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Recent Comments

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Good Morning Wyatt Echols!

Mummy here, coming to you live from rainy Blighty!

Oh Wyatt how I long for our exchanges!!ha ha

I love how you open your response by re-quoting me! I suppose it saves from coming up with an enthralling opening of your own!

I used the term 'quid pro quo' (type-o first time I know, my bad) because in Latin it means 'something for something'. In other words imbecile I gave you something (coherent argument) and I wanted 'something' i.e a coherent response and answer to my questions in return!!! So it was in context retard!

Let's get straight to business MISSKELLEY IS NOT AUTISTIC!! As you refer to him as in your previous statement. Far from a high functioning individual with a propensity to have a flair for a particular subject. For example, mathematics or music as most ASD spectrum individuals possess ( I should no I have a degree in the education of children with additional needs, such as autistism, Down's syndrome etc.) The only flair he shows is getting the uncanny facts of a known crime scene and injuries to victims to match in many ways to his multiple confessions, some of which he gave without coercion, threat or promise. The words 'police car' and 'after sentencing' spring to mind!

It is known fact that no 12 hour interrogation took place. He was questioned as a possible witness to Damien's well known psychotic behaviour and police wanted to find out as much as possible about this horrific individual. Misskelley Snr knew police wanted to question his moronic son and chose not to accompany him dickhead! He was read and re-read his Miranda rights.

You say " The cops wanted to be heroes" the police pulled those tiny contorted bodies of those children from their watery graves with their bare hands. Of course they wanted to catch the monsters responsible you unfounded arrogant prick!

On Jessie's confession to Stidham you pass the book 'Wyatt the wonderful!'
Man the fuck up!!

Did Stidham coerce Jessie?????? He told him to shut the fuck up! And he still chose to sing! Jessie is not crazy, special needs or anything else other than guilt ridden. Stidham tested his guilt with Evans whiskey bottle and still chose to ride with blinkers on after he proved his own fuckin guilt theory. Anything rather than admit he fucked up believing in this kids innocence.

Lack of alibis for the three!

Eye witness testimony did not place Hobbs, Morgan, Jacoby, Holland or anyone but your hero Echols at that crime scene covered in mud! Aw,maybe he was helping in the search for the boys how sweet!

You talk about the psyc history of everyone except Echols. How predictable! you mention mine, yours and indeed the population of the worlds mental health. Everyone bar him!

You no what though Wyatt I don't remember applying for benefits citing " homicidal" impulses on the application form. You ever done that?? No didn't think so! He did!

Oh and your alcoholic parents and ex wife did they ever tell medical psychiatric professionals that they were scared of you and your presence around siblings in the home after threats of slashing throats, eating people alive etc. No didn't think so?! His parents stated that!

Oh but me and you, we are more likely to commit such a crime!

Any idiot through reading the sentence in context which, on which you call me out on in my previous post was obviously meant to say the word ORIGINAL not ORDINAL.
Unlike you I do not have the time or inclination to proof read every word I write to you. I am a busy working mother and do not consult dictionaries. You my dear are not worth the effort!

As I have stated previously I agree the investigation was flawed and subsequently trial was unfair! There was no concrete forensic evidence of the perpetrator of this crime and thus no justice can be found for the boys. As judged by law true indisputable Evidence was thwarted by forensic infancy and police incompetence. I do not question that! In a court of criminal law they should not have been found guilty! I agree with that. However, somebody committed this crime and every avenue you go down circumstantially leads to -THEM!

It is unfortunate that it cannot be determined in a court of law but as I have said it is my belief and that of the majority, that they did commit this crime although it cannot be proven.

Yet as I have stated previously they will be judged higher than us and I bet they shudder at the thought!

The state is probably glad to see the back of them, they would have cost them millions and sir Riordan probably sleeos at night thinking of the millions he saved and still three child murderers served serious time, he is probably content with that.

By the way you really think I am inclined to converse with you as two people?! I am not nearly so narcissistic as you Wyatt. However now you bring the subject up. How curious is it that you do not deny my accusations of calling you out as Damien? Only a true narcissist of the highest order would write an article and then impersonate as a blogger in response to such article! Wouldn't you agree "Wyatt" ?

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Posted by Erin's mum on 09/02/2014 at 5:49 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Meltdown! Again an imbecile who cannot answer fucking simple questions?

What is your excuse for Misskelleys other confessions??

coerced by Dan stidman over 12 hours? ??
I think not!!


Lies on stand?

Choirboy Damien's psych history?

Do not tell me that they were just fair game for west memphis police!

Viable suspects whether you like it or not!

