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Re: “The Hot Springs woman in the paper mask

A conflict begins and ends in the heart and minds of people. I am focusing on for what the Arkansas Times began, which is corruption and anything I say about Andi Davis is not encompassing the death of Mr. Anderson. My sincerest regards.

I am not a friend of Andi Davis any more than I am of other attorney’s in Garland County, but I am ashamed of how the Courthouse and bar has acted. I am ashamed that there is an ongoing investigation into district court right now because the court is missing money. Arkansas Times, I still commend you on running this story. You took a step to stop the corruption and that can only be done by knowledge and true journalism will create knowledge.

Should others of you wish to read more on the “missing money from Garland County District Court” you would find quickly that Judge Ralph Ohm is on top of it. He is representing the county of Garland. Okay? Wait! Isn’t Ralph Ohm one and the same as Judge Ohm? A District Judge too? Come on! That screams to the highest heaven corruption. How does a District Judge hold office where he chooses between guilt and innocence involving Citizen Joe Blow and the witnesses for the State, i.e., the County Police. And then there is money missing to which he is on both sides of the table. Those of you out there that were ordered to pay a fine for speeding or whatnot have no fear, Judge and Attorney for the County is here. He can defend the County and find the low life’s the county arrested recently guilty, then Order them to pay a fine! Let me make this very clear: After the attorney for the county, Ralph Ohm, defends the County for misappropriation of funds, he can put his robe on and walk out and hear a trial where you, Garland County Citizens, are accused of speeding. You want a trial, hypothetically, so you get on the stand and you say you were not speeding. The County Officer says you were speeding and why should Judge Ohm not believe his own damn client, the Court with then fine you for speeding. You will go pay your ticket next door and then that money will go? Well, we don’t know for sure where it will go but Judge Ohm will speak for the County as the “attorney” now. Do you see how this is perplexing? The fox is guarding the hen house my friends.

Not a soul cares that the County pays for the Public Defender office on Woodbine to none other than Mr. Ray Owens in the tune of roughly $3,000 per month. Are you kidding me? Please look up the value of the Public Defender’s Office in Garland County. Why do we as citizens let this happen? Please Garland County, let us stop with the name calling, and the blackballing of Andi Davis and focus on the big picture. I do not know her well. I know that she is pleasant and when I have been around her she has been kind. I have not seen the person described by some of you on here but I am not saying that I have any special insight. I will say that she is completely treated inappropriately (sitting aside the incident with Mr. Anderson) by the powers that be in Garland County. Mr. King I am sorry that Judge Lynn Williams lashed out at you and refused to talk to you because he thought that you dared speak of him online.

Judge Hearnsberger, you should be so ashamed of yourself and your staff. One does not have to do nay but listen to hear Ms. Cindy Hunt and the rest of your staff speak of Andi Davis as if she were urinating in all of your cheerios every day of the week. Setting aside the tragic death of Mr. Anderson for one moment, as I did not know him; I have admiration for a young lady who has taken the tiger by the tail. Andi, you do have supporters. You may feel on a ledge alone but you are not. I think you handle yourself with grace and I do read what you write and blog. If I may surmise, I enjoy that you seem to always forgive your enemies and darling, nothing annoys them more. I have seen you in Court and you are a fine attorney. You make mistakes like young attorney’s do but you are a very talented young lady and I certainly hope you are surviving this. I simply could not believe the vulgarity of some of these posts. I am most proud of the character you have exhibited in what I would imagine is a very difficult time. I know you do not know who I am, or which one I am and I know the attorney’s do wonder but I am quiet for a reason and that reason is important to me and to my career. Please someone stop the corruption. Stop the out of control nature of greed and self declared entitlement that the Judge’s do have in the County that I love. Ms. Davis, I will only decide my feeling towards you by what I observe. I am not going to Judge you for what happened to Mr. Anderson. I do not know. I am sure you are well aware of the legal consequences and I am going to hold my opinion until it is ripe. I want you to please not give up. Do not give up. When you walk into the Garland County Courthouse a flurry of events occur. Nobody has done what you are doing in Hot Springs. I wanted to give you some positive feedback darling. I do get a kick out of how you are putting people in their place faster than Newt Gingrich can find a buffet, a bible and a new wife. Keep wearing those heels and keep walking in that Courtroom with your smile and brain. I hope that praise will at a minimum let you feel like you are not alone. We are here. We just sometimes cannot speak out.

