A guide to Arkansas food trucks 

A survey of the most active (or at least most of them).

HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES: From Chunky Dunk in Fayetteville.
  • HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES: From Chunky Dunk in Fayetteville.

Every so often, we wonder: Have we reached peak food truck in Arkansas? After all, there is a truck that started in Searcy and now travels to Little Rock that specializes in Alaskan dumplings. There is also a truck that sells a homemade ice cream sandwich made of peanut butter ice cream and potato chips stuffed inside chocolate chip cookies and covered in hot fudge; one that's recent best seller is a hot dog topped with mac and cheese and strips of bacon; and one that's lately been running a special featuring locally raised goat. There are food truck parks in Little Rock, Conway and Fayetteville, where there are two, and there are weekly and monthly meet-ups too numerous to keep track of (though we've taken a stab at it below).

Just as soon as we think we've seen it all, someone starts selling sandwiches in homemade bread cones. That sounds delicious ... and maybe a tad gimmicky. But isn't that the beauty of the food truck? For a relatively modest entry fee, an enterprising cook can give a wacky idea a go. Many will fail. But sometimes concepts that sound like gimmicks catch fire. See this year's readers' choice for best food truck in Little Rock, The Southern Gourmasian: Justin Patterson's Southern take on Asian fare has proved irresistible, and despite graduating to a brick-and-mortar space, he's kept on trucking, with great success. May others follow in his path. And let us never forget about the less flashy, but often cheap and delicious taco and sandwich trucks that have been slinging straightforward fare long before food trucks became trendy. They're less likely to participate in the meet-ups. Seek them out.

This list is far from complete. Trucks are born and die and come out of hibernation all the time. Also, there are a number of trucks in Fort Smith and some in Jonesboro and probably other midsized cities around the state, but we didn't have the space to feature them.

Central Arkansas

Almost Famous Smoke House & Grill
Barbecue, burgers and Cajun fare.
Keep track: @almstfmsfoodtrk on Twitter and 501-733-4248.
Don't pass up the Boudin balls.

Arkansas Pineapple Whip
Conway and Sherwood
Pineapple ice cream treats.
Keep track: Facebook.
Duh. Try the pineapple whip.

Beast Food Truck
Little Rock
Locally sourced paleo fare.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-551-1154.
Try the homemade sausage with chimichurri.

Black Hound Bar-B-Q
Keep track: Facebook and 501-353-5637.
Get the pork sandwich.

Bragg's Big Bites
Little Rock
Fried fish.
Keep track: Facebook, 501-650-3779.

The Clean Eatery
Little Rock
Local organic health food.
Keep track: Facebook, 501-259-5491.
Try the Thai peanut chicken.

The Crazy Taco
Tacos and more.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-303-0547.
Usual stop: 1130 Military Road.
Get the pastor tacos.

El Buen Gusto
Pupusas and tacos.
Keep track: Facebook.

El Cubano Loco
Little Rock
Cuban food.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-773-7678.
Try the classic Cuban sandwich.

El Jalapeño
Little Rock
Tacos and more.
To order ahead: 501-772-7471.
Usual times and place: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., next to Cloverdale Liquor (9107 Chicot Road).

Emma's Taqueria
Little Rock
Tacos and more.
To order ahead: 501-231-9879.
Usual times and place: 9:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Mon.-Sat., outside Vela's Used Tire Shop, approximately 5100 Baseline Road.
Cash only.

Little Rock
Keep track: Facebook, @excaliburger on Instagram and Twitter.
There's only one thing on the menu: The Excaliburger, two 2 oz. Creekstone beef patties, topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and a house sauce, on toasted challah buns.

Fathead BBQ
Barbecue, burgers, fish and chicken.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-353-9565.

The Food Commander
Barbecue, chicken, seafood and burgers.
Keep track: thefoodcommander.com, Facebook and 501-516-5929.
Get the pork tenderloin and commander beans.

click to enlarge cover_story3-2-7acb24ef5b2e4aaf.jpg
Fork in the road
Little Rock
Breakfast treats, wraps and sandwiches.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-410-4425.
Try the bacon cinnamon roll.

Honey Pies
Little Rock
It's more of a mobile pie stand than a truck, but it's a member of the scene.
Keep track: myhoneypies.com, Facebook and 501-613-7950.
The chocolate fudge brownie pie is Honey Pies' biggest hit.

