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Re: “Cannabis Rx dispensaries: Choices made, list firmed up

Sno animosity over here. Just statements supported by facts that make lots of folks in the big house under the dome uncomfortable.

Conspiracies, eh? Isnt that what Lee Munson said about Roger Glasgow back in the day? Damien Echols and his two buddies probably shouldve stayed in jail too with all those conspiracies floating around. And those two boys in Benton who smoked too much dope and crawled on the tracks in front of that train? Famy Malak would be proud. Conspiracies are like those weeds that Dicamba cant even kill in Arkansas. We just prosecute a few legislators every generation and think were done.

And Id say those applicants were good enough, its just that someone else used their application to win rather than the folks who owned it. All you gotta do is the homework. Ive told you how to compare the two. If Im lyin Im dyin. Get on it.

My tin hat is falling off, gotta run.

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Posted by China Rider on 01/29/2019 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Cannabis Rx dispensaries: Choices made, list firmed up

Whats most striking is the AR Times silence on the front page story this weekend about Max and Companys old buddy Dustin McDaniel lying about the ownership interests they claimed in their application. Same with the front page story about how Jimmy Moses signed false documents to show AR residency. Does MNT still own the building the Times is in? Maybe that explains why you wont report.

There were only five licenses given out, and every one had serious issues that should have prevented them from being awarded.

The first and second place winners had issues. One had false documents that were not even acceptable forms of documentation turned in (affidavits written by Jimmy Moses) to prove ownership of a member who is now president of the states industry trade association. Robert Debin was NOT an Arkansas resident for seven years prior, unless he lied on his application for a Colorado MMED badge. End of story. Judge Griffin recognized this when he tossed the process.

Other winners apparently lied about ownership and now one of Arkansass five facilities is trading on the Canadian Exchange. Its the one owned by our former Dem AG Dustin McDaniel and US Attny Bud Cummins. (Harvest)
Of course, Im sure it helped that Mary Robin Casteel, the ABC Director had a Simmons Bank exec father on the economic development agency that bought the property for our illustrious leaders to build their dope farm on. Remember, the name on the license turned in as evidence in Jude Griffins courtroom had one name on it: Hank Wilkins. Wilkins and Casteel sat on the board of the Economic Development agency together.

Another winner, as documented in the ARDEMGAZ stories plagiarized their application with the help of a former ABC director Michael Langley and Democratic operative Jason Willett and they not only won a cultivation license but also won four dispensary licenses with the plagiarized applications IP. The IP was stolen from applicant 9, Courageous Ann. If you FOI the two applications and do a plagiarism scan youll find them significantly similar with identical phrases in some instances. This was Delta Cannabis/Valentine Holdings. Same group whose ownership did not add up to 100% in their application, which got another applicant tossed out of contention. But Carpenter Farms was minority owned and didnt have any stroke in Asas office. Tillman was his token and that was the only favor the black community, who have suffered for years from unequal enforcement of marijuana laws, was getting out of old ASA. Every single commissioner delivered a license to their promised candidate except Tillman, who got screwed when Travis story turned his scores in at the last minute and snagged two, leaving Tillman empty handed. She tried so hard to get Carpenter Farms, her preferred group, a hearing but the others wouldnt have it.

Then theres Bold team, with owners who were long time donors and friends of Jonathan Dismang, who appointed Travis Story to the commission at the behest of a lobbyist with close ties to ASA and his special projects staff. If youll do a little digging youll find ownership overlaps between business co owned by the dispensary and culitivation owners in the form of bars in the river market. Dismang is the frog in the pot thats getting close to boil but the gravy train is just so tasty. But hey, at least somebody in Cotton Plant got a job. The Cotton Plant mayor who wrote the letter of support for the facility has a daughter on the application as an employee. Go figure.