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Posted by ChickenLawAdmit on 03/28/2012 at 3:38 PM

Re: “The Hot Springs woman in the paper mask

We have some amazing Judge's in Garland County. One such amazing Judge is Judge Homer Wright. He is unbelievable. The other that I believe is very good is Vicki Cook. Judge Switzer is a no nonsense guy and a good Judge so I do not wish to throw any of them under any bus when I say what I am about to say. Judge Lynn Williams, Circuit Judge, spends half his day bringing counsel into his office and telling us to reach a conclusion or else. He then spends the other half speaking of how much money he and his wife make and what car they have bought that day. He humiliates attorney's for no apparent reason and even made a comment about THIS article in the courtroom this very week. Judge Williams has forced other attorney's to report themselves to the bar for being moments late to his courtroom yet I have sat in his courtroom waiting on him for no less than an hour at times. Are Judge's now a monarchy?

Judge Ralph Ohm spends his time in Court asking those whom allegedly committed crimes, whether or not they believe in God, as they are standing at the podium and he is upon his almighty bench. He was reported for this and every attorney in this county has seen it with their own ears yet the Judicial Committee found he was doing nothing wrong either. Judge Ohm is also the County Attorney AND the District Judge. Do you see the conflict?

Sitting upon the city board is Ray Owens who owns the building that the Public Defenders Office is located and guess what? Mr. Owens rents this ratty building to Garland County for roughly $3,000 per month!!! Does anyone see how ridiculous this is? This county needs to straighten up and rather than throw a whistle-blower under the bus, lets use this as a chance to change this place. We can do this Garland County. The rest of the State already sees how corrupt we are. Let us not be that way any longer. Please rise and hold these Judge's accountable.

I am an attorney in Hot Springs and have been here for almost 30 years as well. I am admittedly a huge chicken because I do not want to give my name, but thus far the only attorney that has given their name on here is Andi Davis herself. One, I know for certain that the bird flu mask incident occurred. I believe that the case coordinator for Judge Wright saw Ms. Davis with the mask and it was explained to her. I do not believe that opposing counsel of that day would lie about it and his name is Terry Diggs. As to the cleavage incident, I was not in court that day but I did hear about it from Clay Janske and from Mark Fraiser. I doubt under oath that either is going to lie with regards to the outfit and what transpired. Also, I cannot imagine that Cindy Hunt, the case coordinator for Judge Hearnsberger would lie as to what she purportedly said and did.

As to the remainder, there are simply not many of us attorney's in this town who NEVER speak to the veracity and the "high moral standard" exhibited by Judge Hearnsberger. We mainly talk over a beer about how badly it makes us want to jump off of a cliff to even be near her. She is not professional. She is one that would take a vendetta against a young "busty" attorney and turn into the bully situation of the century. I am willing to bet that Judge Hearnsberger did not see this one coming. She thought Andi Davis would take it like the rest of us do. We are trying to preserve ourselves and any attorney reading this will agree with me that although we see social injustices occur in the legal field, we remain quite out of fear of retribution.

I, personally, think a lot of this stems from the fact that Andi was the Vice-Chair of the Garland County Democratic Committee and Hearnsberger is a huge Republican. I know that sounds a bit goofy in nature but I simply think that Andi unwittingly jumped in the deep end of the pool. Some people take what Andi says as a lack of tact but truly she is hilarious. She just smiles and makes a joke of it but I believe she has gotten to a point where she is so painted into a corner that she feels she has no alternative. I fully think that Judge Hearnsberger should recuse. When we are speaking of people's true freedom being at stake then even if there is a question of bias, then that Judge just needs to do the prudent thing and recuse. I have seen the different standard imposed on Ms. Davis in Judge Hearnsberger's court. I imagine Ms. Davis has clients that see that as well. I am only speaking from my experiences here.

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Posted by Andi Davis on 02/05/2012 at 1:20 AM


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