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Re: “Gun permits as official secrets

Everyone thank Max for this new law. After all, if he hadn't published a list then the law wouldn't be needed. Why does anyone want to know who has a CHL anyway? you know what, as a person has a CHL I say publish the list. We should also publish a list of names and addresses of anyone who has had an abortion, gotten a speeding ticket, used drugs, drinks alcohol, smokes or has had any legal actions taken against them. After all, we need accountability.

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Posted by Eugene Tackleberry on 02/19/2013 at 3:49 PM

Re: “Congressional Candidate Ken Aden never a Green Beret? Paperwork never made it in - or another dark liberal conspiracy?

The purpose of this post is to provide some information about how military documents are to be “Read” and how military schools are done. I am doing this to help those that are not familiar with the inner workings of the US Military better understand exactly how Ken Aden has lied about his service.
Ken Aden has said repeatedly that he was a Special Forces Soldier. He also claims to have a Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.
First I am going to explain how the Special Forces Community works. In order to become a Special Forces Soldiers a person must pass what is known as the Special Forces Qualification Course, Commonly known as the “Q” course. When a person joins the military they are given a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), this is the military jargon for their job. There are many types of jobs and they are classified by a combination of numbers and letters. As an example, if a person is an Infantryman their MOS is 11B. 11 stands for the Infantry Designation, “B” stands for rifleman.
Now if that Infantryman wants to become a Special Forces Soldier then he must pass the “Q” course. The “Q” course is considered a MOS producing school, in other words it completely re-trains a person to do the job of Special Forces. Think of it like this, if a cook wants to fly helicopters he would have to go to pilot training. If he graduates then he is no longer a cook, he is a pilot. Same applies to those that wish to become Special Forces.
Ken Aden has claimed in the recent interview on “The Progressive Cop” that the “Q” course is much like Ranger school. He claims that you can become a Special Forces soldier and then be assigned to a Regular Army Unit. This could not be further from the truth. Ranger School is a leadership school in the US Army. It is 63 days long and physically demanding. A person who attends the school and graduates is awarded a Ranger Tab. That person is then Ranger Qualified and can go back to their unit. This is not to be confused with the Ranger Regiment, which is a separate unit. Now a graduate of Ranger school retains their MOS. Whatever job they did before going to Ranger school is the same job they go back to after Ranger school.
The “Q” course is not like that. The “Q” course is a MOS producing school and upon completion the person is no longer doing what their job was before the school, which takes over a year to complete. So if the “Q” course graduate was a supply clerk before going to the “Q” course then they are no longer a supply clerk upon graduation, they are a Special Forces Soldier. Now if a person FAILS to graduate the “Q” course, then they return to doing their old job. If you do not graduate you are not Special Forces. Period.
Ken Aden has made the claim if he was sent to a “Green Beret” unit after he graduated the “Q” course then he would be a “Green Beret”, but instead was sent to a Regular Army unit as a 18B (MOS designation for Special Forces Weapons Sergeant). This is not the case at all. First off, a Green Beret is nothing more than a hat that SF Soldiers wear. In order to earn the right to wear the hat they must pass the “Q” course. Since the “Q” course is a MOS producing school then the only place the now SF Soldier can go to is a Special Forces unit. The Army spends millions of dollars to train a person to become a Special Forces soldier, they are not going to send that person back to a unit to do the same job they were doing before. That would be like sending a person to medical school to become a heart surgeon, only to make them go back to flipping burgers after they become a M.D.
As it stands, Ken Aden did go to the “Q” course, many times in fact. However, he did NOT graduate the course. Since he did not graduate then he is not a Special Forces Soldier. Why did he not graduate? Because he failed academically, not due to a finger injury like he claims. If he was injured to the point that he was unable to complete the training then he would not have been sent back to a physically demanding job like Infantry. No, Ken Aden failed the academics of the “Q” course. How do we know this? Because that was the information that was released by the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. JFKSWCS for short. They are the unit that is in charge of training soldiers to become Special Forces. They are also the only ones in the US military that can issue orders awarding someone the 18B MOS. According to them Ken Aden did the following. SFAS class 1-07 (This is the “Tryouts” so to speak to get accepted into training) completed, BNCOC class 5-07 completed (This is Staff Sergeant School), SF Qual (Medical Sergeant) class 6-07 did not complete, relief for academic reasons. SERE High Risk level C, class 18-07 (this is a Survival and evasion school), completed, SF Qual (Weapons SGT) class 8-07 did not complete, recycled to class 1-08. SF Qual (Weapons SGT) class 1-08 did not complete, relief for academic reasons.