I agree trial wasn't fair, errors in policing, lying witnesses. They should have waited for new trial with the fresh ' evidence' they wanted to present instead of copping out and taking Alford plea! The state just wanted to save the compensation money they would have sued them for and probably received as ordinal trial was to fuck. I am aware of that you fucking retard but you still choose, like Damien to ignore simple questions! There was a lack of evidence of anyone who was concrete perpetrator of this crime but that does not absolve them from the glaring truth to anyone with half a brain, that they are and always will be guilty as hell! Adequate evidence or not and subsequently judged in a higher court than any on this fucking planet! And I'm not even fucking religious!

Go and gargle someone's balls Wyatt, sorry should I say DAMIEN!

11 likes, 12 dislikes
Posted by Erin's mum on 08/26/2014 at 11:56 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Oh Wyatt! R you ok my dear ?maybe you should sit down.! You say I am the illiterate one and yet you cannot answer a single fuckin question I asked????? You are a neanderthal in every sense of the word. You fight for a case you cannot answer for and have shown with your ignorance of the truth that the cause you are so hell bent on defending is full of holes and you no it! Every blogger on here will read our correspondence and see it for what it is. You got schooled, even if it was from a Limey Brit girl! (And proud)

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Posted by Erin's mum on 08/22/2014 at 6:18 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Oh Wyatt are you a little butt-hurt,sorry I will be gentle next time!

Geographical position and an opinion on a matter are of no consequence, I'm sure you hold opinions about the Middle East even tho you do not reside there darling!

You answered nothing as I suspected with your QUID pro quo (excuse my prior type-o) to my post. You gave no explanations for Misskelleys' multiple confessions (1 to own attorney- coerced?) and do you no why?? Because no excuse can be made- the man is as guilt ridden as hell and couldn't stop himself from singing like a canary!
Like it or not I gave specific argument for my comparison to the Bulger case through injury, improvised weapons, nature of the attack the comparison is unquestionable you fucking retard. You give Misskelley a run for his money in the moronial stakes.!
Oh and plenty of murders are committed in public you idiot, just ask people standing in the firing squads across the globe right now.

You answered nothing for the statements and lies told by a Damien Echols on the stand.?

You answered nothing for credible alibis for all three?

You answered nothing about Damien Echols psychopathy?

Wearing black in west memphis is one thing, drinking human blood , clawing people's eyes out and threatening to eat and slash your patents throats are quite another.

I cannot argue with stupid! You Wyatt are nothing but an empty vessel producing noise and you hear everything but listen and answer for nothing.

Get back to your bookmarked thesaurus and your unfulfilled life of upholding a child murderer!

"The heart is hopelessly dark and can be deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out .
But I, God with your guidance search the heart and examine the mind. I can get to the heart of a human. I can get to the root of things. I treat them as they really are and not what they pretend to be"
(Jeremiah 17:9-10)

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Posted by Erin's mum on 08/22/2014 at 1:22 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Oh and as an endnote Wyatt this small island in Europe with its 'innate shortcomings' is big enough when u want a hand to hold. Also let's not go into 'contorted backdrops' for society and subsequent populations to base their morality upon because the land of milk and honey will lose my dear x

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Posted by Erin's mum on 08/21/2014 at 4:00 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Well hello Wyatt the jellyfish dance partner! Thankyou for your calculated welcome response to my post. Can you please jump off the defensive fence for a moment. You have taken my post and completely misconstrued every aspect of it!

To begin with,my comparison to the James Bulger case does have merit when you consider firstly, that both are child murders which were torturous in nature, committed in crime scenes of relative privacy and most importantly how the perpetrator/s of both use available materials such as sticks, glass, bricks as weapons and improvised restraints to control victim/s and inflict similar injuries in both cases using said weapons. Furthermore when you consider the patterns of violence in both crimes how can you not ascertain that both attacks were escalatory in nature of cruelty and that in itself warrants comparison.
Those points first and fore-mostly form the basis of my comparison and are the reason why I had to discuss the murder in all it's horrific detail merely to show the similar patterns of attacks using fists, weapons then to the more cruel and torturous patterns of injuries undeniable in both crimes. I reference these points prior to alluding to any particular suspects. It is not until I discuss my opinions on criminal profiles which in turn causes you to really show your hand. As I mentioned in my previous post I can see both the Hobbs tryst theory and the opportune 'happened upon' wm3 theory as possible scenarios for placing all of these viable suspects in the woods that evening.

