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Re: “Soda can bomb case ends with 2-year sentence

The reason why I felt that it was necessary to comment on this article was because I saw all of the comments and felt anger. I was angry because the responses written about him were either untrue, or unfair- I had no choice BUT to respond. I'm sure you all are very much 'over' the uber complimentary "love fest" displayed for my "kind and gentle, loving artist friend," but it's difficult to write about Mark and not mention his character. If anyone would like to find out who the real Mark Krause is, you can visit the links listed below. They both display the beautiful works of art created by Mark. He spent his time making art, not bombs. He is not the person the media has made him out to be. A 'dangerous terrorist' would not have been involved in the making of the 'Peace Prayer' fountain in Fayetteville, or in the creation of "Icarus" which is featured in the "formandreform" site.…


Posted by Aleister on 06/17/2011 at 12:25 AM

Re: “Soda can bomb case ends with 2-year sentence

No one is a "conspiracy theorist: here.. except maybe you?

How is he a terrorist? Because he owns guns? Explain that to me! The fact that you don't understand why your statement is that of a racist one proves my point. Talk more about facts and less about skin color, maybe people might think that you know what you're talking about. You are still under the assumption that he was involved with this "bomb".. HE WAS CLEARED OF THE BOMB CHARGES, THEY WERE DROPPED!!! It's sad that he is still being associated with all of that ridiculous BS. People like you throwing the word "terrorist" around so loosely are dangerous, fear-mongers.

Posted by Aleister on 06/14/2011 at 5:17 PM

Re: “Soda can bomb case ends with 2-year sentence

@Atlas- Mike Pierce's trial is over. A jury found him guilty. He has not been sentenced yet. Mike Pierce is from all accounts a super-nice guy. I hate to see what is happening to him and his wife because of all of this.

@"scrapper72" Actually, you commented first, then did your "research" it seems... I have been reading the Times for YEARS. This is only the second story that I have commented on. I don't just comment on EVERY single thing that I see because I think everyone just HAS to know what I think about it... Stick to commenting on political BS... That's what you're 'good' at. You were the first one to comment with "that's some good lawyering" which still doesn't make ANY sense... Then "Buy him a Pepsi for me." totally uncalled for. You wrote something with the intent of provoking a response.. THAT makes you a troll. I know my facts, nothing to check here. I'm not writing everything. That would be negligent. Especially not to prove anything to the trolls of the page. The FBI can still technically bring a case back up against Mark (as part of the plea agreement). So some things just can't get said. You just read something online that listed items found at Mike's.. That's your research? Those items are not ILLEGAL to own, BTW. Mark was not trying to hide anything. He was storing them there at Mike Pierce's house because we was moving. NOT hiding anything. Mike Pierce is in trouble for lying to the FBI about the guns being at his house. I think that he was mistaken, maybe he forgot. I do not believe that he maliciously lied. I do not think that he was trying to hide anything. But THAT is why he is in trouble- Mark and Mike Pierce were very good friends. I don't appreciate you insinuating that Mark would intentionally want to get him in trouble, or put him in harm's way.. That just isn't the case.

Posted by Aleister on 06/14/2011 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Soda can bomb case ends with 2-year sentence

Well, "scrapper72" Mark doesn't even drink soda, so sorry... I understand that trolls like you have nothing better to do than to comment on every story that the Ark Times publishes.. I get it. I understand the snarkiness... The online culture of nastiness thrives on the internet because people appear as mere avatars. But behind these online personas are real people with real feelings. I am one of those people, but not you.. You are obviously a bot that is incapable of feeling. Maybe you should stick to "eating your own placenta." BTW, that was a snark... Wasn't sure if a Nash-Villain would "get it."

@wannabee conservative- If I were to give you every fact, small detail of the case, I would be here all night. Some details I cannot share- I wish I could. What I meant by "facts of the case" is this: Mark was cleared of the bomb charges. Yes, It was part of the plea deal, but what people don't think about is why? Why would the FBI drop all of the charges after they spent a ton of money and time on this case? If they had someone that they paraded as the person responsible for trying to potentially harm people? (In a church that was being used as a polling place no less). It was because they were wrong. They had the wrong guy. The FBI cannot admit to being wrong, so what did they do? They dug and dug and dug into his personal belongings until they found something that is considered illegal... He plead guilty to that. Several news stations have INCORRECT stories online about how "the church bomber got 2 years for placing the bomb at a church." There is so much irresponsible journalism going on, it makes me sick. The Ark Times has not done that, Thank you. I wish that everyone didn't have to rehash everything about the "bomb case" that is, at this point, irrelevant. But if they don't use a headline that "grabs you" then they don't think that anyone will read it. The fact is that Mark was sentenced to 2 years for the conspiracy to possess an illegal firearm, not a bomb. Completely different. Gun vs. bomb.. Which one will make people the most fearful? hmm.. So that is the story that most media outlets will stick to like a leech. Thank you for sounding genuinely interested.

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Posted by Aleister on 06/14/2011 at 12:10 AM

Re: “Soda can bomb case ends with 2-year sentence

Why "what" is happening per se? The entire case? The misinformation of the public via several media outlets? Why he was even charged to begin with?

Posted by Aleister on 06/13/2011 at 9:38 PM

Re: “Soda can bomb case ends with 2-year sentence

Since none of you people commenting know the facts; let alone have any business commenting, let me explain a few facts of this case to you. Mark was INNOCENT of "placing a bomb at a church" That is why the bomb charges were DROPPED!! He was cleared of being involved it that AT ALL. "Scrapper72".. How is it "good lawyering" that got Mark the MINIMUM sentence possible?? Are you still thinking that he was guilty of "placing a bomb" at a church?? It wouldn't surprise me.. Thanks to the media, everyone seems to think that. "Citizen1" Why the ignorant, racist comments? Mark is neither a terrorist, nor is he "inept" in ANY way! Once again, Mark never "placed a bomb at a church." He has never even been to said church. Why would they drop the charges if he were guilty? I guess maybe because HE IS INNOCENT! Mark was charged with one count of possessing an illegal firearm. That is it. In short, upon searching some of Mark's property, they found a firearm they considered illegal. That is what he was charged with. He does not deserve to have a bunch of people saying such harsh things about him. Whether we want to admit it or not, the court of public opinion DOES matter. He does not deserve hurtful comments. Mark is my friend. He is a good friend that is best described as a thoughtful, talented artist. He would never hurt anyone. He is a kind, gentle person and we love him. His friends and family cannot wait to have him back!!!!

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Posted by Aleister Cokestraw on 06/13/2011 at 9:18 PM

Re: “New owner, new vision for Downtown Music

Imaginative? It's actually a family name... Did you ever check the Myspace page??? It was always updated at least a month or two in advance. And yes, there was always a show calendar at Downtown for several months in advance. But once again, I guess I just went the extra mile and checked the website, the myspace, and the actual show calendar at the venue. Oh yeah, and you could see the shows in night flying, sync, the arkansas times, and the free press (when it was still circulated in a tangible form.) Which is what I do at EVERY venue in town. I don't see how the promotion at downtown was any different than any other venue in central arkansas... I also remember times when there were shows that happened in the span of a few hours. A regional touring band would have a show canceled in another city, and the band would contact dt about playing. I have gotten several bulletins from dt on myspace about last minute shows... maybe that's what you're talking about? But whatever... I guess you just have to look to find what it is you're looking for...

Posted by Aleister Cokestraw on 06/17/2010 at 12:29 PM

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