So there you have it. He failed the course. Yet he wants to continue to claim that he is Special Forces by saying the very school that makes SF Soldiers doesn’t know how their own process works. Instead he produces a document that he claims are orders making him a 18B. As I said above, the only unit that can issue those orders is the JFKSWCS, the order Ken Aden is showing comes from the Installation Management Command. They do not have the authority to issue those types of orders. That is like an Army unit issuing orders to a Navy Sailor and awarding him pilot wings. Can’t be done.
Ken goes on to claim that he has a Graduation certificate from the “Q” course, but he can’t find it right now. This is ridiculous. The amount of time, dedication, hardship and sacrifice that it takes to become a SF Soldier is enormous and it takes well over a year to complete the process. When they finally get that graduation certificate they are not going to lose them. They are going to proudly display that and readily show it to anyone who asks. I find it very telling of his lie that he claims to have lost the certificate, but manages to hold on to random award recommendations (more on those later) for awards that are really on the bottom end of the awards hierarchy.
If he manages to produce a certificate of graduation that won't mean anything either. Those can easily be forged. The key to the truth is a Yarborough knife. Since 2003 every single soldier that has graduated the Q course is issued a Yarborough knife. This knife was design by Chris Reeves and is available to the public. However, the ones issued to the Special Forces Graduates are serial numbered. That serial number is unique to that soldier. When they walk across the stage to graduate they are given a Green Beret, a graduation certificate of the Q course, the knife and a certificate for the knife, with the SN and their name. Then they enter their name in a log book, recording also the Serial number of the knife. This log book is a tradition in the Group, and the SN is a sure fire way of finding out of a person is a liar or the real deal. If they claim they don't know the number or won't show the SN for security reason they are a liar. Any SF Soldier out their will produce them at the drop of a hat and know the SN by heart.
Ken Aden never completed the “Q” course. This is confirmed by the JFKSWCS. What more proof is needed? But I’ll continue to explain everything else. Now, on to the Awards recommendation that he produced.
First off, that is only a RECOMMENDATION form. That is not the award itself. I have a drawer full of those forms from where I have submitted them for awards to give to soldiers. They mean nothing. The Award is only official when there is a CERTIFICATE awarding the medal or ribbon to a person. 2nd, the block makes a mention of his 18B skill set. That doesn’t mean that he is a 18B, that is just saying he used the skills he learned to train other soldiers. He failed how many times? I would hope he picked something up!
And really, that is 18B claim in the award is misleading as it is. You see, Ken Aden managed to convince many people that he was a 18B after he had failed the course. One of them was SFC Pratt, the person that wrote a character statement for Ken Aden. SFC Pratt was Kens Platoon Sergeant (his direct supervisor) in Iraq. Due to operational tempo, SFC Pratt didn’t really think much of the claim. He was after all fighting a war. But Ken managed to con SFC Pratt into believing his lies and got the letter. It was only after SFC Pratt wrote the letter and sent it off that he was informed the Ken Aden was a liar. He then contacted Jeff Burris and told him to remove the letter or he would issue a retraction. Jake did, and SFC Pratt issued an apology to the Special Forces Community and explained the whole situation. He admitted that he was duped by Ken Aden as well.
THE DD-214.
The DD-214 that Ken Aden released is the most telling document of all, and really it is the proof that he wasn’t Special Forces. For those of you who do not understand what a DD214 is and why it is so important, I will explain.
When a Service member from any branch of the Armed Forces leaves the military their entire service record is produced on one form…the DD214. This document is a record of how long the person was in, what their rank was, what the MOS was, what awards and decorations they had and what military schools they attended. When the Service member leaves the military they sit down with a clerk and everything they did is entered on the document. The soldier DOES NOT sign the document until EVERYTHING they did is listed. This document is the official proof of what you did, so you make sure it is 100% correct.
The DD214 that Ken Aden released appears correct and appears to be his true DD214…except for on detail. The entry for 18B is false. So false that it even appears to have been added to the document AFTER the original and true document was produced. That is a Federal Crime. But how can we tell? I’ll explain.