Please calm down Wyatt, take your blinkers off and stop pulling the defensive bandwagon for a moment! Since you insist on chomping at the bit, lets discuss your dissection of my post a piece at a time. First of all to say you cannot compare elements of murders because they are on different continents is absurd and unfounded! Like it or not both crimes show an over zealous attack with fists, improvised objects as weapons, both escalatory in cruelty and both have elements of pseudo sexual attacks on genitalia to 'overkill' victim/s.
These were cruel to the core crimes which feature a sustained, ridiculed sadistic attack and in my opinion fit the profiles of the the Wm3 more than Hobbs and his posse.
As stated previously the 'jousting' nature of the attack in terms of trying to outdo one another in depravity fits better with the younger(also in Bulger case) wm3 suspects rather than Hobbs and co. What possible reason could Hobbs have for emasculating Chris Byers? Surely in your cloud of 'hedonistic Echols-ism' you can see that such an act fits better with Jason trying to impress the undeniable sadist that is Damien. When you think of defending Damien Echols you really shouldn't speak of 'innate emotional disturbances' as with the bulger killers and if you insist on doing so,might I suggest some further late night reading of exhibit 500.
By the way Wyatt I'm sure the Socio-economic demographic of social security latent, council estate/gypsy white trash Liverpool in 93' with it's impoverished children and un-enlightened youth isn't that far apart from your shit-kicking southern hillbilly trailer parks of Arkansas. And so with both grows the 'underlying pre-disposed demeanours' you speak of in BOTH communities. When you speak of motive as a 'pre-disposition to criminal proceeding' you must also consider that prior to motive you need profiling. First we establish 'who' then we consider 'why'.
Also save your Misskelley moronial coerced confession speech for a more amateurish case enthusiast. Misskelleys' confession/s (before and after sentencing one with own council-coerced aswell??) are not all I base my opinions on. Try looking into the well documented profiling of the killers and I can bet whose face you see! Damien and the others frequented Robin Hood hills there is your 'opportunity of access' those poor children went to play in those woods in my opinion wm3 in a happen- chance wrong place, wrong time scene. I will admit police procedure was questionable and so could have meant a mistrial. The lack of physical evidence of anyone particularly is unfortunate, but could you really hang Hobbs for one hair alone?
When taking everything into consideration collectively are they really defendable as suspects if not probable perpetrators of this crime? Consider familiarity to crime scene, lack of alibis, multiple confessions, psych history,lying on stand, demeanours/statements after crime (some filmed) all that without even considering the bible bashing satanist stuff your hung up on ie. cruelty to animals, desire to torture a bum. Statements of a thrill killer who may have urinated in victims mouths. (Echols to detective) An act of all encompassing power according to the writings of one Aleister Crowley. Whilst composing your quit pro quo Wyatt remember to bookmark your thesaurus, find some matchsticks to open your eyes, a needle and thread to close your mouth and some soap to wash the shit laden hand you should remove from the convict dick-riddled arse...sorry ass of Damien Echols! When your done give me a nice big wave across the pond xx

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Posted by Erin's mum on 08/21/2014 at 3:47 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

I'm from the Uk and am the same age as the victims of this crime. What a tangled mess of a case ! and even now 20 years on mystery ensues and true justice for those children is unreachable. If Hobbs is indeed guilty,he has roamed the streets of a town, where he took the lives of 3 young boys in such a gruesome and cruel crime and shared a marital bed with the boys mother for 9 years after. Whilst all along I’m sure that poor women cried hopelessly into her pillow night after night. If that is true what a true evil bastard that man must be!

After developing a true fascination with this case, I can see plausible scenarios involving both sides. The ‘spying kids on the gay tryst’ ,although from unreliable ‘witness’ affadavits does play out with a ring of truth as you read them. If Hobbs and jacoby were involved in a homosexual relationship outside of their marriages, that’s one thing but who knows how far they went experimenting. Maybe coaxing the teenage LG and (slow) Buddy into the woods with the lure of drugs and whiskey whilst secretly hoping to involve them in this liaison is possible. So too is getting caught kissing and fondling your gay lover by your 8 year old stepson who would just love to tell mummy about stepdad Terry , a sadistic man who uses the belt too much on him. That right there is motive! That is without the curious behaviour of the man after the disappearance. The knife?the uncharacteristic nature of washing the clothes? Was this due to abuse taking place and trying to hide DNA from stevies room ? The late call to police and keeping Pam in the dark till the last moment?
So many questions. ?