Hot Rod Wieners
Fancy hot dogs.
Keep track: hotrodwieners.com, @hotrodwieners on Instagram and Twitter, Facebook and 870-210-6416.
Try the Mac Truck — a wiener topped with homemade macaroni and cheese and bacon.
click to enlarge Katmandu Momo
  • Katmandu Momo
Katmandu MoMo
Little Rock
Nepalese dumplings and the fixin's.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-351-4169.
You can't wrong with any variety of dumpling (momo) with spicy potatoes (aloo) and spring rolls.

La Fina Express
Little Rock
Tacos and more.
To order ahead: 501-562-2272.
Usual times and place: 9 a.m.-10 p.m. daily, 6920 Geyer Springs Road.

Little Rock
Tacos and more.
To order ahead: 501-475-6036.
Usual times and place: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Tue.-Thu., 10 a.m.-3 a.m., 6 p.m.-2 a.m. Sun., outside Oasis Cantina & Sports Bar (7121 Geyer Springs Road).
Cash only.

Kincaid's Coffee
Little Rock
Coffee and mini donuts.
Keep track: kincaids.coffee, Facebook and 501-725-2883.

La Vaquera
Little Rock
Tacos and more.
Usual time and place: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., in the parking lot of the South Heights Strip Mall, 4700 Baseline Road approximately.
Cash only.

Loblolly Creamery
Little Rock
Gourmet ice cream served from a solar-powered truck.
Keep track: loblollycreamery.com, Facebook, @loblollycreamery on Instagram, @weloveloblolly on Twitter and 396-9609.
Try it all. You can't go wrong.

Luncheria Mexicana Alicia
Little Rock
Tacos and more.

Maria Grill Taqueria
Little Rock
Tacos and more.
Usual times and place: 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Tue.-Sun., across from the Arkansas Beauty School, approximately 5100 Baseline Road.
Cash only.

Ocko's Hibachi Island
Little Rock
Japanese fare.
Keep track: 501-940-9735.
Get the tempura shrimp.

Red River Catering
Little Rock
Barbecue, catfish and more.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-231-8433.
Get the catfish.

Repicci's Italian Ice
Little Rock
Italian ice franchise.
Keep track: repicisitalianicelr.com and 501-416-4660.

The Rib Cage BBQ
Hot Springs
Keep track: ribcagehs.com, Facebook and 501-520-4030.

Rick's Beignets
Little Rock
Savory and sweet beignets. Look out for a brick-and-mortar soon.
Keep track: ricksbeignets.com, Facebook and 501-400-3838.
Check out the buffalo chicken beignet sliders.

Road Hog BBQ
Keep track: Facebook and 501-977-3685.

click to enlarge Roxy's Twisted Sandwiches
  • Roxy's Twisted Sandwiches
Roxy's Twisted Sandwiches
Cone sandwiches.
Keep track: roxystwistedsandwiches.com, Facebook and 501-258-3478.
Try the Who Dat? — mac and cheese and Andouille sausage in a homemade bread cone.

Slader's Alaskan Dumplings
Dumplings. The truck is in hibernation until April 1.
Keep track: sadcoak.com, Facebook, @sadcoak on Instagram and Twitter and 501-203-4070.
Try 'em all: Dumplings, flavored with curry powder and chili sauce, come in beef, chicken and potato.

The  Southern Gourmasian
Little Rock
Southern U.S.-style Asian fare.
Keep track: thesoutherngourmasian.com, Facebook, @thesoutherngourmasian on Instagram and @SGourmasian on Twitter.
Get the pork buns."

Southern Salt Co.
Little Rock
Local gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-351-3838.
Start with the vegetarian Kitchen Sink sub.

Taqueria Jalisco San Juan
Little Rock
Tacos and more.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-541-5533.
Usual spot: 11200 W. Markham St. (in the parking lot of Colonial Wines and Spirits).
Try the suadero (beef) tacos.

Little Rock
Vegetarian and vegan fare from the former River Market vendor turned food truck.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-838-3634.
Get the veggie burger.

Waffle Wagon
Little Rock
Savory and sweet waffles.
Keep track: Facebook and 501-319-3132.
Go for Pigs! — half a waffle stuffed with lil' smokies and topped with spicy brown mustard.

The WunderBus
German fare.
Keep track: thewunderbusfoodtruck.com, Facebook and 501-920-0173.
Try the Jane Eyre — schnitzel served on a buttered bun with house mustard.

