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Re: “DHS confirms it's withholding personnel records on Leslie Rutledge

Yall be careful picking on our next Governor. While I may not agree with everything shes done, shes a helluva lot better than some of the crooks weve had. Dustin McDaniel anyone? And that do not rehire nonsense? Any of yall ever worked for a state agency? I spent a couple years punching a time clock over at the PBS station many a moon ago and saw this stuff happen to good people all around me whenever the political winds blew a different direction.

We got a new department director put in charge of wasting state professional education dollars that had been stolen from school discretionary budgets by an effective lobbyist and she immediately began firing people. Came in the office one day and was told to go home for a few hours. They fired the girl next to me who was 8 months pregnant and didnt want a scene. Meanwhile, another director retired and they held her job open for six months so she could come back and take it again. Its why our PBS affiliate has never joined us in 21st century. The reins have been in the same hands for decades and the only thing they care about is getting another paycheck. This is State gumbmint folks, youre getting what you pay for.

My long and convoluted point is that these state agencies are run as fiefdoms and the policies change depending who in the governors mansion. Under a Beebe administration its no surprise that someone with a conservative streak was given the not eligible for rehire sticker in their file. It happens all the time to good, and Leslie Rutledge is a good person, whether you like her politics or not.

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Posted by China Rider on 08/18/2018 at 4:15 PM

Re: “Sabin files for Little Rock mayor; Wright files, too

BW, nothing particular. Im sure youll get to straighten Sabins bow tie for the next few years, dont get your resist t shirt all wrinkled up over me. I dont hate the dude, hes was just a total schmuck twenty years ago, and from what Ive followed in the press at least, hes got a big pile of nothing to actually run on. But heres the deal, Ill go mix that drink-Im a Cuba Libre man-and be right back. You sit here and make your list of Sabins accomplishments. From the looks of it theres several of us in here who need filling in.

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Posted by China Rider on 08/09/2018 at 10:31 PM

Re: “Henderson proposes investment in teachers; Asa campaign scoffs

This from a guy who used to run TFA which essentially privatized public schools in New Orleans and around the delta? The only thing he wants to do for public school teachers is remove them of their duties and give them to a private, non unionized teacher. But hes got a D in front of his name and theres some TFA folks on the payroll at the Max buffet so nary a bad word will be spoken of this floater.

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Posted by China Rider on 08/09/2018 at 10:11 PM

Re: “Sabin files for Little Rock mayor; Wright files, too

Sabin is a privileged, elitist little turd. My first experience with him was almost twenty years ago when he booked a private room at Cafe St. Moritz. He agreed to all the conditions and then after having agreed he showed up the night of the event with half the guaranteed party, said theyd decided not to order dinner and have appetizers instead (ordering dinner was why he got the room free). Then, after wed explained liquor laws to him and told him he could not bring a bottle from the streets to pour his buddies, he did so anyway and showed up with a college boy bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label. They tied up a fully staffed room and broke their agreements with us all while putting us in violation of liquor rules. They left and didnt even tip well even after we didnt charge them for the room.

Everything hes ever had has been given to him. Hes the definition of what we hate about the Republican Party yet Hillcrest will be lining up to give this schmuck money. Wolf in sheeps clothing, yall.

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Posted by China Rider on 08/08/2018 at 6:03 PM

Re: “Dispensary applicants to be scored by third party, marijuana commission decides

It was clear Dr. Tillman walked in the room with one item on her agenda: get Carpenter farms a cultivation license. Dr. Roman joined her in throwing ABC/DFA under the bus repeatedly and tried to give the Carpenter farm group a license as well. Im sure Roman is happy to have the attention off of him for a minute. Once the decision didnt go the way Tillman wanted she came off the rails and derided the process saying, This is crazy. Thats not a quote you wanna read in the paper from your Marijuana Commission Chairperson.

But it is crazy. Its crazy that Travis Story got his clients a license and didnt have the ethical foundation to recuse. Its crazy he has balls big enough to say today in the meeting that even if they hire a consultant, he wants the ability to trump their decision if no one from his home school clan gets one. This is when it got good and Tillman started having side conversations and clearly was frustrated by Storys unwillingness to act like an adult and be happy with rigging the system so his longtime friends and business partners got one of the five grow licenses. Story and his law partner Ballinger will end up with a Senator A or Commissoner A tied with their name in an indictment before this is all over with. Just you wait.

