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Re: “Harding responds on blocking gay website

Again, the thing you took away from my message was the fact that I mistakenly called quotation marks parentheses. Such a severe trespass, as pointed out your "dispicable" "grammer" is truly convincing and I bow humbly to your awesome spelling and grammatical skills which, apparently, far surpass my own?

I'd go on and on, but really though it's pointless, is it not? You are merely another basic internet poster whose wayward sense of self-righteousness and pride spurn you on to insult and attempt to belittle others in meaningless ways. It is sad; I know there is nothing I could say (A. that you would be willing to understand and B.) that you will not completely disregard. You said you pity my son? I pity you, not hatefully or insultingly, but heartfelt and sincere. Like I said before, sorry that the message was misunderstood, stop trying to fight for second and understand that.

Sorry for the misunderstanding A442, I tried to find a way to send you a message to explain. All I'll say is I love my son. He's not a "bastard" nor do I or any of my loved ones feel that way. That was the point in the original sentence... ::sigh::

Norma :) I see you are still advocating strong throughout the website. More power to you. At least your means of conversation and debate revolves around facts, research, reports, historical referencing, and not "OHm mI GaWd! uR SoW duMB!" Sincerely hope you reach more people.

So to quote, "Loves it!"

Posted by Digital_jedi4 on 03/14/2011 at 11:49 AM

Re: “Harding responds on blocking gay website


I am seriously withholding my need to verbally abuse you.... You completely missed the point and message of the statement. "Bastard" was in parentheses to show that I DO NOT THINK my child is a bastard, and that neither do my friends at Harding. Those same people that are being accused of being bigots!

Try to be more careful about your posts and comments when you quite apparently do not understand the message that has gotten you "all in a tizzy". Hey look! Parentheses again! They must mean complete seriousness and me being literal.......

Sorry for losing my temper, but to be accused of not loving my child or that I am a poor father pretty much is the only thing to chip my armor. So sorry that I was misunderstood A442, but you should read again. The message was to NOT be bigoted or hateful, and that that word disgusts me, which is why it's in parentheses...

Posted by Digital_jedi4 on 03/07/2011 at 8:10 AM

Re: “Harding responds on blocking gay website

Firstly, I will say: Given; and partially accepted on many points (I will get there).

I am not sure exactly where to begin in a reply for this, so I will do my best to go straight from top to bottom. Also, before I begin, please keep in mind that I mean nothing harshly. I think in text, opposed to spoken, discussion people have a tendency to read things insultingly (much as I mistakenly did earlier).

Now, I did not mean "out of context" from the topic. Granted, I should have merely stated my case for the words rather that pointedly assume you had an agenda, regardless if you did. Sorry. (That would be a backdown and apology, except:) I meant out of context from the rest of my statement. In the case of the Mr. "I'm a schmuck" Falwel his entire statement was being accused. To reply with basically, "You just took everything I said out of context of everything I said!" is the most ludicrous of remarks. So while I accept you do not approve at all of my word choice, I was only attempting to clarify what I intended by using them. Not insinuating you can not comprehend, but better to be sure, right? :/

Now, after having read your above reply I will very easily yield on the term "lifestyle CHOICE". You are completely correct. I should have merely used "lifestyle". Sorry. I, also, do not agree with the frequent attempt by many to skate by with bigotry. Also, a fundamental difference, I see, is our understanding of the word "lifestyle". While you see it as a meaningless noun that serves no real purpose except to denote some form of "choice". I see the definition of the word in its basic structure "style of a life". "Style" does not directly translate to "choice"; style to me denotes something closer to "how it is" opposed to "how it chooses to be" so reading "lifestyle" as "lifechoice" is certainly a different interpretation than I intended (again, noting that I very much should not have put 'lifestyle choice' that was wholeheartedly a mistake). Sorry. I will attempt to find a better vocabulary to express those remarks in the future. Thanks. That may have all seemed like bumbling semantics, but I did my best to try and explain my differing point on my word choice. While it may not be the best, it was merely the best I could I think of at the time.

Also, I did not intend to equate all of those things together in a sense of choice. I was merely trying to point out to many of the posters above that we do not have some antagonistic relationship of hatred among peers of differing orientations. While it may sound like a bleeding heart, my point is that regardless of our differences we all are still able to not only accept but befriend and love each other. My point was tolerance, not choice.

