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Re: “And speaking of Mark Stodola: You want energy and ideas?

Suburb Lover is completely off his/her rocker. First -- if he/she doesn't live in an apartment there is pretty good odds he/she lives in government subsidized housing -- yes the government gives mortgage interest credit to every taxpayer and thus subsidizes their housing as a means to prop up home construction. Apartment owners get no such subsidy from the government -- no part of their rent is tax deductible. Suburb Lover is a "leach" if he applies for the mortgage deduction. Either way his monthly payment goes to a bank -- perhaps even on a government-backed loan -- to feed into the pockets of some rich cat far far away from Little Rock -- money paid to rent an apartment or home in the state most likely stays in the state. Second -- Suburbs are a code word for neighborhoods filled with racist bigots , white flight advocates and rednecks -- just the kind of place Suburb Lover would feel at home. Third -- Suburbs are "old school" -- back in the 1950s and 60s they were all the rage -- move to the suburbs, get a mortgage and saddle yourself with debt over a 20-30 year period -- what a way to live -- in debt, anchored to a home -- like Suburb Lover suburbanites are big in having possessions -- that is how they rank themselves -- their source of pride is often just to have a home, the bigger the better and "toys" -- they are very self-serving consumers. As Suburb Lover reveals they don't really care about anyone but themselves. Forth -- Suburb Lovers contribute to sprawl and environmental degradation at a rate that far exceeds that of those that live in an apartment -- of course they care little about their impact on the world -- narcissism works that way. And lastly Suburb Lover reveals his ignorance -- or least his hypocrisy -- else he/she would know that the vast majority of apartments being built here in Arkansas and across the country are in the suburbs. Suburb Lover is frankly so inflicted with cognitive dissonance he/she offers little beyond insults and prejudices that rise from long bred ignorance.

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Posted by Cadron Boy on 07/25/2017 at 3:50 PM

Re: “What makes Arkansas's 'religious freedom' bill different from other states?

A lot of half-truths in this article. As the law it written it only applies to "private individuals" and non-profit religious organizations -- not to public businesses! If a florist has a public business they won't be able to discriminate but if I as a private person feel that my personal religious freedoms are being impinged upon by federal coercion I will at least have a recourse to seek remedy -- which I currently do not have. If I as a private individual do not wish to open my home and property to a LBGT person -- or any other person for that matter -- due to some religious belief then I can keep the door close. Sadly I was recently coerced by the government to admit felons (sex offenders) into my home as part of a counseling program mandated by the courts -- in real life some of these people would have never ever been allowed in my home as I have impressionable children nor can I forgive or condone their behavior yet in the absence of any such protections I had to spend many evenings listening to this scum tell their stories.

Yes businesses should never discriminate but as a private individual I have the right to show partiality and judgment as to whom I let into my home or associated with on daily basis,

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Posted by Cadron Boy on 03/31/2015 at 11:19 AM

Re: “Report outlines drilling risks

I note that JustTheFacts posted on February 22, 2011 that it is the producer not the lease holder that pays severance taxes and then goes on to provide a couple of web links to support his position. Obviously he isn't a lease holder -- for if he was he could simply examine his monthly distribution notice to find that he is wrong. I'll take first hand knowledge over some web link reference anyday.

Posted by Cadron Boy on 11/17/2011 at 5:05 PM

Re: “Body of missing UALR student found in pond UPDATE

There are many crack houses, shooting gallaries and houses of ill repute in the area. Patricia is not alone -- many violent assaults have occurred most of which never generate any media coverage. For example: Last June my nephew Josh M. was robbed of his cell phone and wallet -- and so that he could not give chase he was stripped of his clothes and his Achilles tendons were severed...he crawled and dragged himself nearly all the way to POP-A-TOP liquor -- naked and leaving a trail of blood. As he was at the wrong place (anywhere close to UALR) at the wrong time (middle of the night after leaving a party) he certainly assumes his fair share of the responsibility, BUT --

When I called the police the following day near the site where he was assaulted I found that it's not a matter of much importance to the city's finest. Standing outside the shooting gallery where the assault occurred (characterized by syringes and condoms scattered across the backyard and people slumped in catonic states with track marks up the length of their arm) I requested that the police question the occupants of the house and I never saw police turn a deaf ear any faster. They told me I "should mind my own business" and that for my own good I shouldn't even be lingering about in the neighborhood (all but telling me Josh deserved to be maimed) and that they had no right to enter the premises or question the occupants without a warrant. A year later the shooting gallery is still in business just a couple of blocks from the university.

