Fog warning 

Fog warning

We must be coming to a conclusion to the health care debate in Washington. How do I know this?

The oil and gas companies have begun to ramp up their fog machine for the vote on energy policy that will follow the one on health. Over the next few months, as the health fog rolls out, a new fog of confusion will take its place thanks to groups like the American Petroleum Institute and the oil and gas companies.

Here is some good advice on the ads you'll see soon on energy reform:  WHO'S PAYING FOR THE AD.

(By the way this works well on the health issue too.) It's in light print somewhere in the ad.

Viewers soon find out that a large majority of the ads against any change or are against higher taxes or against change right now because of the economy are sponsored by the oil industry. The big dog will be barking long and loud over the next few days, so look at several sources to make up your mind on how our energy policy should be handled and keep your head clear of the fog that will be descending on radio, TV and in the paper. Then call Lincoln and Pryor and tell them your views.

Steve Heye

Little Rock

More at Leo's

A recent unsigned dining review said, “ … Leo's Greek Kitchen offered gyros and baklava, but not much more…”. This unfairly shortchanges Leo's, which also offers dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), hummus, falafel, Greek salad and other fine Mediterranean dishes.

Robert Johnston

Little Rock

Middle East peace

Thank you for publishing Gila Svirsky's column Oct. 15 on Israel. I wish she had mentioned the fact that Israel seems to have nuclear weapons. This must be of some concern to the neighbors.

The military aid we send might help to pay for health care plans.

Mary Keogh

Little Rock

Ready for radio

Talk show hosts keep saying that we need a free market approach to health care. I can see thousands of new insurance companies running to sign up sick, disabled and elderly people.

I am ignorant enough to be a talk radio host and know a little about a lot of issues. However, I just don't have the volume of nose hair or the voice required.

Steve Wheeler

North Little Rock

Spay and neuter

After reading about the group that is trying to save homeless dogs in Arkansas shelters from euthanasia by transporting them to other states, caring people may be wondering what they can do to prevent cats and dogs from being euthanized for lack of home. The answer is simple: spay and neuter.

Trying to find homes for animals in shelters is important and honorable, but we can't adopt our way out of our country's companion animal overpopulation crisis. Each year, 6 to 8 million animals enter shelters, and about half of them must be euthanized because there aren't enough good homes for them all. Spaying and neutering stop the problem at its source, by preventing countless animals from being born only to end up on the streets, in the hands of cruel people, or euthanized in shelters.

Lindsay Pollard-Post

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Norfolk, Va.

Partisan politics

In connection with the recent announcement of my candidacy for Pulaski County circuit/county clerk, one of the contributors to your Arkansas Blog asked whether I intended to step down as chair of the Pulaski County Democratic Committee.

This is a fair question. There is no Arkansas law or rule of the Democratic Party that prohibits a county chair from becoming a candidate for office. Having said that, I do believe that if another candidate files for this position in the primary I should take a leave of absence from the chairmanship, simply because I should “avoid even the appearance of impropriety” in carrying out my duties. Further, as a practical matter, as a candidate in a contested race I could not devote the time and effort to the duties of chair the membership deserves.

If the race is not contested I will continue performing my duties as chair until I take office. At that point, I will be presented with another situation where I believe I should avoid even the appearance of impropriety. My personal belief is that some citizens might question the fair-handedness of the person in charge of voter registration also serving as a county chair for a political party. Therefore, if elected clerk, I will not seek re-election as chair of the Pulaski County Democratic Central Committee.

Larry E. Crane

Little Rock



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