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Re: “Frank Scott Jr. elected mayor of Little Rock, topping Baker Kurrus in runoff

Awesome news. Especially with the trifecta of positions. Maybe Little Rock can move in a new direction and not operate wholly for the benefit of those in a few select zips. I didnt think the Orman win wasnt surprising. Webb refused to participate in any real conversations with the public and had a nagging issue of a job offer bribe accusation hanging around the last week of the race. I dont think I saw a single piece of positive press involving Webb. It sure would be cool to watch someone try to take Little Rock to new heights. Hopefully Mr. Scott is prepared to take the wheel and get LR there safely.

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Posted by China Rider on 12/04/2018 at 10:08 PM

Re: “Growers say medical marijuana could be ready by April

It is sad that there are already dispensaries operational in OKC and Tulsa. Thousands of licenses given out to businesses and patients. Money already in tills across the state. Arkansas had several incredibly qualified applicants for cultivation who had facilities already built. There were grow lights hanging in LR that could have been turned on Feb 28th but instead the commission with the help of crooked ABC staff members made sure they went to political pals. The Trulove kid who could barely manage a whisper has never held a job at a business his daddy doesnt own. Theyve been busy building the new shopping center in Springdale but cant take a day off to build a greenhouse?

And Delta Cannabis, who purchased sections of their application from a former ABC director that were stolen directly from his other clients applications got a license. This despite the Arkansas Dem Gaz writing a story about the plagiarism and theft of IP. The new, now former, ABC director knew of the theft and did absolutely nothing, unless the cover up counts. And now ABC seems willing to let them move, although being too close to a school should have kept them from getting a license in the first place? I dont know who they have dirt on in the governors office, but it must be a big, smelly pile of dirt indeed.

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Posted by China Rider on 11/30/2018 at 3:55 PM

Re: “U.S. authorities use teargas on migrants at border

I tried, in a respectful manner, to provide links to prove my tales of personal exposure to violence committed by illegal immigrants were not hyperbole. But it seems like some of the AT readers have gotten comfy hollering Fake News!, even when the supporting story is from the AT itself.

Sorry you feel that a joke was hate. Its why Ive pretty much stopped seeing many of my most liberal-leaning friends; jokes arent jokes anymore. Theyre triggers that make folks accuse you of being a nazi. I am a gay man and I tell and laugh at gay jokes. Im also a privileged AF white man who acknoledges the BLM movement exists because police wont stop killing men of color for no reason. I made a joke about a trans lady because even as a member of the LGBTQ community; its still foreign to me. But I can still make a joke about it.

Also makes me think of Killer Mike and his appearance on Bill Maher recently. He struggled with why people of color still blindly support the Democrats when they push for gun control and continue to elect leadership that fails to reflect the voters who put the party in office. Too much bad stuff going on in my small (minded?) world involving illegal immigrants for me to continue turning a blind eye. Space in the middle of my Venn diagram is someone who entered our country illegally.

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Posted by China Rider on 11/26/2018 at 4:12 PM

Re: “U.S. authorities use teargas on migrants at border

Olphart, Im too old to embellish to impress people I dont care much about. I think the part that bothers you is that Im genuinely one of those folks who used to drink the Kool Aid. I was as blue as you. Moved to the country in NWA and the refried beans hit the fan. Have immigrant friends of many faiths and hues of the rainbow. I wrote checks to Obama both campaigns and had a rainbow yes we can sign in the yard. Grew up stuffing envelopes for the Clintons. But in the last year of my life Ive been exposed to serious violence and crime committed by folks who were not here legally. Heres a link to the shootout and pond stories. Shooter was illegal, says in story. Pond guy was too, but story doesnt mention it. Call around and verify if you like. I dont have the police report from our break in available but if 2/3 verified wont do it for ya I give up. The pond I can see from my porch and the shootout was literally in my driveway. Waiting for your response:……

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Posted by China Rider on 11/26/2018 at 10:18 AM

Re: “U.S. authorities use teargas on migrants at border

Im not a trumper. I think hes a joke and the day hes out of office cant come soon enough. This, however, I agree with him on due to the direct impact its had on my life the past few months. You can dislike a person and agree with them on some issues. Its kinda how this country used to work.

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Posted by China Rider on 11/25/2018 at 10:24 PM

Re: “U.S. authorities use teargas on migrants at border

You dont buy it because it doesnt dovetail with the nonsense excuses people come up with to let these folks in without process. Ive seen one photo of a lady dragging a couple kids across a canal with some smoke in the background on the facebook feeds of almost every liberal friend I have in the last two hours.

Meanwhile, Ive seen several hundred images of men, most in their early twenties sporting some pretty serious attitudes and violence throwing rocks and trying to overpower border agents. Hell, the Mexicans dont want them and are saying theyre destroying THEIR community. All this after theyve been told for MONTHS they can not enter the country here and chose to heed these warnings? If they spit in the face of our laws and due process from that side of the fence how you think its gonna change when they get over the border.

These folks dont look like desperate moms fleeing with their kids. They look like the dads who fathered those kids running from their responsibilities. They look a lot like the illegal immigrant who opened fire on a sherrifs deputy in my driveway a couple weekends ago. They look a lot like the illegal immmigrant theyre still looking for who broke into our home last year (camera, hes wanted in multiple other robberies easily identified by his face tattoo). They look a lot like the illegal immigrant who ran from the police and crashed his car into the pond the local kids fish in during the summer, throwing his gun out as he crashed. They look a lot like the illegal immigrants who refuse to have their children vaccinated causing outbreaks of disease we havent worried about in decades. They look a lot like the folks who want absolutely nothing to do with being part of our community, opening island communities serving only their communities once they get in. Theyre camping out waiting until enough guys like me die and the dudes who got up this morning and decided they wanted to be chicks take over and welcome everyone with open arms. Wont it be grand when Kenny, er, Karen with her abolish ICE sign is responsible for defending you?

Build the wall, deport them all.

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Posted by China Rider on 11/25/2018 at 9:30 PM

Re: “Oaklawn announces major expansion with hotel, events center

Gonna be some dark days ahead for those mom and pop restaurants and hotels down the way. Leave it to Arkansans to knock the last little breath out of a dying town. Might as well start razing those old hotels and putting in tobacco and liquor stores with plenty of bars on em. But hey, Cella and the Indians are gonna do juuuuuust fine. Dont you worry about that.

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Posted by China Rider on 11/19/2018 at 4:59 PM

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