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Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Conservative Arkansan, how many kids have died on the Friday night football field? How many kids have been euthanized due to injury?

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Posted by Eric_NM on 06/23/2012 at 9:45 PM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Lies, I didn't claim to have lived your life, or walked in your shoes, I'm just saying I don't believe you have been "stalked and harassed." If you truly believe that happened to you, then fine.

Go back and read the previous comments and you'll find coyote hunting and the FWACC 28 have been addressed.

In regards to athletes, I don't proclaim myself master of the language, I'm just capable of using a dictionary. Look up the word athlete for yourself. If you don't like what they say, then you need to take it up with the people who assemble, edit, proofread, and publish the dictionaries.

At least you're now admitting that GREY2K USA does rely on facts, as I've said all along. Just because you don't like them doesn't make them untrue. As for "misconstruing" or "twisting" those facts, can you point to one such instance? I mean, a dead greyhound is a dead greyhound. There's no misconstruing or twisting the fact that greyhounds die on the track every year, and that others die as a direct result of racing injuries, and that even more die at the hands of veterinarians or others because they are no longer profitable to their owners.

You're absolutely right - there are bad apples in racing. I'd love to hear which track you think should be shut down immediately. Let me guess - Jefferson County Kennel Club (JCKC) in Florida. Or maybe you mean Tucson Greyhound Park in Arizona. Either way, those are two of the worst tracks in the country. They both represent last ditch efforts to squeeze a few more bucks out of poorly performing greyhounds. It makes me sick to think about the circumstances at those tracks. And it won't be long until another track falls into the same disgusting condition as the profits from greyhound racing continue to dry up.

I have not said the whole industry is evil, bad, or corrupt - those are your words. I have said the institution of greyhound racing is inhumane and cruel, in some cases to the point of abusive. You're darned right that I'm biased - I'm biased against people mistreating dogs, whether by locking them in cages for up to 22 hours per day or by physically harming them. Discriminatory? Not at all - I despise all animal abusers regardless of color, creed, beliefs, or gender. Self-righteous? No. I don't have a high horse, Lies. I just believe greyhounds deserve better than the racing industry.

Let me leave you with a quote I think explains why the greyhound racing industry wants to be left alone, wants to be cloaked in secrecy, and isn't intent on letting the public see what really goes on behind the scenes. From Jawaharial Nehru (1927): "Evil flourishes far more in the shadows than in the light of day."

GREY2K USA - shining the spotlight of public scrutiny into the shadows of greyhound racing.

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Posted by Eric_NM on 06/23/2012 at 12:47 PM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Lies, I have a hard time assigning any credence to your claims, since I now know the source of your information. Stalked and harassed? I just don't see it.

I've read the blog you mentioned, and the only thing I have NOT seen is lies attributed to GREY2K USA that actually come from GREY2K USA. Just as in your posts here, I see a lot of straw-man arguments, misinformation, and outright fabrications. As an example, your reference to a corruption case is completely wrong. I'd direct you to a correct reference, but you're not even reading the comments addressed directly to you. Your comments about coyote hunting and the FWACC 28 have been addressed. The idea of greyhounds as athletes has also been addressed. Remember, athlete refers to a human engaged in a sport. Greyhounds, by definition, cannot be athletes.

Your contention that GREY2K USA is using "old facts" is preposterous. The figures cited in this article and those provided on the GREY2K USA website are based on current or last available documents from tracks and government agencies. This claim of out of date material is a common claim, but it remains incorrect. If you've truly done your homework, then you would know that.

Unfortunately, what you're talking about in your "stories" is just that - fictional stories that are often fabricated out of whole cloth. Even your understanding of the Freeway/Petey D. story is incorrect. It's sad that you are so incredibly misinformed but believe you know the truth. There are none more blind than those who will not see.

Greyhound racing is cruel, inhumane, and exploitative. It's time for it to end.

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Posted by Eric_NM on 06/23/2012 at 12:39 AM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Lies, can you cite one example in support of your statement, "Grey2k has been spouting lies"?

Again, you have made a defamatory statement that completely lacks veracity: "I am scared because many of you are fanatical zealots who stop at nothing even if means resorting to vandalism and violence." Do you have even one example to support this statement? I have not heard of a single violent act committed against a person or property related to the discussion of racing.

More appalling than your previous statement is this next sentence from you: "I love my dogs more than anything else in the world and I would KILL the first person who tried to harm a hair on their heads."

The only person who is threatening violence is you. I find your comments on this theme deeply disturbing.

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Posted by Eric_NM on 06/22/2012 at 3:10 PM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

"Sorry, I'm not posting my name because I don't want to be harassed like I have been in the past. I also fear that some idiot grey2k zealot will decide they'll show me and harm or take my dogs. Not happening."

Unless you are abusing or neglecting your dogs, you should not fear their removal from your possession.

Harassment? Harm? You mean, you might be subjected to threats of physical violence or interference with your job? The only time I've seen anything like that was directed at ME by your fellow pro-racing zealots during the time I was on a racing discussion forum. There were vague threats of violence posted by at least one trainer. There were overt threats to try interfering with my employment by several members.

You clearly are projecting behaviors onto GREY2K USA that you believe are part of the greyhound racing industry.

Finally, I invite you to go back and see what Nancy Hudson had to say about people not using their real names. I believe she would say you are a "coward."

In case anyone is unaware of my "real identity," I am...

Eric Jackson

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Posted by Eric_NM on 06/21/2012 at 4:37 PM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Martha, I don't think anyone has claimed to know everything that goes on at every track, in every kennel, and with every greyhound. You're intentionally exaggerating to make a point that you can't make logically. The behaviors GREY2K USA speaks of are industry-standard practices. The specific instances of abuse, neglect, injury and death are taken directly from official state or track records. No matter how much you may dislike the facts, they remain the facts.

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Posted by Eric_NM on 06/21/2012 at 4:30 PM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Xavier, your comment has been addressed by Carey Theil, executive director of GREY2K USA, both here and in previous stories on the topic of greyhound racing.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear from you what you are going to do about the specific incidents I informed you of, in direct response to your statement.

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Posted by Eric_NM on 06/20/2012 at 4:49 PM

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