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Re: “Trump and the white supremacists: Watch your smugness, resistance

Recounting historical events, that we would not even cinsider today that this country was founded around, and the current populace had nothing to do with it, nor ever would, is a waste of time and money. Why are the Japanese not protesting, they were US citizens during WW2, and our own government seized everything they owned, businesses, houses, and lives. Put them into concentration camps, some in Arkansas, for 1 reason they were Japanese.Their have been injustices in most races is our history, unfortunate yes, but it's history, we can't change it. No matter how many statues they take down. I was born and partially raised in El Dorado AR, their are civil war statues in the courthouse square been there longer than I have been alive, and would not doubt one ounce the National Guard will be called out to take em down, if it's attempted, and more casualties will likely be incurred, on both sides of this mess. This is just stupid. Just my opinion.

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Posted by Danny Longing on 08/16/2017 at 11:33 AM

Re: “16 states, not Arkansas, seek to protect nursing home patients

What about Morton, I think he is solely behind this little,proprosed,legislation. Trump is likely on the plea and pardon of her Dad for the gift acceptance prior to Maggio being appointed, to the bench. Mr. Huckster I have heard from reliable sources, received a little gift prior to appointing Maggio to the bench, while governor. I would imagine Miss Huckabee has lobbied hard to keep the man of the cloth, her father, and Pastor Huckabee out of hot water, for appointing Maggio to the bench after a gift, accepted by an elected official. I was told the deal was arranged by a ex college roommate. I haven't ever understood why ignorant, unprofessional, crooks can get in positions of power in Arkansas and literally steal from its http://populace.It amazes me. I am independent, so sure not proud of either party. I think Trump already has his talons deep in the scum bag criminal populace of AR, and have some of his support, and possibly looking the other way. On several critical issues involving a lot of money, and in turn giving criminals in AR a licence to steal with no one to hold them accountable. It is so,sad, our government is for sale, and illegally at that. The Judge in St Louis got it right a corrupt judge is worse than a drug dealer on the streets. Finally found a judge that wasn't bought. These statements are of my opinion.

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Posted by Danny Longing on 08/09/2017 at 8:34 PM

Re: “Maggio asks for leniency in sentencing; cites bullying as child, punishment already suffered

The sad part of this is there is a crime much larger than the nursing home case, 30 to 60 million in mineral rights were scammed out of the people in Van Buren Co. or people that own property there. The media, including this publication won't touch it. A lot of the folks that live in that county are poor, and don't even know they have been stolen from. The establishment even controls the media. The mineral rights scandal is easily proven. He ruled this in 2012, my case set the precedent on the total acreage. I wrote the judicial disciple committee twice, from 2012 thru 2015. Each time their reply was Maggio had done no wrong. Not until the nursing home scandal, did they have to do something. The JDDC fined him $750.00 for stealing millions for the sake and benefit of big business, and high level state politicians. I would bet he was furnished the $750.00 to pay the fine. They sure wasn't going to expose him had it not been made public with the nursing home case, and the Federal Judge taking his black robe. The state was doing nothing with Maggio, but benefit from his corrupt rulings, them and big business. The Blue Hog report would not touch it either. The Feds know of this crime as well. This corruption went up to the largest office in our state. The establishment and big business, along with, high level politicians were making money on their boy Maggio's corrupt rulings, also Maggio's buddy Wood. Neither conveinlently had opposition, that was no accident. Ever heard the word plant ? These statements are of my opinion.

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Posted by Danny Longing on 03/21/2016 at 8:19 PM

