Enough with the guns 

Enough with the guns

I am a gun owner, a college graduate, a professional. I am not toothless, uneducated, or paranoid. I was one of the gun owners who commented on Max Brantley's blog post containing the list of Arkansas concealed handgun license holders. I assumed there would be a couple of weeks of furor over the post before I could get back to reading the Arkansas Times without the editors and columnists and letter writers insulting me. But it seems I was hasty when I picked up the April 23 edition.

First there was a short article in the Smart Talk section entitled “Paranoia strikes deep,” which was about the sudden dramatic increase in concealed handgun permits in Arkansas. It doesn't seem that unreasonable, considering President Obama supported gun control measures as a state senator that would be considered draconian here in Arkansas. We are also paranoid because we don't like having our name and address published widely. If Max would have done something with the data … like searching it for ineligible CHL holders … I would have applauded his work. But publishing a list of names and addresses of people who have done nothing wrong just seems to be a lazy attempt to stir people up.

Next was a letter to the editor proclaiming that “Guns killed people.” He ridiculed the idea that a law-abiding gun owner could have prevented or mitigated tragedies he listed. He also suggests that since he doesn't feel he should be trusted with firearms no one else can be.

And finally there was an article by Leslie Peacock on proposed new regulations that would allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry their weapons in national parks. The author suggested that the regulations would hurt tourism, and make the parks more dangerous. Those proposed changes were made available for public comment for over a year, and the vast majority of comments were positive. So I doubt it would have hurt tourism. I am not aware of a single case of a concealed weapon being used to poach a single animal in North America. I agree that there is no confusion about entering certain buildings in Hot Springs National Park. But the fact that I can legally carry a handgun on one side of Central Avenue, but not on the other seems ridiculous.

Charles T. Pry

Little Rock

Made reader cry

After reading the caustic editorial in the Arkansas Times [about taking War Memorial Park property for UAMS parking], as a UAMS employee, I feel I must respond. First, how insulting to call people “bureaucrats with MDs.” In fact, many HAVE touched patients before “sitting behind a desk.” Second, the primary beneficiaries of any hospital expansion have been patients. Our offices are actually tiny, ugly and without windows. Third, judge us not by what we will do, but what we have done, like our current expansion. Finally, don't spend 80 percent of the article making your point by bashing us! You've adopted a Republican tactic, as it seems. That my friend, is the truly sickening, sad part. The part that really makes me cry.

A. Maglione

Little Rock

Missing farmers

I was excited about your coverage of the opening event for the Farmers Market and our cover story – three full pages with coverage of farmers' food, preservation (canning) and even a gift basket of farm products.

As I scanned the comprehensive coverage my mind kept asking, “Where are the Carpenters?” Maybe, I thought, the Carpenters' farm had a special complete article just about them. No, not anywhere.

How can this city or state highlight farming of family food and local marketing of it without including the Carpenters? How could knowledgeable news people not use the business and strength and heritage the Carpenter family continues to contribute to the Farmers Market?

LaVerne W. Feaster

Little Rock

In review

Derek Jenkins writes out of the side of his mouth, an effect more garbled than Garbo, with more twists than a plastic pretzel and less substance than a hookah high on hokum. (See — it's not hard to do.) Please get him an editor, preferably one who grew up reading Jane Austen, not Mickey Spillane.

Stuart Jay Silverman

Hot Springs




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