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Re: “Lincoln gets tough

Gosh, I hope you don't teach math!…

Posted by blue stockings on 09/07/2010 at 3:40 AM

Re: “The third-party threat

1. My definitions of political suicide: 1. When you're afraid to take the bitter medicine that will save your life, after neglecting an infection until it festered to the point of being life threatening, because you insisted that if you didn't face the reality of the seriousness of said infection, it would go away. 2. Being just like the Tea Partiers, and the proverbial Ginger Bread Man, who climbed on the back of the fox that promised to take him across the river safely. The Ginger Bread Man, the Tea Partiers, and the straight ticket Democrats all put their trust in predators with dishonest and brutal motives.

2. Blanche Lincoln votes against Green Party and Progressive voters on every single issue that really counts.

3. Lincoln has done nothing for Arkansas agriculture, except aid in the continuing destruction of real farming, and the environment, by helping multinational agribusinesses, like Monsanto, in their attempts to get and keep control of everything. Anyone who thinks she's done anything to help REAL Arkansas farms and farmers, doesn't know anything about real agriculture, the perils it faces, food security, OR how it's intertwined with corrupt, oppressive, corporate driven, U.S. foreign policy- including and especially USAID. In fact, if they don't understand what's happening with that, they don't know enough about politics to be pushing their opinion in a political blog.

4. On the current U.S. political landscape, "moderate" is poison. And a lie.

5. Ralph Nader's votes weren't the reason for Al Gore's defeat. The current political status quo was. So called Progressives not voting their principles is the reason we don't have better "viable" candidates to choose from, in the first place. They're like a battered wife whose children are removed from the violent home, so she blames the neighbor that heard the frightening sounds, and called 911. So don't hand me that. Stop believing those transparent lies over and over again, and going back for more abuse. I watched as one member of the Black Congressional Caucus after another, stood and begged Gore to do what they'd given him the power to do - fight the illegal outcome of the election. He stood and watched them too, and did nothing. Why do you suppose he did that? I will be reminding every minority voter I see, of it between now and November. Fraud and vote machine hacking occurred in many states besides Florida, I might add. And what happened to the huge amount of money Kerry collected from his supporters, with which he vowed to fight out any possible fraudulent election results? All I know is that the supporters didn't get their money back, and Bush ended up instigating a witch hunt for voter fraud, in which honest federal prosecutors lost their jobs. So many illegal things happened, and Democrats did nothing to challenge or fight them. I really can't help but wonder why. And that's just with regard to elections. Then there's the war funding, the Patriot Act, the corporate and Wall Street bailouts, the nearly total lack of measures in defense of people whose lives were shredded by corporate extortion, complete sell outs on real and effective climate legislation, even though it threatens devastation - very soon - and I could go on and on. And what about the Democratic party politicians' refusal to champion instant run off voting, and campaign finance reform? I know they say they want the latter, but I've seen no more of that from their side, than the Republicans'. It's become more and more evident that they're both on the same side, with some slight disagreements about procedure and ideology (which I see little genuine evidence of.) I don't intend to stay in this abusive relationship. I'm getting out now. It's scary, and I may have to fight with strangers a lot at first, but at least there will be no illusion of friendship, much less ownership. And I OWE THIS EXAMPLE, AND IT'S INTENDED RESULT, TO MY CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. If I don't survive the break, then I'd rather go this way, than at the hands of someone who has done nothing but use and abuse me, all the while either saying that it was for my own good, or that it was my fault. If they want me to stand up for them, they better stand up for me, and do right by my children.

6. This isn't merely a symbolic vote. It's a beginning. It's a stand, and long overdue. We're staking out our territory, and we have every intention of taking and holding it. Ousting Lincoln is the main objective. It's the first step in a well considered plan.

7. John Gray is the only progressive candidate running for that Senate seat. If you think it's a bad thing for a Republican to get the seat, maybe you should vote for Gray. If everyone who felt that way did, Gray would have a much better chance of winning than Lincoln does. If this seems like political blackmail to you, maybe you should take a closer look at the whole picture. Gray may be inexperienced, not as well connected, and less dynamic and - sparkly - than Lincoln, but he's by far the better candidate. Only what you're saying here, is that you prefer to be blackmailed - again - into voting for a DINO who brags about shunning her Party's standards, and doesn't serve anyone but herself. So you're immobilized by fear, and you want to try to tell me that isn't planned? Look around, and tell me if the practice of voting for what the big boss dishes up for you has helped or hurt. Obama? So when needed, the political/corporate machine puts the money it takes to win the hearts and television sets of the people, into a winning campaign for someone who wont upset the most lucrative and powerful apple carts. Congress is there to keep humping for their perks, as extra insurance. The fear of fascism is being used to trick you into a vicious cycle that gradually spirals down toward fascism. If that's where it ends up, it wont be because I didn't even try to take a stand against it.

Posted by blue stockings on 09/07/2010 at 1:56 AM


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