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Re: “More on pits

"investigator of both sides": If I give you the last word will you shut the hell up?

Posted by De Leweye on 03/29/2017 at 11:33 PM

Re: “Bryan King's $692 million bid to crack down on repeat offenders

There seems to be a clear correlation between electing fat slobs to the Legislature and their sponsoring bills that are nothing but petty nastiness enshrined.

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Posted by De Leweye on 03/29/2017 at 12:27 PM

Re: “Attack on free speech clears House committee

The Arkansas Legislature seems on a roll of coming up with such anti-democratic overreach that it regularly makes national news. They are making Arkansas a bigger embarrassment to the nation than even Kansas or Alabama. I really have to question the sanity of voters who pay to be made fools of.

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Posted by De Leweye on 03/29/2017 at 12:21 PM

Re: “More on pits

"investigator of both sides": I prize a good dog over a smart-mouthed fool any day of the week. Since you are unable to follow simple logic, I won't waste the keystrokes to re-explain the obvious. "You have spoken" - yes, we know - people are laughing.

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Posted by De Leweye on 03/29/2017 at 12:11 PM

Re: “More on pits

"investigator of both sides": Aside from being a snide ass, you are an idiot. If pit bulls - or all dogs that "look like" pit bulls - are banned, then the idiots who abuse and torment them into killers will just find another large breed to do the same thing to. Then you will simply have another breed or type of dogs to crusade against. Am I crazy to expect that society will deal first with the problem of violence - against dogs and children - instead of inventing scapegoats for the stupid and cowardly? Probably, but I will continue to call out professional hysterics and stupid boors, and whenever i have ghost of a legal excuse, will step in to protect the weak whether animal or human.

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Posted by De Leweye on 03/28/2017 at 1:16 PM

Re: “More on pits

"the breed's propensity for unprovoked and deadly attacks on animals and people" This is nonsense. Genetic studies have shown no link between DNA and specific behaviors. The best science on the subject comes from human twin studies, which show a genetic influence in perceptions and aptitudes, period. Pits, Staffs, American Bulldogs and "pit-looking" mutts may have the physical characteristics that make an effective fighter, but that does not make the breed dangerous.

I have three German Shepherds, who have a stronger measured bite than any pit. My smallest, a 65-pound female, is like you - she doesn't like pits. She's whipped every one she's gotten near, including climbing a chain-link fence to get to four scrub "pits" who were attacking my neighbor's American Bulldog pup. Several neighbors have had pits and pit-types, and the only problem I've had is that my arm gets tired holding them back from giving me a slobber bath. is a propaganda site, known for cherry-picking usually imprecise and poorly sourced horror stories, which you would have known had you bothered to do basic research.

An idiot who doesn't know canine behavior can make a neurotic mess out of any dog. Pit-type dogs have become a symbol to the kind of people who shouldn't be allowed near a dog. When I was a kid the killer breeds were German Shepherds and Dobermans, and the only time I've been seriously attacked by dogs was by two German Shepherds when I was six - dogs owned by fools prone to hysteria. As I said, I live with three, and my fifteen-year-old tomcat bullies all of them.

If you want to actually make progress on the dog attack problem, start crusading for temperament tests for anyone who wants to own any large breed. You're doing no one any good by reinforcing irrational fears and hysteria.

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Posted by De Leweye on 03/26/2017 at 7:56 PM

Re: “No love for pit bulls

The only time I've been seriously attacked by dogs was by two German Shepherds when I was six. The idiots who owned them kept them in a pen they couldn't even see out of, so when they did get loose they went wild. I was the smallest target one time, and if I hadn't had a long-handled car brush in my hands to fight them off with, I would have been seriously injured. I did get a black eye from a pit once - she had been raised by a paranoid, I didn't know she was under the bed and when I got too close she lunged. By the next day or so she was minding me better than her owner. Oh, and German Shepherds - I have three of the most spoiled lap dogs you could imagine, but when I'm not with them people they know are afraid to come near the place. The smallest, a sweet little sixty-five pound female, doesn't like strange females and really, really doesn't like pits. She's whipped any one she's gotten near and even went over a six-foot chain link once to get at four loose "pits" who were attacking my neighbor's pup, an American Bulldog cross. Gretchen 4, pits 0. The most aggressive dog around currently is a German Shepherd-Chow cross who used to belong to my neighbors, who gave her to friends. But she still comes to visit occasionally, still loves me and minds me better than my own brats - and invariably gets into serious-sounding fights through the fence with whatever dogs I have. My point through all of this: Dogs are like people. Deal with them as individuals and you will seldom have a problem. BTW - the avatar is a cranky fifteen-year-old tom who bullies all three GSDs.

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Posted by De Leweye on 03/06/2017 at 9:17 PM


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