The same with placing "preference" and "orientation" next to each other: was to denote the difference between them not the similarity. Otherwise, I would have merely lumped them again into some "general sweeping term" that did not properly distinguish them from one another. ( ;) lifestyle, oops, sorry). But this time, I had the presence of mind to at least attempt to separate them. While I am sure they have been juxtaposition-ed in the past to imply equivalency, my goal was the polar opposite, to specify difference.

Next, in regards to all the "justified bigotry" remarks, I am not sure where they came from, unless you think I was attempting to justify MY non-existent bigotry. Which I heartfelt-ly promise, I am not. But, I will say, having lived the majority of my early life as an atheist/agnostic, I can agree with you on the bigoted, hypocritical, destructive shit storm that most modern day Christians still spew from their mouths anytime a hot button topic is addressed. It is what drove me away from faith for nearly 8 or so years. I can not stand blind hatred...for that matter, just hatred.

You are quite lucky to not know a single person who cares about someones religious views in their personal lives. I do. Hell, I deal with it every time I see some of my friends who are not Christians. "Dude you are too smart to believe in that shit!" "Why do you still listen to those hypocrites, you know better!" Those are two texts messages sitting in my phone right now from dear friends who desire to "rescue [me] from those self-righteous hypocrites." Not that I blame them; it is almost sweet in that annoying kind of way when you do not need help yet everyone insists you do. Except, they think you need help on your lifestyle ( ;) ). I am just picking on you now.

Also, I will not quibble. Merely say, I agree. Hate, in it's purest most unadulterated form is the cause of most people's strife. Also, hate is completely a learned response and emotion. No one comes out of the womb, hating. It is what they are taught and the experiences throughout their lives that condition that emotion. Total agreement.

Again I agree. This world was tailored for us all. I love people who are UNLIKE me. They are new and interesting and fun. I hold tolerance in the highest of regards.

Finally, it makes me laugh, but again I agree. I have attempted to keep my political points out, but since you mentioned the law I have no choice really. I completely support gay marriage; I feel that wonderful aspect of life should be kept from no one. Also, I feel adoption by homosexuals is one of the best things there is. It gives both a child to a couple who could not normally have one, and parents to a child who had none. Again, bleeding heart syndrome and is mildly off topic, but I do feel that equality under the law is important.

Unless you live in Searcy. I lived there. It sucks. Trust me.

Posted by Digital_jedi4 on 03/04/2011 at 3:14 PM

Re: “Harding responds on blocking gay website

Dear Norma Bates,

Thanks for the compliment. I figure if I can not at least articulate my point to where I do not sound like someone from the Jersey Shore "Om GaWD Dat Tote awesmum!", then I have no business speaking in general, much less on any topic.

Also, I will say, both "lifestyle choice" and "preference" are taken out of context there. Lifestyle choices were meant to include all: pre-marital, drug-related, homo or hetero sexualities, just a broad sweeping term to mean "what you do in life".

Also, "preference" was purposefully placed directly next to the word "orientation" which you personally made a point of bringing up earlier. Preference again referred to how you choose to engage in your sexual acts. Whether you be a promiscuous whore or a chaste prude, both spectrums for both orientations was the goal of the sentence.

Also, if I left any doubt in the message on my belief on whether it is biological or psychological, then mission accomplished. Since I've never had those feelings personally, I DO NOT KNOW the origins. But, (and I know this goes against most Christians beliefs), being heterosexual and having never considered wavering to "play for the other team" as it were, I feel MY compulsion must be biological. I never chose to like women; I just do. Subsequently, my assumption holds true for the other end of the stick (no pun). From homosexual friends, I have pretty much gathered that they feel the same way about their orientation.

So while that is not the overwhelmingly popular belief in Christian circles, it makes the most sense to me until something more convincing is submitted.

Thanks again, for the congratulations :). I read it sarcastically at first, but then I reread and realized it was not. So thanks.