Re: “Arkansas Supreme Court takes Judge Boeckmann off Cross District Court cases

Judges is Arkansas seemingly have no one to seriously hold them accountable. The Arkansas appeallate courts are still affirming Maggios rulings. See Myrtle Stevens VS SEECO, Inc. I do not know if this court got the ruling right or not. I do know Stevens had not a chance before the appeallate courts even opened their paper work. Governor Hutchison, has excluded some judges if this case goes to Supreme Court. In my mind, an admission we have special interests judges in that position. Governor Hutchison just picked up where Beebe left off. I revealed fraudulent crime by state officials on Mineral Rights Forum, a blog concerning mineral rights issues, and the fraud Arkansas was involved in to appease a wealthy few, SEECO or SWN, and the States elected officials. Maggio and Wood made these 3 positions multi millions with fraudulent rulings. In my case the son of the defendant put fraudulent leases on all minerals involved in fraud, and leases were assigned to minerals in most cases already had leases on them in 2007. Chesapeake sued my defendant for fraud and breach of contract, to simply put it, the defendants leased something for large bonuses payable for the defendant and his partner, in the millions,the royalties monthly are huge, 2 to 4 hundred thousand, to a family the minerals do not legally belong to that my defendant and banker partner did not even own. The other bank involved is owed millions by my defendants family, and defendants family,could not service the debt without their mineral income. Powerful bankers, the governor, AG, all know of this and are protecting and endorsing, the wealthy in stealing from their constituents, and in most cases the poor of Van Buren Co.the deeds are very transparent and have no mineral reservations contained within them. Hutchinson and the AG ran political ads beside my articles on this forum site, before election. The AG now ignored my letter involving the fraud. Gov. Hutchison, is bought by bankers as well, and hiring everyone with state jobs he is told to, by the wealthy bankers. The state offices are supporting the corruption, that stole around 50 to 60 million from citizens and land owners in Van Buren Co.I thought Gov.Hutchison, was a Christian conservative. I don't know any Christians that approve of stealing from the poor and protect those that do, for political and personal gain. The FBI and US Attorney for this federal district is doing nothing, but probably depositing the bribe money. This makes Martha Shofners crime look very small. It's another Whitewater involving state officials in the coverup, so Arkansans have their very valuable property taken. The operators have broken federal interstate commerce laws, for involvement in taking property from Arkansans. Governor Hutchison, went to DC the day after I sent certified mail to Senator Cotton, about the fraud. This year SEECO hired ex Judge Maggio as a land man, while he is awaiting sentencing for a crime they was involved in. I sure don't think it was about Hutchisons findings in Cuba, as his primary reason for going to DC. I feel he made an appeal to Senator Cotton, to do nothing with federal agencies that are not protecting Arkansans, from massive crime and fraud. That is the primary duty of our senators Senator Cotten is aware of this, but no one is stopping the harassment on myself for revealing this crime. My computers are hacked and phones bugged. All elected officials have been made aware of this, even the Conway Police, who advised they would get their cyber division expert to get back with me. That never happened. Our state is governed by big business, and our governor and AG are anything but conservative. It's all about the dollar, I am ashamed to say I voted for the current and Beebe administration.The appellant ruling named the judge as the Honerable Michael A.Maggio. What a joke. Some of my articles are under my name on GOOGLE. My case was LONGING VS SNOWDEN ruled in court of appeals in spring session of 2012. Maggio used a law that does not even apply, reformation of the deeds, see US Legal for definition, this law is only used when all parties to the deed are in agreement as to the deed reform. None of this 6000 plus acres owners agreed to having their minerals taken. Sadly the new administration of Arkansas has also sold it's constituents out, for personal gain, same as the Democrats did.These statements are of my personal opinion

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Posted by Danny Longing on 11/20/2015 at 3:19 PM