This is not a good neighborhood -- certainly not a place to visit at night. And certainly not a place for an unarmed young woman -- day or night -- to walk about casually. Patricia may have made the news and garnished some attention but there are many other students who are the victim of violent crime in this neighborhood that are never reported. BE SAFE!!!

Posted by Cadron Boy on 10/19/2011 at 4:17 PM

Re: “State deficits: What in the world happened?

Dumas explicitly states "that runaway government not the cause of the federal or state deficits". Rather, its simply due to tax cuts and a long recession. First. let's deal with the tax cuts -- and I'm certainly all for raising taxes, rasing taxes a lot -- but the math simply doesn't add up to Dumas' conclusion. Even if we allowed marginal tax rates on the top couple percent of earners to revert to their pre-cut levels of 36% and 39.6%, the government will gain only an added $479 billion in revenue over the next ten years -- this doesn't come close to cover the trillion dollar a year deficits Obama has proposed over the next decade. Even if all tax cuts for all earners were allowed to expire, the result still wouldn’t come close to what is needed -- it's preposterous to think that revoking the tax cuts will cover our debt. It will take a whole lot more than that!

Dumas goes on to suggest that "runaway government spending" is simply due to the "long recession" -- well that's a little bit easier to swallow but I still want to gag and cough it up because it still doesn't fully explain what is going on...however it does suggest that there is a correlation between the two. Now Dumas would have you believe the recession has led to "runaway government spending", whereas I will make just the opposite claim and suggest that "runaway government spending" has contributed to a long recession. Had the government not been in debt and was financially sound we would have bounced out of this recession at the onset in no time at all. However with "runaway government spending" consuming such a large bulk of our nation's financial resources we simply weren't well positioned to manage an economic downturn. And then to compound the problem the solution offered by the government and the Fed was simply to spend more money. Always amused when people claim we "can spend our way out of debt"...

I don't know whether Dumas is to be taken seriously or is simply satire, ala mode Rush Limbaugh.

Posted by Cadron Boy on 02/21/2011 at 4:30 PM

Re: “Report outlines drilling risks

One clarification as it seems counter-intuitive "deep well injection of our surface waters is resulting in less basin retention and groundwater recharge" for one might think that deep well injection would only enhance "groundwater recharge". Well that is true, but the aquifers that contribute to baseflow are not closely linked hydrologically (extremely low flow rates) to the overlying aquifers that contribute to stream baseflow.

Posted by Cadron Boy on 02/19/2011 at 8:38 AM

Re: “Report outlines drilling risks

Well said D Burn -- I have asked myself eveyone of those questions along the way and I share the same concerns especially with regard to our groundwater supplies. Several of our streams within the Fayetteville shale play demonstrated a significant reduction in their baseflow this year suggesting that the deep well injection of our surface waters is resulting in less basin retention and groundwater recharge -- so much so that it is adversely affecting stream flow during periods of diminished precipitation. We remain a water plentiful state -- but our groundwater supplies are diminishing rapidily and our surface and near-surface waters are becoming increasing contaminated.

Moreover, the severance taxes aren't even going to come close to covering the cost of the damage to our roads -- so we're certainly going to have trouble covering the expenses to repair the short- and long-term environmental damage.

I might also clear up a common misconception regarding the severance taxes. Everyone assumes that the severance taxes are paid by the very same corporations that are inflicting the damage to our state. That's not really true -- the severance taxes are actually paid by the person who has title to the mineral rights; that is, it is the people of Arkansas that are paying the severance tax. And that's fine and good -- they are the ones getting a monthly check so they can certainly assist in covering the damage resulting from the exploits carried out on their property. But however, they should also be the ones given what credit -- however miniscule -- is due for payment of those taxes -- not the oil and gas companies which get to retain all their profits they make in the exploitation of the Fayetteville shale. And although I am happy many dirt and rock farmers in the highlands of Arkansas now have a new source of income -- I'd still like to see the severance tax raised substantially more -- in part so that we can better monitor the oil and gas activities and mediate the environmental and infrastructural damage brought to our state --- and support alternative renewable energy resources. And that is not lignite!!

Posted by Cadron Boy on 02/19/2011 at 8:32 AM

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