Its crazy that the ABC attorney answered the same question with three different responses depending on who the answer benefitted when being questioned about the timeline of the Carpenter application. Dr. Tillmans blood pressure was not happy. When I left the building she was in the ABC office having a very heated conversation with staff.

Its crazy that the commissioners suddenly have a desire to make things right for one group (Carpenter Farms) but seem to have ZERO interest in addressing the grievances written about in the newspaper involving plagiarism on the part of a former ABC director and Delta Cannabis, a winning applicant.

Its crazy that Carpenter farms got a hearing of their grievances and were allowed to present the commissioners with a document prior to the meeting starting. All five commissioners were provided a black folder with a summary of the Carpenter Farms grievances. They all took them directly from the applicant except for Tillman, who was not in the room yet. When will other groups get the opportunity to present their grievances to the commission? They cant allow one group to give commissioners their complaints and have them discussed at a commission meeting if the other denied applicants arent provided the same due process. So where do other denied applicants sign up for a time slot? Oh thats right, theyre not denying anyone for two years so no one can get a hearing. Except Carpenter Farms.

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Posted by China Rider on 07/25/2018 at 11:17 PM

Re: “Marijuana Commission's new Catch 22. No court appeal possible for losers.

Something else Juan Carlos brought up at the meeting this week in one of his I swear I didnt take the bribe rants was that the commissioners had scored an application and after they had all turned in scores DFA/ABC disqualified it for some unknown reason. Had this after-the-fact disqualification not happened the applicant would have received one of the licenses since McDaniel and his goons scooped up two. So ABC/DFA hand removed a winner AFTER the commissioners had graded it worthy of receiving a license? Methinks Joel Dipippa and Jake Bleed both got a little too big for their bow ties. Or maybe they have a horse in the game. Itll be interesting to see some of the state employees who end up with ownership stakes in these things down the road or who have family members who do. Shame theres not a reporter in town with a desire to do a little looking.

Reason would seem that if one of the remaining three licenses opens up or if-just for arguments sake-one of the five original winners gets revoked due to a video showing an owner bragging about bribery, or the unfolding case of proven intellectual property plagiarism Hunter Field has written about in Dem Gaz blows up or a license winner has a lack of actual funds due to a civil judgement against them during the licensing process, shouldnt anyone in the state have an opportunity to apply now? Its been almost two years since this thing passed and maybe someone hit the lottery and has the funds and the desire who had neither two years ago. It effectively denies the rights of anyone else the chance to even APPLY for a license. I dont remember any of this in Ammendment 98.

Most importantly it means these lazy SOBs on the commission will never have to make a decision again concerning this, because in two years they will all be off the commission. What was the purpose of even appointing these five? They took bribes, tried to help friends and paid back political donations and favors to the elected officials who got them put on the commission and produced a group of crooked, unqualified licensees.

Mara Leverett, if youre reading, this is another book waiting to happen.

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Posted by China Rider on 07/13/2018 at 10:04 PM

Re: “Marijuana commission seeks rule allowing use of consultant to score applicants

In my lifetime Ive sat through some pretty tough public meetings. Years of attending school board meetings back in the day and I thought surely Id seen all the incompetence one could observe from a gallery. Today was a reminder to never abandon hope for new achievements in graft, greed and stupidity.

Roman went on two rants about types of bias and how weed names were going to lead us all down the road to the Super Lemon Haze Hell. It was painful to watch the other commissioners wince when Juan Carlos started onto another one of his guilty tirades. The man took a bribe and is obviously freaked out about the three letter train barreling down the tracks toward his new Porsche. He deserves to spend time in the pen for his talk tonight of making medicine about profit when he is a walking prescription pad.

They also spent twenty minutes deciding to make a rule change so they can bring in a consultant, and just a few short agenda items later were back to arguing about continuing to grade applications. Story and Roman seemed so eager to dive into the pile and no doubt be sure their bribe buddies and home school classmates get the dispensary licenses too!

And does Delta Cannabis who stole someone elses application and successfully defrauded the commission with it have to at least share the weed with the folks they stole from? Seems like the least they could do.

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Posted by China Rider on 07/12/2018 at 10:30 PM

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