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Re: “Hutchinson won't veto, but won't sign gay discrimination law. Time for cities to move. Little Rock will.

As to the legislation that is the main problem I agree on one point. as well as anything "identical or substantially similar to marital status" There should have been a provision for recognizing Civil Unions. If all the people no matter their preference in partners or mates are concerned that should have been made available for them. As to the title of marriage if I understand the debate people of a single sex preference no mater what they are referred too, were worried about. was the Legal Right (the want their legal wishes, how funny so do other people) to pass on property, have their partners recognized as family members with Rights (well they want to follow the law but not follow the law?) thereof.
I would be glad to vote for an amendment that recognized Civil Unions with all the Legal Rights, I would support that.
As to my religion or religious beliefs of sin, No I do not base my reasons on that because I really think I can not or should not use that as a basis for or against a law. Other than it is my belief that some is better than none.

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Posted by ACESDUGOUT on 02/15/2015 at 8:44 PM

Re: “Hutchinson won't veto, but won't sign gay discrimination law. Time for cities to move. Little Rock will.

STATE/CITY ORDINANCE: NO Neapolitan Ice Cream, Be it known you can no longer mix this style, type, flavor(s) of creamy goodness. Guess what I bet folks will still mix many colored ice cream.
BUT you change that too YOU MUST MIX multicolored Ice Cream and the whole story changes, come to think about that many States where you would figure that this flavor Ice Cream would win this argument LOST. This group of Ice Cream lovers want EVERYONE TO EAT IT. Sorry not my flavor you can join two of the same ice cream at a Civil store. No reason to change everyone's CHOICE to make it ONE CHOICE.
The caps are not "shouting" but to make sure it is readily apparent. Yes I understand that some people think some thing they read is louder in caps than in small case. So, sorry I guess I should have used "quotation marks". Anyway life is a lot easier if people do things by the "law". Hope you can read that better.

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Posted by ACESDUGOUT on 02/15/2015 at 4:43 PM
Posted by ACESDUGOUT on 02/15/2015 at 4:30 PM

Re: “Hutchinson won't veto, but won't sign gay discrimination law. Time for cities to move. Little Rock will.

Well I see Olphart CAN NOT READ English. and for the others that seem a bit THICK I do not care who you choose to live with or any other thing they wish to do between CONSENTING ADULTS.!
If anyone wants to use my services or purchase items from me NOT A PROBLEM, if they want me to provide my services for something I do not support whether anti-/pro- pick your flavor I AM NOT GOING TOO. There are many other folks out there that offer the same service, feel free to choose another that may support or does not care. Sorry I have to live with MY own CHOICES, so should everyone else. I would no more serve the White Sheet wearing Club that I would the various groups from any other same styled group. IF you want to MAKE or TAKE choice out of the debate. Gather your family, friends and like minded folks and change the rules the right way get a CONSTITUTIONAL change through the voters NOT JUST A COURTROOM. If memory serves here in ARKANSAS 1957 after the Court Ruled it took Federal Troops to make a change that had been decided back in 1865? Are folks still a bit upset over that? WE as a COUNTRY/STATE have changed many thing by the AMENDMENTS.
Do it right and there is less of a problem than if you SHOVE something through.
Oh yeah speaking of that, also if memory serves the power block was a different PARTY, funny that the same people or party that fought so hard to stop something is now supposed to be the Party that supports the "downtrodden". Is that kinda like an ex-smoker is worse than a non smoker (WOW another choice).
Lots of luck folks seems there are very hard feelings on both sides of this topic. Hopefully it will not take another 100+ years with nothing but bad feelings left in it's wake.

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Posted by ACESDUGOUT on 02/15/2015 at 3:22 PM

Re: “Hutchinson won't veto, but won't sign gay discrimination law. Time for cities to move. Little Rock will.

Another RHINO holds the post, TAKE A STAND SIR! the other choice was worse. It is not discrimination unless it is something YOU have or had no choice of or in the matter. With the exception of Religious or no religion CHOICE also covered in the UNITED STATES and ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION No other choice item is covered. You can not choose what color you are, you cannot choose what GENDER (not sex you wish to be) their are genes for that, you can not chooses where you are born or who your parents are nature plays the role and again genes are their for that. So that covers all the main reasons YOU can not be discriminated against. Who you sleep with or do not sleep with (as in sexual relations), love or do not love, who you marry or join in a civil union with (yes ask people or groups that want to change the meaning of, or legal definition of) marriage ( if it is JUST the legal needs they/them/him/her/both: Civil Unions cover the same Rights) want are choices NOT COVERED anywhere in any CONSTITUTION, nor is their a gene for it. I care not one whit what anyone wants to do (Legal consenting ADULTS) in their own or with someone else's life. If it be in church/synagogue/mosque/temple or open field not a problem. BUT until you find a GENE for whatever they call it this week gay, homosexual, alternate lifestyle THAT IS ALL IT IS a style a CHOICE as stated before there are a very few CHOICES covered under ARKANSAS or the US CONSTITUTION! In the UNITED STATES you DO NOT have a RIGHT, NOT to be OFFENDED. You also DO NOT have a RIGHT to force YOUR CHOICE on, or to MY RIGHT as covered in BOTH aforementioned CONSTITUTIONS just because OF WHO YOU (KEY WORD HERE!) CHOSE to have sexual relations WITH or be United by LEGAL CIVIL UNION WITH. When and if you can find the "GAY" GENE come tell me. Just because YOU can afford to, not just because YOU FEEL LIKE or WANT to be a GIRL/GUY/EITHER/BOTH does not make YOUR CHOICE any more, or need to be "PROTECTED" RIGHT.
Sorry for the time needed to read this statement. It is YOUR RIGHT to read or not to read this statement. You can agree or disagree with this statement, again that is YOUR RIGHT. I am in a service industry if YOU wanted to purchase, or have an item decorated to YOUR CHOICE as an individual great! If YOU requested an item for purchase or to be decorated to PROMOTE or INFRINGES on MY RIGHT(S) SORRY not going to happen.
Thank you for your time.
Yours in service
James Acerra

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Posted by ACESDUGOUT on 02/14/2015 at 7:54 PM

Re: “Vote for my candidate or else

Pardon my Conservative views, but as an intellectual even you should know that it is illegal to carry either concealed or open carry of firearms at polling places, we are not the Black Panthers so we would not even carry batons to a polling place. As to the support of a candidate for office you would not find most of us screaming that we have the right to press our views due to personal choice on a subject dressed as a foreign object or body part. We conservative people have varying views on many subjects and allow for others to have the same right to have other views. We do not scream or posture or reject them for having different views no matter color, creed, gender or lifestyle. You want the same financial rights fine get a civil union that takes care of that issue without stepping on others views, but the folks with that view want Marriage to stick it in your face, we on the other hand will not stick a firearm in your face or apply it as a blunt object about the head and shoulders in a brisk and through fashion, even though you seem to think that may happen for some odd reason. joanimal as to white supremacists I dislike them as much as any other xenophobe that makes no more sense as any other person that hates someone for a thing. You forget your ists, nazis, white supremists are the far left not right they both had their birth under: socialism for the nazis, democrate white slave holders for the white supremacist. So please stop trying to pass off the lefts rejects for the rights.
Thanks Y'all Debate is as Hillary would say “I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” Although I won't scream it in such a fingernails on the chalkboard way.
Yours in service
James Acerra

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Posted by ACESDUGOUT on 06/09/2014 at 1:31 PM


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