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Re: “Speaking of chickenbleep

I actually called the DOG to complain to the Editorial Staff. No one was available to take my call, but they'd be happy to return my call if I left my name. Sure!

I rarely read Greenburg or "those peoples" editorials. But, seeing the headline, I thought, just for a moment that maybe they'd carefully put down the Kool-Aid and talk what it felt to be like a red, white and blue American the last couple of days. We got the mass murderer of 1000's of Americans through the efforts of our intelligence, military and the direct involvement of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The failure and cowardice of the "red team" at the DOG was their inability to step back for just one day and applaud America's efforts and its success in bring down OBL. It should have been a red, white and blue America moment and the President Rocks article. Instead, they couldn't even say, President of the United States Barack Obama.

As President Harry Truman said; "the buck stops here". The President of the United States Barack Obama demonstrated great courage in choosing the more surgical strike to insure we could confirm the death of OBL, rather than a scorch the earth effort.

Even more courageous was the fact that President Obama, by sending in the Naval Seals, and if by chance things went bad... (can you imagine what the red meat right would have said), the word police would have pounced with "weak, lack of leadership, inept... ad nausem, the policy of personal destruction would have gone into high gear. Knowing all this, the President of the United States, Barack Obama decided that the right thing for America was verification, and he made this call risking 21 American military lives and his own political future.

I for one am grateful that the buck stopped at this President's door. The DOG? Well, for just one day, they could not acknowledge that America had a great red, white and blue victory ... in their documented views, this county is red and they are determined to keep it that way by using the unspoken and subliminal black is not white. Hussmann the Kochs of Arkansas must be proud.

Nothing rocks my center more than Jewish racism.

Posted by AtickrightofCenter on 05/04/2011 at 6:44 AM

Re: “Republican plan to rip up safety net UPDATE

Block Grants? Really?

Let me remind the GOP that I've been contributing 7.5% from my paycheck into SS and Medicare since the day I drew my first paycheck. My respective employers have contributed an additional 7.5%.

That's 15% of my annual pay being saved every year, for 45 years for my retirement and medical care. SS and Medicare are not entitlements; you get that GOP and Democrats? Entitlement my arse!

And now we want to set up vouchers or means tests? Yes, SS and Medicare and Medicaid need adjusting not destroyed ...and this is the intent of the GOP.

Until there are serious discussions about government waste and budgeting ...starting with Defense, and the Pentagon ... than this whole mess is just an exercise in futility - might as well try to extract milk from a boars teats.

It’s a darn shame that the bloated and wasteful Industrial War Complex and its corporate Congressional contributors are more important than Grandma.

The GOP will run on "family values" in 2012 ... ya gotta wonder what the good Lord thinks of the antics of the criminals who wrap themselves in the shroud of Jesus and the American flag and then pull the rug out from under” the least amongst us”. I'd pray for their souls, but apparently the GOP doesn't have one. If they read the book they purport to carry with them every day ... there’s a heavy price to pay for this kind of hypocrisy.

The GOP ... Got mine, screw you Grandma!

Posted by AtickrightofCenter on 04/06/2011 at 7:59 AM

Re: “Losing independence

More government oversight? Transparency? Is that really one of the Hutchinson clan talking.

Methinks someone is going off the reservation. That all being said - I concure with the young Hutchinson.

Posted by AtickrightofCenter on 01/20/2011 at 1:31 PM

Re: “The news from Arizona

Every optimistic.

We Democrats speak in the tone that the madness must stop that what has been said, the hate, take our country back, second amendment solution, the birthers ...adnausem in the last 3 years are in part the problem. We are right.

I expect nothing from the Right except a temporary quiet time.

The "ends justifies the means" has been the marching orders for the Republican Party since Reagan, starting with supply economics and it's benefits to the common man - when you say trickle down economics ...crap flows downhill, down. And the workingman has been the recipient of that great flow of crap, which came their way in lies and half-truths. We've moved into WMD's, silver tubes, Saddam was responsible for 911, the Banksters, Wall Street fraud and the unbridled greet... "got mine, screw you" ... I probably don't need to go on.

The very idea that given the gains that they've made in the last election year, the lockstep followers, the Tea Party and how they by their very existence and their message of anger and hate, gave political cover to the Republican Party is going change, is delusional. How they deliver their message may change, but that as well is probably a pipe dream, although it might serve them well. They will not fix what works. And boy did it work for them in the 2010 elections.

In 2008, a lone gunman walked in to the Democratic Headquarters of Arkansas and at point blank range gunned down Chairman Bill Gwatney, by a deranged right wing gun nut. The Democrats were going to take his guns away. There are only 104 State Party Chairman’s in the county - 52 R and 52 D. That should have been the wake up call. That is when we should of started having a conversation about the Limbaugh’s, the Bachman's, Palin's and Engles' who have lead the charge with the language of anger and hate. It did not, and now we may lose a Congressman and have lost a federal judge …incredible and inexcusable.

