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Re: “City hall's broken promise

Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see anywhere in my comment that says the city should cut CAT. I believe I commented on the huge amount of money given to CAT, so that they can operate way too many LARGE gas-guzzling buses that carry about 5 people. In my personal opinion, CAT could be more efficiently run with smaller vehicles while still providing the same service and routes with less expensive, more fuel efficient vehicles. And doesn't CAT operate much smaller, economical vehicles for the disabled specifically, aside from the HUGE gas-guzzlers that seldom have more then 4 or 5 people on them? Please re-read my comment above and stop putting words in my mouth.

Posted by ARcitizen on 07/07/2010 at 5:20 PM

Re: “City hall's broken promise

Please allow me to correct...CAT gets about $5 million from the city, not half a million...big difference.
And it's just as I expected, the city board didn't have the guts to stand up and say 'we don't have any money so we need these funds.' They did exactly what we would expect - what would LOOK good, but not necessarily BE good. Now, guess what??? There will be employee furloughs and the same people that protested the use of the insurance funds to keep the city functioning will be the same ones calling city hall griping and moaning because of a pot hole in the road or because the lights are blinking at I630 and Shackleford. I hope you do have to deal with pot holes and red lights blinking for days! Then maybe you would get it!!! Now what? A tax increase has been brought up in the conversation...all because you people decided that rebuilding that dang building was vital to the city. To heck with emergency services and buying police cars and fire trucks and paying the people that pick up your trash every week...they don't need their paychecks, right? OH YEAH - My favorite line in the Demazette today was some lady saying she worked in the private sector and was cut back to 4 days per week. REALLY? You actually believe that government work is the same during a fincancial crisis? No way lady - when the government has no money, they still have the SAME OR MORE WORK TO DO THEN THEY DID WHEN THERE WAS SUFFICIENT MONEY TO COVER EVERYTHING. Some people really don't think before they open their mouths. JEEESH!!! I can't wait until the city furloughs some of the employees; hopefully, all of you will feel that punch with front end alignments and blinking lights and delayed response to complaints of people parking in their yard and garbage piled up for 2 weeks because there is no gas to put in the garbage trucks!!!

Posted by ARcitizen on 07/07/2010 at 10:38 AM

Re: “City hall's broken promise

What in the world are the LR citizens thinking? Rebuild a building (when LR has many, many other buildings) or furlough/layoff city workers (that actually provide services to the citizens). That seems to be the choice, because do you really think the Mayor or the City Manager will cut less important budget items? NOPE - It will be service-providing city workers, you can count on that!!!

Let's not worry about the services we actually need, but let's rebuild that dang bulding! Oh, that's right, I forgot-these are the same citizens that decided LR should have a Mayor AND a City Manager, paying each over $150k per year!

Let's not worry about whether there is anyone to pick up trash, we can just burn it in our backyards-oh wait! Then we need a burn permit- which we can't get for 3 days because the clerk that issues them has been furloughed.

And don't worry about that pot hole that you hit every morning, and now you have to have your front end aligned about once a month-I'm sure the street can be fixed next year-oh wait! the city laid off 4 or 5 street workers and you can bet they won't be rehired next year because there is STILL no money!

And don't worry about that FOI request-it will be processed because it must be, unless of course the computer guy that got laid off is the only one that knows how to retrieve ALL that information and there are no funds for training, so I guess that reporter will just have to make up his own story.

And forget about getting an officer when you hear a noise in the middle of the night since there is no gas for the police cars, or they are in the shop because they are so old and there are no mechanics to work on them because they've all been laid off (the same goes for the fire trucks and the garbage trucks).

And when those traffic lights at I630 and Shackleford are blinking and causing catastrophic traffic problems, don’t worry, that traffic light repair guy will be back from furlough sometime next week and I'm sure he will get right on it!

And don't think for 1 minute our board members are going to vote for what is really best for the city, because you see, it's an election year and they would much rather make sure that what they are doing LOOKS good, whether or not it really is, as long as you vote them back in!

You do know you can look at the city budget on their website, right? Look it up and mark out what you think is unnecessary spending, then forward it to the Mayor, the City Manager, your Board Member, etc and see if anything actually gets changed - HA! That address is:…

We can have a nice new building instead of using 1 of the buildings the city already has, and we can keep giving the CAT bus people over half a million a year to run 50 or so huge buses carrying about 4 or 5 people each, all while we watch city workers get laid off and furloughed, thereby significantly reducing or eliminating many of the services we actually pay for. OR we can vote to pay a higher sales tax like all the surrounding cities...
OR you can vote out the current board and get people in there that will actually accomplish something! Stop voting for the board members like you're voting in a popularity contest for prom king and queen and actually vote for people that know what SHOULD be done and will make sure LR city government is spending our tax dollars where they are most needed.

Posted by ARcitizen on 07/06/2010 at 1:40 PM


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