As for the WM3 …

I have watched hours of footage of paradise lost, numerous documentaries, read and watched devils knot and more recently west of memphis. I have read al, of Damien’s Exhibit 500 psychiatric evaluations and observations, as well as the entire backlog of Callahan trial transcrips, evidence records, autopsy and crime scene reports and photos. From this it is my belief that the wm3 are the more likely culprits of this horrific crime. Although I do believe this crime had no true motive and it was just a wrong place, wrong time crime which snowballed out of control. Jessie Misskelleys numerous accounts do have truthful undertones to them underneath the inacuracies about times etc the personal details he alludes to that fateful evening May 5th 93′ really troubled me. He mentions how one of the boys was ‘still moving’ in the water and ‘wriggling like a worm’ . He says when questioned how the boys said ‘no, no or stop stop’ during the attack. These very personal and specific details which he relays back to, ring like he was there reliving those moments.

Damien Echols!? What a character right?! I tell you if the police fit up was true they could not have chosen a better villain. And the press at the time and now must love him. T.V gold!

Your on trial on a triple capital murder charge and your worried about how your new haircut looks? The narsicisst shines through. ‘The world will remember my name” -Echols (maybe but for all the wrong reasons mate)
And yet while I buy that yes,these naive kids thought this was all some big game and a big police mistake and indeed the most exciting thing to happen to them in their miserable lives; I cannot comprehend why , when being sentenced to death or life imprisonment you are not jumping up and down screaming hysterically protesting your innocence for the court and world to hear ? Also when Jason is asked during paradise lost interview’ what would you like to say to the murdered children’s families? (Deafening silence) maybe ‘I didn’t kill your children ‘was the response he was looking for.
The Paradise lost trilogy may have brought the diabolical police investigation to the fore and the kooky characters of Byers and the sly Hobbs to the worlds attention. But for some , myself included it showed the defendants in the cold hard light of day and did them no favours in terms of endearment to their personalities and emotionless state throughout. Then again it did get them out so hey ho!

One reason I believe this was a unplanned murder is the eerie similarities it has to a crime committed only a few months before Robin Hood hills, in my home city of liverpool, England in the UK. The James Bulger case is the most horrific child murder the world has ever seen, not least because the two perpetrators were but 10 years of age themselves: the victim 3 years old. The case starts where toddler James gets separated from his mother in a shopping mall as she pays the cashier . CCTV of that moment shows the child being led away from the scene by an adolescent boy, followed closely by another young assailant. The mother can be heartbreakingly seen frantically running in and out if shops looking for her child. Upon leaving the mall the CCTV goes cold as city street CCTV was in its infancy in 1993. This poor child was dragged along by these boys for miles, playing with him one minute, offering sweets to him then the next punching, kicking, pulling his ears and pushing him into oncoming traffic or attempting to throw him into a small embankment. All this time many passersby tried to intervene as they saw the distressed crying child only to be told’ he’s our little brother’ or ‘he’s lost we are taking him to the police station( a stones throw over the road at this point) instead the boys climbed up with James on the railway line it’s at this point that the young kids prank takes on obscene cruely. Basically a case of ‘we got him here what ate we going to do with him. After the beatings the next phase of baying for blood begins. One boy the ‘ringleader’ begins throwing bricks at the toddlers head. As he gets up each time they use him as target practice taking turns to outdo each others cruelty. They look around on the tracks looking for things to inflict pain on the child. Glass, an iron bar, paint which they throw into his eyes and then the strange sexual violation, stripping the boys clothes,pulling of the penis and of inserting batteries into the child’s back passage. (Like west memphis sexual assault is indeterminable) After this horrific attack the boys place James’tiny body on the railway track hoping a train would come and cut him in two. Indeed that is what transpired. The unimaginable suffering of this baby boy has parallels with the despicable crime at west memphis with stevie, Christopher and Michael. The sadistic pattern of injuries ranging from first beatings, to spilt blood onto the more sadistic sexual mutilation on both chris Byers and James bulger definitely scream to me multiple attackers (which rules out bojangles) almost trying to outdo and shock one another in their range of the depravity. It it my firm belief that like the bulger case the spiralling adolescent ‘showing off’ nature between the perpetrators of jousting to and fro with one another in terms of the cruel attacks is definitely something that transpired in Robin Hood hills. I think this is a more likely scenario with Damien and Jason with Misskelley holding Michael as he states in every confession, rather than a Terry Hobbs, David jacoby scene. But I may be wrong. The bulger killers were caught but tried as the children they were and were released after only 8 years.
I fear that Whatever transpired in west memphis that fateful spring night will never truly be known. However what cannot be forgotten in the celebrity, Hollywood movie spectacle that ensued following this awful crime is the pursuit of truth whether it is found or not.
RIP the forever young Stevie, Christopher and Michael

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Posted by Erin's mum on 08/20/2014 at 2:19 AM


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