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Re: “The Hot Springs woman in the paper mask

If you don't know her I got her picture right here next to my writing so if you see her make sure you give her a good morning slut as you pass by. I will have more from her inner dealings later. Believe me. I have a hook up to show you what crap this is. It is a cover up of murder.

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Posted by Andi Davis on 05/29/2012 at 3:24 AM

Re: “The Hot Springs woman in the paper mask

Does anybody else see what is going on here? How does a man get shot in the back and the two that did it walk around free? Garland County is corrupt. Maybe Judge Hearnsberger just likes for there to be actual justice and isn't on the take like the rest of these jerks. Best indication is when Andi Davis and Matt Davis called Jeff Rosenzweig. If anyone knows anything about him or if you google him you will see that he defends murderers, child rapist, and horrible evil people. Do you not think that is exactly why Andi Davis called him? She called him because she is an evil bitch. I hope Jeff Rosenzweig witnesses her put to death. He goes and watches his clients get executed and face the music after he loses. He also wins a lot. I guess when you got him on speed dial like Andi Davis did, your chances increase or something. Andi and Matt are drug dealers. They deal in cocaine and everyone knows it. Criminals come and go from Andi Davis's office. She thinks since she is some good looking girl that everything should be given to her. If it is not she will take it. I can't understand the balls on this woman to screw the entire state (I have heard from credible people she screwed Bob Mathis, Judge Lynn Williams, Clay Janske, Homer Wright, Mark Fraiser, Mike King, Q. Hurst, and so on). The police still have her smartphone here in Garland County and I heard there is some good juicy stuff on it. I also heard that Rosenzweig was a coke dealer himself at one time so I guess they bonded over that. I think true justice would be for Andi Davis to be strapped to a chair and her kids and her death penalty crusading attorney to watch her cry her little eyes out while she is put down like the dog she is. The State Police are the one's investigating this cause the County Police were in conflict cause they provide the cocaine to Andi and Matt Davis to sell after they make a bust. You tell me I am wrong on any of this. When is the last time you heard of someone shot in the back for self defense. Paaaalleessee. I don't think she is smart enough to string a sentence together. I think she knows how to spread her legs and that is close to it. She knows how to sell drugs. I hope Judge Hearnsberger throws her ass in jail for reporting a story like this. She may have been worried that Andi had some kind of STD or bitch probably had herpes all over her mouth from blowing one of the other sleeze balls. I think Matt is just a body guard. I bet she pulled the damn trigger herself. And as far as her stupid comment on the rape that women would not come forward because of attacks like what she has gotten. Screw that. Women should not come forward when it is all made up. She was late to Court is what I heard so she needed an excuse. Her husband should of beat her with more than throwing something at her. He should of buried her 24 feet under. It beats all I ever seen that the biggest criminal in this stupid city is directly across from the Police Station. Those guys are all on the take. Everyone knows that. And they did this on purpose and screwed up the crime scene to protect her. Rosenzweig, so what is your fee? How many handjobs and blowjobs you get for this? You are going to watch her in that chair. Your a horrible person too. The only just people in this town are Hearnsberger and Ohm. All these left wing nuts that don't care about the bible or doing good are dogging on them cause they believe in God and do good. These are godless people. I do hope your whole family watches you. And I promise you that once the phone is let go the world will know what you are. Why won't the Attorney General do anything?

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Posted by Andi Davis on 05/29/2012 at 3:22 AM

Re: “The Hot Springs woman in the paper mask

This is ANDI DAVIS. I am finally at a point where I do want to discuss one subject. This article was about my struggles with Judge Hearnsberger. Please read my Motion for her to Recuse should you actually want to be enlightened and see that there are many affidavits to support it. But, seemingly, this thread has become a location to destroy me. Perhaps it is the friends of the grand 'good ole boy' system of Hot Springs that are planting these character assassinations but your facts are a bit like hi-c: 10 percent real and the rest is all bullshit. I don't care what you think or if you cringe when you hear my name. The ONE thing I care about is that you, as well as others, have started a rumor that I made up the fact that I was raped. You should never, ever question whether a woman was raped or not raped. That was almost two years ago and the shame and humiliation I felt from it was horrendous. You lay in an emergency room with your legs in stirrups while you are poked and prodded and then you allow someone to "comb" you for evidence. You have to do all this before you take a shower and all you want to do is take a shower. Mrs. Wallace, I don't defend myself on here even though the story is changing from me being a murderer to a liar to a whatever. But, I am going to damn straight defend any women who may read this and think that they should not report being raped. For you to judge any woman who has been forcibly raped by a man is for you to be a total, total ignorant and reckless person. I love my dad. He was a high school principal and a good, hard working man and still is. Do you know what it is like to look your father in the eyes after you have been forcibly penetrated? Guess what? It was hard for both of us as we both cried and cried. I am being graphic here because you could not stick with the fact that I blew the whistle on a Judge in town. And I am not commenting on Max right now. You should hear the truth soon enough. As to my marriage, you don't have hardly any of those facts correct. It is clear you heard a rumor and twisted it and then took it as the truth. I sincerely hope you recant what you stated about the rape. That is not something you speculate about and furthermore, you really ought to lean on the side of belief because calling someone a liar who has been raped only makes others desire to not report it. And my rape was not printed in the paper, nor have I ever publicly talked about it at all until this very post. Mrs. Wallace, it is obvious that you have sunk to a new level of low. You likely have enough darts to throw at me without attacking the day I was raped. I have two small son's. I have a family that is loving. I have friends that stayed up nights and nights crying with me. I apologize for the drama and your "crinching" but NO that is too far. Question my character all you desire. You have the freedom of speech and that is what is so wonderful about the country for which we live. Be a better person. If I bother you so much, ignore me. I have never publicly talked of my rape but I certainly appreciate you forcing me to do so. Your kindness is a thing of beauty.

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Posted by Andi Davis on 03/10/2012 at 7:53 PM


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