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Re: “Another week done: Headlines and open line

allow me to second the recommendation on matt campbell's investigation and report. i am open to the state senator responding and clarifying some of the questions and uncertainties, but in the absence of reliable information that redirects the narrative, the smell test is pretty strong on this one.

one additional bit of information could be offered if trent garner would show the old scar from the bullet wound. no scar would be clear evidence of a longer nose. a scar would need to be investigated further, to see if the scar might be attributable to some other life event.

Posted by deadseasquirrel on 03/22/2019 at 8:45 PM

Re: “Unprecedented spring flooding expected in 25 states, including Arkansas

Vanessa, my grandmother told me about having to climb up on the roof of their two story barn when she was a girl, because the river was flooded. of note, she grew up in shell lake, which is now along I40, about 20 miles west of memphis, and the land continues flat for another 20 miles or so. the flooding is from the mississippi river, and i always presumed this was from the 1927 flood. now, 30 feet of water, across 30 to 50 miles? well, maybe not all that many people live in that stretch of land, and i am sure that car and truck traffic across I40 and I55 could adapt, in some way or another, but i think society needs some form of management of rivers. i favor allowing the buffalo to be the buffalo, flowing free, as the natural state of the river has much to teach us, one key lesson being the power of the unmanaged state of a river and the rapidity with which nature can make the unanticipated rise and confront us.

Posted by deadseasquirrel on 03/22/2019 at 7:21 PM

Re: “New Zealand moves to ban assault weapons after slaughter of Muslims


max nailed the major message from this story in that one word.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 03/21/2019 at 10:33 AM

Re: “Midweek: Headlines and the open line

ps, also in the raw story link is someone raising the question of 'show us your bone spurs.' i think that the md who wrote the letters for spanky's draft board should have had his medical licensing credentials examined, as i suspect he had no medical evidence, but was simply writing a letter so that the son of his landlord could dodge the draft. i think the guy died some time ago, but the problem was clearly visible long ago.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 03/20/2019 at 10:28 PM

Re: “Midweek: Headlines and the open line

per your comments on economics, i agree completely. i have made those arguments in many different ways, but one that you might be old enough to remember was the people who contended that the first few years of reagan's administration gave us a better economy. among other things, james watt's selling off public lands as a way of slanting the calculations, not to mention the expanded federal deficits, gave people who wanted to believe a false illusion of a better economy. a colleague at the time asked me if i was not off better economically than i had been prior to reagan. i said absolutely not. he did not understand. i told him that if he would give me his american express card, i could live wonderfully for four years, but he and his kids might not think so, when they had to pay the bills for my uses of his credit card. the economic policies of cutting taxes on the most wealthy has been tried several times, and it has failed uniformly over and over again. however, as you note, our fellow countrypersons don't seem to be able to grasp the concept of real bottom line summaries.

now, as to your statement that

"Latest Science Debunks Claim That Marijuana Significantly Harms Brain."

the bar for proving a negative is very, very high in science. careful examination of the reports i think would more accurately be said to indicate that previous reports of mj-linked declines in IQs failed to factor socio-economic differences and similar potentially confounding factors in observations of differences in IQs measured in the respective studies. other manifestations of 'significant' brain injury might include things like earlier onset of dementia, possibly in left-handed women, or other subpopulations, would not have been detected by the studies conducted. i am not saying that the investigators should have tested such hypotheses, only that showing no injury is close to impossible and almost never accomplished.

'a scientific statement is one that can be proved false.'

karl popper

more relevant would be a focus on the more clearly demonstrated causes of damage, such as by the recent report by Anderson et alia, Pediatrics, 2019, in which they reported greater rates of sudden unexplained infant deaths in infants born to mothers who smoked as few as one cigarette a day during their pregnancies. mj may cause deficits in IQ test scores, but the results of studies conducted to date suggest that any such effects are minor, relative to the clearly observable effects of tobacco, alcohol, obesity, inactivity, air and water pollution, failure to provide adequate educational opportunities and health care, and a big, long list of more important targets for our concerns.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 03/20/2019 at 10:18 PM

Re: “House defeats bill to end age-linked retirement rule for judges

from today's washington post:

Deutsche Bank, George Conway and the black hole of Trumps corruption

Deutsche Bank AG headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. (Alex Kraus/Bloomberg)
By Paul Waldman and
Greg Sargent March 19 at 3:58 PM


"To repeat, over and over the bank knew Trump was lying to them but gave him more money anyway. To be sure, this isnt much different from the way many Republicans think of him. Sure, he lies about everything all the time. But theyve decided that theyre going to live with that and go along for the ride, in part because hes giving them something specific they want, like a bunch of right-wing judges."

"Theres a degree to which one is inclined to look at this story and say, Anyone whos dumb enough to loan money to Donald Trump deserves what they get. Which may be true. Deutsche Bank wasnt like Trumps other marks the struggling people whose life savings he stole with Trump University, or the small business owners whose bills he refused to pay, or the people seeking to turn their financial lives around that he preyed on with the Trump Institute, or the foreign models he exploited with Trump Model Management, or any of the other victims of his long history of scams and cons."

all of these things are in addition to the massive, shameful damage that spanky and his gang have inflicted on our country's reputation and responsiblities to the global community.

Posted by deadseasquirrel on 03/20/2019 at 10:07 AM

Re: “Not the Onion: Arkansas legislature casts a vote in support of immigrants

my first thought was the old saying that even a blind pig finds an acorn ever once in a while.

for a number of years, i have been keeping tags on the stupidest state in the union. the competition has been fierce, with one state or another forging into the lead. this move by arkansas might seem to take it out of contention.

still, the smell suggests that something must be wrong here.

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Posted by deadseasquirrel on 03/19/2019 at 10:47 PM

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