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Re: “A stand for public schools includes pushback of Huckabee/ Duggar connection

NunBunButIn the posts I just read above is the very and exact reason why Home Schooling came about! The inability of individuals to respect first; another human being that may have a different view, different FaIth, different values, different morals.

If the schools would remain true to teaching the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic then there would not be a need for Home Schooling! My children belong to me, NOT the government, the teachers or school administrators. For some reason our society has placed the responsibility of teaching and indoctrinating our children with views and values that are not our choice. Yet, the "Schools" our taxes also support will teach all other doctrines, philosophies, evolution, and etc., but REFUSES to teach conservativism, Christianity, and core values that this Country was established under.

I respect that other individuals have a different view of life, death, God, and etc. I and my children deserve the same respect. Many schools have removed creation from their curriculum, the Bible is no longer allowed in the classroom, libraries, The Pledge of Allegiance is NO longer allowed to be said in the schools, we do not see or teach respect for the cost our military men and women have sacrificed over decades for every American's freedom.

When this is all removed, how can a parent trust a government institution to not indoctrinate their children? Those as you refer to as, "Right Wingers" pay taxes just like you. However, their tax dollars ARE NOT represented in the public school systems!

Wake up America! The above comments insulting people because of their weight, size, belief system is just as discriminatory as issues we see each day in the area s of skin color, or as mentioned above, elitist and income!

These are not values that some of us want our children to be taught. Your skin color, your weight, your religion, your philosophical position should NOT prevent you from a good, solid education to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, history, computer sciences, art, music and etc. However, school systems across America think they have the right to choose what they instill in our children's minds. They do not have that right. Therefore, only choice left is to choose private education or home school your children yourself. If homeschoolers are paying taxes, which I am sure the majority do, but not benefiting from that money paid by them in to the school system, why are you criticising them? It is costing every household that home schools double because they have to set up their own classroom and purchase curriculum as well as pay their taxes, of which some is given to the local school district.

It would appear to me that there is more money in the coffers for those of you that place your children in public schools because those being home schooled are not utilizing those funds.

Let's reverse this, how many of you reading this post would be happy if our Government forced you to fund and provide tax dollars to fund private/home school education for families that choose alternative schooling methods? You would not like it. Well, neither do parents that are choosing private school or home school like it either!

This is NOT what the voucher system does. The voucher systems allows each family to take back their tax dollars to be applied to their child/ren's education! They are only asking for what is rightfully theirs!

There is a huge intolerance in this Country for those with conservative views. Why? I see it as discriminatory and an intolerance for those whom have a different opinion from those who consider themselves "liberal"

The schools need to get back to the "BASICS"! Leave the belief systems outside the school doors. Teach our children, I am referring to ALL our children, the BASICS. We have to get to a common ground here. If my child wants to carry a Bible to school, they should be allowed too! If your child wants to believe in evolution, that belief system you have taught them should be respected. There is a lot to learn in science. Just leave out the controversial sides and teach the other aspects of science,

Teachers should NOT be allowed to discuss or require papers and projects in the classroom that are controversial or discriminatory.

I am appalled at the comments I read above about people's looks, weight, description of their life style and etc. This is mean, hateful and insights bad feelings. These are the type of individuals that create the issues. Who cares if you are over weight. Does not mean that You are not smart, talented, creative or dependable. I have known many thin people that have no substance to their lives, they live off of welfare and the government, do not go to school let alone finish.

So what, if their daughter's do not wear pants. Is that hurting You? No, but Your comments are derogatory and hurts them. If I had a choice I would rather see my girls dress "conservative" like some of the families you critisized families over pictures I have seen recently of nearly naked clad girls, boozing, smoking and flaunting their bodies on the beaches during spring break. One young woman was group raped, right there in front if hundreds of people on the beach in broad daylight! That is not what I would choose for my daughter but obviously some parents out there Did!

These are the individuals that some of us do not want our children rubbing shoulders with. Namely, because these individuals, in our opinion, make poor choices for their lives. Does that make others wrong? No, it is our preference that our daughter's not be subjected to that type if teaching or behavior! Not wrong, just our choice!

My husband and I come from long line of teachers in our families. Some taught from the 1800's to date. They state that the change in dress code has hugely affected the deportment and conduct in the classroom. Why do you think so many schools have gone to uniforms? Not just to hide the economic position of families but to neutralize and tame down the lack of department in the classroom. A girl wears an ever too short dress, or daisy duke shorts....don't think young boys are going to concentrate on their lecture that day.

These are things that matter to what you call "right wingers". So, because you do not think like "them", they are wrong?

No, no one is right or wrong! It is about instilling good judgement, morals, character, tactile and cognitive skills, education and etc. in an environment that a parent feels best suits their family and especially their child.

Wake up America, where are we headed if our Country has come to the place that we judge individuals based on their looks, their preferences, and their FaIth system. People have the Liberty, the Right and the Freedom to be different but not excluded due to their variances. Nor should they have to pay twice for an education. Public School Superintendents, you don't want to bring back the basics, So you should have to lose tax dollars to those whom feel they need to educate their children with the BASICS.

No one should have to pay taxes and then for private education as well.

Why don't We hear complaints about 3rd, 4th, 5th generations of welfare families who never pay taxes but acquire not only a free education, it truly is free if you do not pay taxes, free meal vouchers, free uniforms, along with other government assistance programs?

Why is it always "right wingers" that are picked on?. Many of these individuals work hard, pay their taxes, law abide and contribute to many charities and volunteer opportunities. Well, my guess is that it would not be nice to pick on people that are on welfare. Well, guess what? It is not nice to pick on people that live, think and function differently than some of you do.

I feel sad that these blogs and posting sites have gone to being a place where American's can just annihilate each other because of different belief systems. I am not always right. Would I want my daughter out there half nude on a beach at Spring Break? Absolutely Not! Do I try and stop those that do? Absolutely not. The above point I made earlier in my post was only to show how different people come down on one side or the other.

Let's stop the "people bashing", the derogative comments about people's looks, their dress, their weight! Stick to the content of the story. Final point, there are a lot of over weight, non conformist dressers, radical, philosophical thinkers on the "left wing" side as well. I do not cut them down nor demean what they believe by the way they look!

America, what are We "TEACHING" our children when adults resort to attacking a person's belief via the way they look, dress, or choices they make?

It is time America wakes up and realizes we are examples to the children of America today. How will they treat the generation that follows them if we do not set the example for our children, today?

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Posted by ForLiberty on 04/21/2015 at 9:59 AM


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