Speaking of Travis Story-anybody pulled his Statement of Financial Interest forms? I have. And theres exactly one box blank on there. Compensation from his production company. Wonder if Travis benefitted from the MMJ play via one of this side businesses? Maybe its the one he left the box blank for income on his form? (Hint, he did, it is, public documents exist to prove the trail of money, but require a reporter or prosecutor with effort.) Either way, Story got his buddy Dismang the license for his friends, and got his clients the Trulove family a license. Think its a coincidence the same consulting firm wrote the two outsider winners applications. Bold Team/Osage were both written by MJ Freeway consulting and both applicants qualifications were lacking, at best.

I guess when its all former Dems and friends of Max we shut the reporters down. And you wonder how someone like Mara Lev ever made it at this rag. Your bias is showing in a big way. Your failure to report on the wrongdoings of your pals with a D in front of their name is glaring.

Shame on you.

20 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by China Rider on 01/28/2019 at 4:47 PM

Re: “Gilbert Baker indicted in Maggio bribe case UPDATED

Ballinger>Story>Dismang Would be my dream set list. I guess the job of Government Affairs for UCA is going to be the precursor for Federal indictment. God I cant wait to see Dismang in cuffs for his role in the Medical Marijuana scheme. He and Story have lots of dirt under their rugs.

10 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by China Rider on 01/11/2019 at 4:38 PM

Re: “Oklahoma marijuana could be available to Arkansans, but there's a catch UPDATE

Can somebody call over to ADH and ask what authority or statute is being cited to withhold approved patient cards? Amendment 98 had a clause written to prevent something like this from happening; unfortunately it said they have 14 days to REVIEW cards and it should have said they have 14 days to review AND ISSUE the cards to patients.

ADH seems to want to point to the phrase in A98 specifying that cannabis must be legally acquired. Under this argument, if the ADH had sent cards to patients they could have legally acquired cannabis in states like Nevada who have full medical reciprocity with other states MMJ programs. Arkansas patients could have taken advantage of legal cannabis while traveling at very minimum and if they brought it home and it was legally acquired, whats the problem. The ammendment makes no mention of legally transported marijuana, just legally acquired-so why is ADH holding my card from me when Ive met the criteria and sent them my fifty bucks?

Lawyers seem to be willing to go pro bono to get things tossed off the ballot, hows about one of these folks sue the state on behalf of all the patients who have been denied their constitutional right by a system more focused on graft and corruption than implementing the will of voters?

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Posted by China Rider on 01/02/2019 at 2:52 PM

Re: “How deep is the dirt on Jon Woods?

One to watch in the coming year:
In todays NWA section of the Dem Gaz the front page had an article about the widening of HWY112 between Fayetteville and Bentonville. One of the things the article mentions is a reroute around Cave Springs to the west. You know who owns a whole gob of property just west of Cave Springs? Ecclesia College is who.

Also, if you read the Blue Hog Reporting done lately about the discrepencies between property tax assessments between Ecclesias property in Benton County vs the same type of land in Washington County youd think they have friends in high places (not talking bout heaven).…

Add to this they acquired land elsewhere on the corridor years ago (although the official corridor isnt set, could it be they know something we dont) and have a former Ecclesia pal as Washington County Judge in Joseph Wood.…

Who knows what theyre up to, but theyve spent the last few years getting people with ties to Ecclesia and Ballinger/Hester in places to make decisions. Note the quote from a local, recently appointed Highway commissioner. Lotsa ties between these folks.

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Posted by China Rider on 12/23/2018 at 4:33 PM

Re: “New Marijuana Commissioner Kevin Russell on his history of opposition to medical marijuana

This is how easy it could be. Oklahoma literally pulled it off in three months.

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Posted by China Rider on 12/20/2018 at 12:50 PM

Re: “Dustin McDaniel plans office building near Capitol

Future Jeopardy Clue:
This building, owned by disgraced former Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, houses more criminals than any other structure in the state, prisons excluded.

5 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by China Rider on 12/19/2018 at 3:12 PM

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