Posted by Digital_jedi4 on 03/04/2011 at 1:05 PM

Re: “Harding responds on blocking gay website

It should amaze me how, until only a minute ago, I had not the foggiest idea of what was going on at Harding. Having been a student for two years, before leaving, my closest friends are still there, yet not a one mentioned this. Not on facebook, text messages, phone calls, they're all completely devoid of any mention. Likely because this is just another media frenzy that none of them care about. But I just happened to see "Harding" on news report site, and my interest peaked for a moment.

Back up with me for a moment, I left Harding because my (now) wife and I had sex before marriage. As things tend to go with sex, she got pregnant. We could have stayed: hid the pregnancy, gotten married immediately. Or we could have gone the abortion route, to "save" our futures. But we didn't, so here I sit now, weeks away from being a father, married to the woman whom I always intended on marrying, and happy as a pig in shit. (I adore colloquialisms)

This may all seem completely irrelevant (and to extent I agree, it is), but I felt it necessary to mention my connection and history to Harding, so that my perspective could be first understood.

I was also a member of the Theatre department at Harding (my identity, if it was, is no longer secret). And naturally, there are indeed homosexual students a part of that group (as well as many others). This was not once a manner of general concern among the students. We were all friends and colleagues. We learned, worked, bled, and laughed together on every show and performance that Harding produced. No one once had a negative thing to say about "the gays"; that terminology is in quotes because it was not even used. And it still isn't, as best as I know. Bigotry on that scale, standing next to the guy who literally built the set that was now supporting me, or who choreographed the entire show, virtually does not exist. He or she is not "that gay friend" who helped. They are merely, that friend.

Again, while this may seem irrelevant, I can assure you this time that it is not. We were all supportive, for whatever lifestyle choice any of us made. We all considered one another imperfect, yet perfect for our flaws. Those same "bigoted" Christians everyone is so sure permeate Harding's campus were the groomsmen and bridesmaids in my wedding, and will be the, in name, uncles and aunts of my "bastard" child. Doesn't seem too bigoted to me...perhaps though I am merely a naive god-fearing schmuck whose archaic belief system has no place in the world. ::shrugs:: Again though, these same "gay-hating" "Hardingistas" are the best friends and supporters of the "gays". No one tells them "You must change, God hates you, change so he won't." If that were to be said, more likely that person would be metaphorically lynched than the one it being said to.

I will not fuel the argument of what is God's "divine mandate" on homosexuality, because honestly, I do not know. What I do know/believe, is that God loves everyone. And commands, yes the supreme omnipotent being who loves can also command (loving does not limit commanding, just look at parents :) ) that we, too, should love everyone. That's damn hard, too. Not a one of us wants to love everyone, that takes more work than we are generally willing to provide. But we should.

This argument, whatever you say it is over, is no longer addressing the issue at hand. The issue is Harding's legal right to censor, which it has. Much to my and many other students disdain, it can censor whatever it chooses: including us. Since that is something that will not be changed, no matter our intellectual waxing over the "injustices". No this argument descended into "Christians are fundamentally wrong" vs. "Homosexuals can do what they want, so long as it's not here." Yeah, well the majority of Harding's population takes arms against both those.

We (in stunning example of human nature) feel like we are fundamentally right (go figure). Also, we want our "gay" friends company. We want to be friends; we want their insight on life like they want ours. And surprising to many of you I'm sure, that does not always include our sexual preferences or orientation. No, in fact, many of us just live our lives as fellow Christians and pals, taking the days as they come and being there for one another.

Now here's the sad part, obviously there is bigotry and hate. Or the site in question would not exist, that literally breaks my heart so much that I wept. I wonder if some of those messages were written by my friends... Regardless, though, you will not change the outspoken few. My belief is that we should instead become the outspoken many against those few. We have this tendency as the majority (in whatever fashion) to sit contentedly on our laurels and say and do nothing. That has to change first, or nothing will ever help our friends and loved ones. That message is to you Harding students. I understand the rules of the administration; we all do, and I know we all broke them in some fashion every day. Keep helping your friends, keep loving and being there for them, like they are ALWAYS there for you, regardless of.....anything.

And if this is all hot air then so be it. But after having read the posts and the needless bickering, I figured I'd make one more post at least from the few above that wasn't a game of insults back and forth...

Posted by Digital_jedi4 on 03/04/2011 at 11:01 AM


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