In block 8a we see the last unit that Ken Served with and in block 8b the last place of duty. If Ken was a SF soldier then his last unit of assignment would have been a Special Forces Unit, not a Regular Army Unit. In block 11 we see the MOS listing for 2 different MOS’s, 11C3P and 18B3P. Let me break those down. 11 is the MOS designator for Infantry, 18 is for Special Forces. The “C” after the 11 indicates mortorman, the “B” after 18 indicates Weapons Sergeant. The “3” indicates the skill level he has. 1 is privates, 2 is Sergeant, 3 is Staff Sergeant, 4 is Sergeant First Class and so on. In this case it indicates Kens rank, Staff Sergeant. The “P” indicates he was Airborne qualified.
The first thing that we notice that is off about the listings in block 11 is the position of the 2 MOS listings. When the Service member leaves their most current MOS is listed first, with other MOS’s held listed below those in order. So if Ken really was a 18B then that should be listed FIRST, with the 11C below it. Next we look at the years of service next to those listings. It indicates he was an 11C for 8 years, 0 months and a 18B for 2 years, 9 months. Keep in mind, those years cannot be run concurrent. You cannot hold 2 MOS’s at the same time and operate in both of them. So this means according to block 11 he was on Active Duty for 10 years, 9 months.
Now look at block 12. Block 12 lists the time he was in. It shows the date he entered the service, dates he left the service, time he spent on inactive military time (Guard or Reserve) and time spent overseas. Take a look at block 12C. That indicates the years he spent total on Active Duty…8. But wait, according to block 11 he should be in for 10 years and 9 months. Even if we add up the inactive time in block 12 we still won’t get a total of 10 years, 9 months. The time is off by 2 years and 9 months…the exact total time that Ken claims to be a SF Weapons Sergeant.
Now lets continue to blocks 13 and 18. These blocks indicate several things, but chiefly his military awards. When a soldier graduates the “Q” course they are awarded the Special Forces tab. It is considered an award and it would be listed in blocks 13 or 18. It is not listed. Neither is the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal that he claims to have either. Nor are they listed on the documents you get from the doing a FOIA request for his service records. In block 14 we see the military education listings. Since the “Q” course is a MOS producing school then it should be listed in block 14. It is not there.
In summary, Ken Aden is a liar and he is not, nor has he ever been, a Special Forces Soldier. The very school that produces SF Soldiers has confirmed this and even the documents that Ken Aden himself released proves this. What Ken Aden has done is lied to many people throughout the course of the latter part of his military service and the entirety of his campaign. He has used his status as a Veteran to gain the support of voters in the AR-03 Congressional District and used the Special Forces claim to solicit support in the form of peoples time, food and money. He has made claims of being a SF soldier and he is not, earning medals he has not and even claimed to have earned a degree that was proven false as well by the Arkansas State University.
For the Veteran Community this has nothing to do with politics. We will call out anyone who makes false claims about their service regardless of their political party. As Veterans we try to take care of each other and support each other. However, we do not tolerate liars and thieves in our ranks. Any time a Veteran wans to go off and do so then they are on their own. They will not get support from us but they will have their feet held to the fire by us. We will continue to press the issue until they admit the lie, and after we will make sure no one forgets it.
And finally, for you Ken Aden. You are truly a disgusting and dishonorable worm. The service record was one to be proud of. Infantry Staff Sergeant, multiple tours to combat and service with storied units such as the 82nd Airborne and 1st Infantry Division. However, you chose to tarnish not only your record but your Integrity by falsely claiming honors that you have not earned. Then you use those claims to gain the trust, money and support of people who wanted you to represent them before congress in the People House. And now when the heat is on you refuse to accept responsibility for you unethical and immoral lies and even refuse to address the questions raised by the very people that supported you. This not only makes a liar and a fraud but a moral coward and a con man. You are no better than the thief who steels from the good peoples wallets the hard earned fruits of their labor. You are a miserable sub-human that has no shred of honesty or dignity and you are NOT a brother to anyone in the Veteran Community. –Tim Huett

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Posted by Eugene Tackleberry on 07/03/2012 at 5:44 PM


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