go are the monopolies holding us back.

Posted by tiredofit on 08/18/2017 at 1:09 PM

Re: “Sham hotline

"In between struggling to save Medicaid and protect immigrants and transgender service members, people are subject to the daily White House circus."

I think Democrats don't really care about Identity Politics as much as they care about jobs, the economy, reigning in Wall Street/bankster fraud, a national health service, and ultimately some form of secure retirement. Sure, it's nice to think that someday people from all walks of life will live in greater harmony than they do now. Most probably a few more generations need to pass into oblivion for that day to arrive, so for my part I'm not too worried about it.

FWIW, I'm just as exhausted by Democrats that miss the political bull's-eye so much of the time. I expect the Republicans to oppose almost everything that interests me, but that the same issues go overlooked by the Democrats is untenable.

Posted by tiredofit on 08/08/2017 at 12:09 PM

Re: “We're No. 1! in vote suppression

Best advice to anyone that lives in AR for the usual reasons any of us arrived here: leave as soon as possible. There's a degree of stupid that simply cannot be fixed. AR exhibits that characteristic at a very high level.

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Posted by tiredofit on 07/16/2017 at 12:43 AM

Re: “Bangin' in LR

More restrictive gun laws will not stop this kind of violence.

A person that wants to hurt a room full of people will find a way to do so regardless of the tool used to accomplish the task. An anti-social person will do this type of thing regardless of the means at their disposal. There is always a way to achieve an end, however despicable the result of that act.

If this is ultimately revealed to be part of the increase in gang related violence to which we are all growing more accustomed in Little Rock, then again more restrictive gun laws have nothing to do with it. On the wrong side of town, neatly sequestered by an actual highway, life is short and brutish because our entire culture is intent on keeping it that way. Gangs flourish when it makes greater economic and social sense for a young person to join a gang rather than to pursue any other possible alternatives in life. If you genuinely gave a shit about the lives of the people that were put in jeopardy at that nightclub this entire editorial piece would have been about the kind of economic policies that make life as a "banger" unattractive and unnecessary.

I mean seriously, you thought guns were the issue? I am pretty sure police officers and jailers carry guns perfectly legally. Just as obviously, these same people can kill a person of color with impunity and generally face little more than a slap on the wrist as punishment for the offense. And especially when there is no camera footage to say otherwise, black lives do not matter.

There are the people that have to live on the wrong side of town, and then there is everyone else. The rest of us might as well be wearing white pointed hoods and matching gowns given the way we treat the people in the ghetto.

Aren't we all glad we don't have to live "over there."

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Posted by tiredofit on 07/08/2017 at 1:42 AM

Re: “It's a family affair: Buenos Aires Grill and Cafe

Wow...just wow...

For literally years I've held my tongue about the quality of the of the food reviews in this rag, but no longer.

The dining reviews are often so terrible I actually read from them to my listening wife so we can share a laugh. Here's the review about a Mexican restaurant I can't shake, it haunts my thoughts every time I turn to the dining section: "...and the rice and beans were, well, rice and beans." Fun fact: some restaurants pride themselves on the basics because a deft hand can transform the ordinary into the sublime. If you actually write, much less actually print, the part I recall from memory you've just failed "Food Review 101." So, writer fail, quickly followed by editor fail.

Today I read your review about the "Buenos Aires Grill and Cafe." From what little information can be gleaned from the review it sounds promising in the way that even what might turn out to be only a mirage seems promising to one too long in the desert. The restaurant landscape of Little Rock is a barren wilderness of half conceived cuisine with often even poorer execution. I can only hope that this new restaurant can match with culinary skill the hubris of naming itself after the capital city of Argentina.

Here the reviewer focuses on the empanadas. To be sure those are critical to traditional Argentine cuisine. They need to get this staple right, but there's almost nothing there. The quality of the pastry is barely touched on and that part is probably worthy of a paragraph by itself. All I know is that the reviewer liked them, with no real attempt at explaining why. I'm not sure how I feel about the inclusion of mint, which strikes me as a bit interpretive. Then the reviewer turns his attention to a bratwurst because I guess we have to cover the lunch fare. How was the meat at this grill? We'll never know because the reviewer is obsessed with the chimichurri instead! That's a sauce that can easily cover over many faults; and in my experience, few Argentines use the stuff very much if at all. Gringo just doesn't get it.

And here's the big thing...y'all went to a freaking Argentine asado joint and what you reviewed were the hot pockets and sammies. Did you get a coke with that, bro?

Almost every culture in the world makes a savory pastry - what was needed here was a review of the grilled meats! I came here looking for close insights into how the "mollejas" were prepared, a detailed breakdown on the quality of the "morcilla" and the "chinchulin."

Not a peep.

Hey, at least it'll get a laugh from my wife, so thanks for that!

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Posted by tiredofit on 04/27/2017 at 5:05 PM

Re: “More on pits

Wait, children aren't just Scooby Snacks?

I suggest we not limit our freedoms to what might or might not be best for children and stick to a world legislated for and by adults. Maybe the many possible dangers to children should be the concern of their vigilant parents.

The purpose of government is to protect fundamental individual liberties, not to curtail them because of the irrational and misplaced fears of a few.

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Posted by tiredofit on 03/27/2017 at 4:14 AM

Re: “More on pits

Just here because this column was the focus of the recent print issue's "Comment" section...

The man is entitled to his opinions. We are likewise entitled to not read his column and further to suggest that the Arktimes find someone else for this space. I do not read his column. The fact that so many of you are fired up about this dog stuff now just tells me that the "opinionator" has successfully trolled you into paying attention to him and his idiotic views on whatever. In other words, controversy equals relevance. A better revenge would be to ignore him altogether.

Over the years I've gained very little in reading this joker's rants. Generally he strikes me as a Clinton lickspittle, a probable neoliberal, etc - the precise type of person that has allowed the entire political conversation to move ever to the right until that's really all there is at this critical moment in time. Endless kowtowing to what apparently passes for Democratic royalty just lost us at least four years, an important SCOTUS seat, and who knows what else.

Choosing how to vote when both parties are in bed with Goldman Sachs isn't really a choice. Right now the GOP is very busy trying to kill the poor while the Democrats are navel gazing and trying to figure out what irrelevant social issue to back next and thereby fuel a return to power.

Newsflash to Democrats: it ain't gonna happen that way!

When the Democrats realize that they need to return to working class politics and that the working class will then return to them, things *might* improve. It may also be too late already. Neoliberalism has poisoned the entire party.

Lyons is not personally to blame for the sad realities of our current political troubles, but his incessant deification of all things Clinton doesn't help us progress - not even one tiny bit. The Clintons are at best irrelevant to the solution, and at worst part of the actual problem itself.

Last election the rank and file voted against a bland Democrat and for a political unknown. They wanted some other option, be clear on that point. Obviously, that was a bad miscalculation that gave us a puppet on a string president. Even if it was all decided by 100K votes, it was the right 100K votes in the right places.

Time for new blood.

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Posted by tiredofit on 03/26/2017 at 5:22 AM

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