Re: “Arkansas Supreme Court: Do as we say, not as we do

Yes, the JDDS advised on complaint of corruption on Maggio, 6 or 7 years ago, when he reversed an affirmative decision, that would have given the citizens of Van Buren Co. Their rightful mineral rights by law. In his first ruling Longing VS Snowden. He affirmed the case was after acquired title, and the argument provided by our council was very convincing. 2 or 3 weeks later, he allowed some very slanted affidavits be submitted, retracted his ruling, and the case set the precedent on over 6000 acres of mineral rights in one of the poorest counties in our state. We went to a trial, that after 15 minutes, a 9 th grader, would have known was bought, same experience with his appeallate judge, who both previously practiced law in the big town of Helena AR. There was mo need for a trial, the proof was in the fee simple warranty deeds, that contained no mineral rights reserved. The court ruled reformation of the deeds, back to a 1995 deed, Snowden with a prominent LR banker, were partners,and Snowden recorded all this deeds, the same, and signed away every acre he owned legally in that county. Reformation of the deeds clearly states all parties to the deeds must be in agreement, before it is a legal remedy. My seller in 2000, long before Fayetteville Shale play, and I did not discuss mineral rights, but at closing was given a fee simple warranty deed with no reservations,which means everything attached to the surface conveys, and the buyer owns the underground to the center of the earth, and all minerals contained within, even the sky above the land. The seller in the deed warrants and defends title to conveyed property forever, in this document. Maggios ruling changed the law, now a fee simple warranty deed is worth nothing.these laws have been on Arkansas books almost 200 years, the bankers attorney told me when I challenged for my rightful minerals, it's not what you know but who you know, how true in legal joke of a government. None of the deeds contained this reservation on the 30 to 60 million in royalties that are being paid likely to the prominent banker, and the deceased Snowden, and his family. Probably in the range of 2 to 4 hundred thousand a month. 2 major oil and gas operators was in this scandal to steal from a lot of poor and uneducated people, that to this day do not even know they have had very valuable property taken,our past Democratic, leadership was in this as well, and Maggio was hired by a major operator a while back, I am sure to insure his testimony don't exposose their corrupt treatment of Arkansans, when he is sentenced. Mr. Huckster appointed Maggio, after some of the personal gifts he was provided. The Arkansas media, will not touch this horribly corrupt story. It's embarrassing to the whole state the level of corruption that is being allowed by our own government. I finally had to complain to the Federal Justice Department, who informed, that's the state attorney generals job, my reply I have sent him 4 to 6 letters, with the same result as I got from the Governor's secretary by phone, I cannot help you. Mr.Governor's son had a timely job with an operator, Mr. Snowdens son was hired by a operator in 2007, as a land man, and he leased back this 6000 plus acres of minerals for the banker and Snowden, on land that already had existing leases on the mineral rights, which I estimate the lease bonus money was 4 to 5 million, to the partners, in 2007, the same year their partnership was dissolved. They sold leases to an operator, that were totally bogus, to cover up the signing away on the deeds in 2004, at least that was the case on the minerals I drew royalties on for 2 years before being taken, with government involvement. Maggio and Woods was the fair haired children of government and special interests, both were plants on higher level judgeships, to benefit the rich and steal from the poor, so corruption could continue to rein in our Great State. Maggio withdrew, after his exposure but had no opposition, when he did, and Woods conveniently had none either, and now is a special interest queen of the courts, in the highest of places. Yes it is who you know, and not what you know, or law, in Arkansas.
Arkansans were stolen from by the very rich, and special interests. Nothing has been done to challenge this horrible corruption. These statements are of my opinion.

Posted by Danny Longing on 06/05/2015 at 9:06 PM

Re: “Tom Cotton versus everyone: Cotton casts lone vote against Iran deal

Right or wrong, this young man has guts to go against the flow. If he doesn't get corrupted, I predict he will go far. Since my weak memory began we have had 2 Presidents with true ole fashion guts. Kennedy and Reagan. If he is wrong, he will learn from his mistakes. But it's hard to learn to have guts.I applaud the young man, he is voting his conscious, regardless of peer pressure. I have not studied the issue, to judge his vote, but this is the sign of a strong young man, most get corrupted with time, I pray he won't.

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Posted by Danny Longing on 05/08/2015 at 8:00 PM

Re: “Supreme Court accepts surrender of Mike Maggio's law license

State politicians at the higher levels were making a killing off Maggio and his Woods rulings. I reported Maggio for corruption 7 years ago, to the JDDC, and again 3 years later. All I got back is he had done nothing wrong. Beebe said I can't help you. McDaniel said at least 6 times I can't help you. After stealing millions for Arkansans, and their own constituents. The bankers had a licence to steal, and was joined at the hip with oil and gas, and politicians benefitted financially greatly. Those 2 special interests took 30 to 60 million in mineral rights from the citizens of Van Buren Co. Maggio and Woods was and are a tool of a corrupt state, and those that buy politicians, and oil and gas, banks, and nursing homes. The state is not going to do anything to him, he was their golden boy. They have a golden girl on the supreme court, that in my opinion Beebe made sure a democrat did not run against her. Her and Maggio are the furthest thing from far right conservative, as well as Gilbert Baker, and ole Huck, Profit For President Campaign, as good as money can buy. I think ole Profit for President was swayed to appoint Mr. Maggio, that stole millions from Arkansans. He needs to stay in Florida.

Posted by Danny Longing on 05/04/2015 at 3:24 PM

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