My fear is that after a morning period and interviews from some thoughtful folks, that it'll be right back to business usual. There is too much money to be made, power to be grabbed. Again, don't fix what works.

If by some sad change a high profile Republican meets the fate of Gwatney or Gifford would that change how the Republican Party and the Tea Party communicate their message? Would they "tone it down"? That may well be yet another pipe dream.

We've been in a civil war for years, a civil war of words, messaging and imagery. Historically, the next step is the escalation from words to action, and we may well find ourselves facing our opponents with guns a blazing. Many on the far right feel that that's exactly what this country needs.

Words, imagery, and anger are powerful motivators and move people and votes. The realignment of the working class from the hope of achieving the American dream, to the realization that that may not ever happen, the greed of the haves is the perfect Petri dish for change. Change that this county better be prepared to stop and it better wake up the Democratic leadership (snark, snark) to man up, and counter every lie or half-truth with the truth… no tricks, no slight of hand. Despite the evidence, the American people are not as stupid as we think. And start today. That’ll take courage…there I ago again with dreams.

Posted by AtickrightofCenter on 01/09/2011 at 10:15 AM

Re: “Divorce case touches Supreme Court race

A higher standard. Ya, I care if a Judge who decides the fates of other peoples lifes by judging the facts and character of those standing before him/her is a man of truth and honor.

It still makes my skin crawl that Clarence Thomas sits on the bench of the highest court in the land ... a perve. So Fox, is allegedly charged of cheating on his wife and family. Lurking in dark corners, lying, hiding the truth from friends and family, texting, phone calls ... all the dishonest behaviour that comes with cheating ...and that's OK for a man who wants to sit on the Arkansas Supreme Court? Doesn't pass the smell test here.

Then there's the arrogance. Cheating is no small thing if you're running to be the next Coroner or a Justice. Fox and apparently only a few knew about this, and yet, he was arrogant enough to think he could run for a seat on the Supreme Court if nobody would find out - and that makes him stupid as well. This was going to hit the fan sooner or later.

Word of advice; if you're thinking about cheating on your spouse and family ...leave first before you do the deed --- don't think you can have it both ways. If you do, you are asking for the whole nasty affair to become public. Whether it's your neighbors or friends and co-workers or in Fox's case the whole damn state.

We all make mistakes, but if you want to sit in judgement of other human beings, damnit, you outta have at least an equal or better character than the man standing in front of your bench.

Karen, you got my vote.

Posted by AtickrightofCenter on 10/25/2010 at 8:00 PM

Re: “Womack seizes the third rail

Sad thing is that this would be a ding dong you're dead moment for Womack - but he's smart enough to know that Whitaker has raised little money, the DCCC didn't even consider this race and what can Whitaker do about it?

If he had the resources, he could talk to every single senior for the next 3 weeks and show that there really is wolf under that nice all American face of Womack. If could of tightened up to make Womack uncomfortable but it won't.

Womack knows that he's in the driver's seat, that the only avenue that Whitaker has is some earned media and his website and facebook to get the workd out that Womack is gonna throw grandma a can a cat food their way once a month.

So, Womack seized his opportunity to feed the red meat of privatizing SS to his "base", you know the Christian right, and that will go unchallenged. Timing is everything.

Posted by AtickrightofCenter on 10/12/2010 at 1:35 PM

Re: “Boozman plays Arkansas for chumps

Go ahead, vote for the Green's or skip the vote. Frankly, I've never seen or heard anything like this hatred for Lincoln. Yea, I know about the votes, and I'm not happy either, and I feel in great part the betrayal.

But you guys go too far! I hear this hatred which blinds reason to be so Repulican-ess. You'd rather have Boozman and possibly the Senate go to the R's than hold your nose and vote for Lincoln. Can't fix stupid.

Why don't we just give the keys to the city to the R's. You think for one minute Boozman would vote against his party? You think that marron won''t vote to repeal our healh-care reforms, as paultry as they are, at least my sister has insurance for the first time in 10 years. It ain't single payer, but it's better than noting. You think Boozman won't vote to gut SS? You think Boozman won't give Wall Street and the Banksters accesses to your money again? Wrong.

Everything we've worked hard for and paid a huge political price for will be dismantled. And if you think for one minute that if the R's take the House and Senate, we're going to hang on to the White House in 12? Don't bet on it. That'll mean at least 8 years of a R in the WH - that gets us to 2020 - and I'll do what I have to do to make sure that my retirement years are not being adminstered by a Republican administration, because if that happens, you can bet my retirement years will not be what I had planned for or expected. I'll be easy pickens for the criminal cabal, and I think we can count on that.

Sorry for the rant - and I'm sure the I'll take a beating for this, but I'm doing my part to send Lincoln back to Washington - this isn't just about my dissapointment with Lincoln, this has come down to what's right for my country. You may not see it that way, but I sure as hell do.

Posted by AtickrightofCenter on 09/25/2010 at 3:05 PM

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