Taqueria Samantha 1, 2 and 3
Taco truck triumvirate
Usual places: No. 1 parks outside of Welspun at 9301 Frazier Pike, catering to the working man; No. 2 stays at 7521 Geyer Springs Road; No. 3 is outside The Home Depot at 11 Mabelvale Plaza Drive.
Cash only.

Northwest Arkansas

A Spoonful
Desserts, soups and sandwiches.
Keep track: Facebook; only open for special events.
Try the Bumblebee pie.

click to enlarge The Michael Jackson at Burton's Comfort Creamery
  • The Michael Jackson at Burton's Comfort Creamery
Burton's Comfort Creamery
Premium soft-serve ice cream.
Keep track: Facebook and Instagram @burtonscreamery.
Usual stop: Shulertown.
The Michael Jackson, soft-serve ice cream rolled in crushed Oreos and Nilla Wafers, is the best seller.

Charly's Taqueria
Tacos and more.
Keep track: Facebook, 479-751-7888.

Chunky Dunk A Milk and Cookies Truck
Cookies, ice cream and milk.
Keep track: Facebook and 903-941-0808.
Try the Mork and Minty, a chocolate chip cookie and sugar cookie sandwich, with fresh mint chip ice cream inside, rolled in M&Ms and topped with chocolate sauce.

Crazy Pear
Wraps and salads.
Keep track: Facebook and 479-445-2103.
Get the lime-poached salmon salad or wrap.
click to enlarge Crepes Paulette
  • Crepes Paulette
Crepes Paulette
Sweet and savory crepes.
Keep track: Facebook, @crepespaulette on Instagram and Twitter, 479-250-1110
Usual stop: 213 N.E. A St. (across from 21C); a brick-and-mortar is coming later this year at 706 S. Main, but the plan is to keep the truck going.
Go for la bête (the beast), made of Black Forest ham, genoa salami or grilled chicken, bacon bits, mild cheddar and eggs.

The Green Goat
"Cuban food with Ozark soul."
Keep track: greengoatgourmet.com, Facebook, @greengoatgourmet on Instagram and 479-310-5444.
Usual stop: Yacht Club (617 N. College Ave.).
Try the classic Cuban.

Ma Mere's French Kitchen and Creperie
This French bistro to-go is a sister truck of The Green Goat.
Keep track: Facebook and 479-310-5444.
Usual stop: Yacht Club.
Try the beignet bites.

Natural State Sandwiches
Really tall sandwiches.
Keep track: naturalstatesandwiches.com, Facebook and 479-435-5312.
Usual stop: 693 W. North St.
How 'bout the Mango Jalapeno Bird — oven-roasted spicy chicken breast, mango and jalapeño chutney, onion rings and balsamic salad on toasted ciabatta.

Nomad's Natural Plate
Keep track: Facebook and 479-435-5312.
Try the black bean falafel with risotto bites.

Priato Pizzeria
Neapolitan pizza
Keep track: Facebook
Usual stop: 213 N.E. A St. (across from 21C)
Go for the Margherita.

Zuppa Zuppa Soup Kitchen
Keep track: Facebook and 479-595-4898.
Usual spot: Yacht Club
Try Isabel's Misto Cubano, a tomato and lime broth with black beans, red and yellow pepper, purple onion, hominy and reduced peach and mango.

Food truck parks

Conway Food Truck
1023 Main St.
Opens April 1
Check Facebook

The Food Truck @ Stop Station 801
801 S. Chester, Little Rock
Check Facebook

372 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville
Yacht Club on College
617 N. College Ave., Fayetteville


Cuisine at Calvary
5700 Cantrell Road
5-8 p.m. every third Wednesday of the month.
Check Facebook.

Good Earth
16501 Cantrell Road
5-8 p.m. every first Thursday of the month.
Check Facebook

Hillcrest Farmers Market
2200 Kavanaugh Blvd.
8 a.m.-noon every Saturday
Check Facebook

Main Street Food Truck Fridays
Capitol and Main
10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. every Friday from April 15 through June 17. The Main Street Food Truck Festival, the largest truck gathering in the state, is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 26 this year.

St. Margaret's Mondays
20900 Chenal Parkway
5-8 p.m. every fourth Monday of the month

Westover Wednesdays
6400 Kavanaugh Blvd.
5-8 p.m. every second Wednesday of the month
Check Facebook



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