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  • A mom who inhaled

    Family Council president Jerry Cox opposes the ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana. "It's a family values issue," he said. So, let's talk medicine, marijuana — and, especially, family values.
    • Oct 24, 2012
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Re: “Medical marijuana advocates unhappy with Attorney General Leslie Rutledge blocking ballot iniative

I think her language is ambiguous.

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Posted by Danita Marrs on 01/30/2016 at 4:22 AM

Re: “Tom Cotton would repeal the private option — and cut more out of Medicaid, ARKids on top of that

And the children suffer yet again.

Posted by Danita Marrs on 10/17/2014 at 4:44 AM

Re: “Duck, teachers! Here comes the speeding silver bullet of privatization.

The answer is simple. I asked years ago. I taught. I had a degree. My dad worked for the Dept. of Vital Statistics. When I saw the difference in premiums I was shocked. I asked and found out the State employees is a "Not for profit" program. The teachers group is "for profit" it's all about making money from teachers. You know the state doesn't want to pay more!

Posted by Danita Marrs on 07/01/2014 at 4:59 AM

Re: “A mom who inhaled

Dear Conservative, I'm going to be nice to you and assume you are actually asking the question about where people would get seeds because you want to know, not out of sarcasm. Often, small plant cuttings called "clones" can be bought at a dispensary. This ensures the same amount of cannabinoids are in the plant strain. That's what they do in the UK where they grow the plants for the prescription medication made from the whole plant called "Sativex". It is legal in Canada, the UK, Germany, and other countries. Our FDA has had it since at least 2006 and have yet to release it for use by any patient population. How many people have to suffer and die because they know if they ok it, that will prove medical marijuana is real medicine. Look it up. You can even tour the facility on You Tube. For now the only option we have is the plant itself used by patients in a state where people have actual compassion for people who suffer in ways they can't imagine. I'm sure, if one wanted, they could easily get seeds for free from any friend who smokes marijuana because they are usually thrown away. But that would be going to the black market which avoiding that is what this is about. A lot of marijuana is grown in AR. It has been as long as I can remember. It is a weed that grew all over the country before prohibition. A lineman friend said he came across it a lot. Even when police get a "grow" any seeds dropped will grow the next year. The plants grown for medical use are painstakingly cared for to ensure top quality (no mold, chemical pesticides, ect.) there are different strains. Sinsemilla is for cancer patients and those with wasting diseases. It helps appetite and stops nausea. Indica strains are for pain releaf and to help you sleep. Indica has less THC, but more cannibinoids that are anti-inflamitory and in my case helped grow bone. I learned this at a dispensary in Denver when I explained I was new to this and needed help choosing what would be best for me. Not all dispensaries carry plants or seeds, but some did. I don't know how it would work here, I'm just guessing it would be similar because it works there. I don't understand why the "conservative", "family values" people are so against people getting relief, living better lives. Nobody is going to force you or anyone to choose marijuana. That's why it's a "choice". In my case it was a well educated choice for my health and quality of life. I looked all the research up on line. I struck to documented scientific studies. I was skeptical myself. But not closed minded. When you have to make a choice like leaving your home, family, even grandchildren to have a better quality of life, one does study carefully. I did. I hope I was helpful. I'm happy to answer any questions that I can as a legal cardholder from another state. It made me so sad to come back here and not have the choice any longer. I've gone downhill. I hope and pray Res. 5 passes despite the lies and theatrical exaggerations that are so plentiful right now.

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Posted by Danita Marrs on 10/30/2012 at 8:40 PM

Re: “A mom who inhaled

Oh, the pic is me at 17 months.

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Posted by Danita Marrs on 10/26/2012 at 2:21 PM

Re: “A mom who inhaled

Oh, the pain is caused by muscle spasms. If you hurt a bone, your muscles spasm to try to protect it so you don't move it. That is why my back and hip hurt so much. Muscle spasms. Not to mentoin that all my joints are eaten up with arthritis. I get shots, surgeries, braces, the works. All bandaids. In CO, on medical Marijuana I grew bone. 52 year old women do not grow bone, they lose it. But my bone grew there. I got stronger. I'm back in the bad shape I was in before, but I know in my heart I have to have marijuana (legally) or I'll just die a painful, depressing death, alone, in bed, where I live. Jerry Cox, watch out. Karma can be a %^#@&.

7 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Danita Marrs on 10/26/2012 at 1:43 PM

Re: “A mom who inhaled

This is the truth. Anybody can see it. I'm surrounded by a society where people smoke marijuana recreationationally, but I can't use it for medical reasons, I have to take narcotics the rest of my life. A life that will be shortened substantially. Maybe that's the point. Kill people like me. Though I've been disabled all my life, I went to college, became a teacher, taught 23 years, until the surgery that put a Dupey Hip in me after the first artificial hip distroyed most of my pelvis. I'm all metal and donar bone, and bone cement. It hurts. Bones expand and contract, metal doesn't. Every week. a couple of days, my bones are trying to rip apart from the metal, but they cant. Bones don't have nearves, I don't know why it hurts, it just does. Plus, every time one leg was a different length so my back is just screwed. The surgeon just sent me to the pain Dr. This is my life. I moved to CO briefly, not knowing they had medical marijuana, but because I'd spent happy summers with my grandmothers, and the beauty of the Rocky Mtns. and to see the joy on my son's face when he got to snowboard. Eventually I asked what those green crosses were I saw in some places scattered in the county. When I found out, I was skeptical, but I went online, and did research, and decided to go to a Dr. and see what he thought. He told me so much I didn't know about what was going on in my body. He filled out the paperwork for the state, it was approved, and I got a little, and a vaporizer, he said to use one of those. It sat under my bed until one of those days my pills didn't work. I thought, this would be the ultimate test. The pain was at it's worst, the pills couldn't touch it. And it worked. In minutes. Not only that I felt happy, and I saw hope for my life for the first time in years. Unfortunatly my house flooded in AR, and the renter had to move, I couldn't afford my rent in CO AND my house payment, so here I am. Back in AR. Back on pills I don't like. But there is a ray of hope. One Jerry Cox is trying to stomp out like a fire. Medical Marijuana in AR. My mom is here, my kids and grandkids are here, and if this doesn't pass, I have to move. Sell my house this time so what happened before can't happen again. I love CO. The people are nice, there is much to do, but my family is not there, well, my sister-in-law is from my ex marriage, who I went to visit in the first place. I want to spend time with my grandkids without bringing in pills that could kill them. They look like candy. Bright colors. Young kids. I'm terrified to stay the night there. I keep my eyes on my meds like a hawk, but I can't sleep...what an awful dillema, made worse by a hateful, selfish man who pretends he cares about family values. He lies, he makes me ill. I can't stand it. The stress of waiting untill the election to see if I get to keep the house I grew up in, or sell it and be a renter the rest of my life. I'm in hell. PLEASE vote FOR prop 5!

14 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Danita Marrs on 10/26/2012 at 1:28 PM


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