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Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Oh, and I forgot to say, I love you Virginia McKean for your comments here, you are right on, as are Eric, Tom and Sally, and all the others who stand up to the barrage of garbage being thrown at them from the racing industry money grubbers. You all do it for no money too! Wow! What a concept! Just so I understand... you all rescue greyhounds and spend your own money or your rescue groups money to vet them and keep them after their "owner" has used them up and made money off them, but now that they are no longer profitable, they have no further use for them... is that about right? Business as usual in dog racing eh? Just shove the useless greyhound off on some overburdened adoption group or individual adopter. Does anyone else see something wrong with that picture!?? How do they get away with this and still say that they CARE about these dogs!? It's quite an amazing manipulation they have pulled off!!! But then, I guess they have to be good at lying to be in this business of exploiting dogs!

So bottom line is that it's all profit for the owners.

And it's only love that motivates the rescuers.

Which one would you trust your own four legged family members with?

Cyndi Rennick

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Posted by GreyAdvocateMom on 06/21/2012 at 10:37 AM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

Blah, blah, blah... what a bunch of hysterical children you racing people are! More of the same tired, old rhetoric. Note that the only people here that are defending racing are in the industry, MAKING MONEY OFF OF GREYHOUNDS! Well, DUH!!! Who would have thought?! LOL... It's funny, but I have never made a dime off of my rescued ex-racing greyhounds!! Hmmm... I SPEND money on them rather than MAKE money off of them. You see, there is your difference. Why is it so hard to see that?? It's quite simple really. And it's not only the rescue folks who see it, it's the general public too. We all realize that this "sport" is about money and nothing else. MONEY.

Joan is so right, it is a dying industry and those making money off greyhounds know it and are freaking out! They don't want to have to get a REAL JOB... oh my! That would be terrible!! LOL This is all so predictable. It's hardly worth watching them get their britches in a bunch about, but it is kind of entertaining... Say... why don't you all go race each other and leave the dogs out of it!!?? You say racing is so wonderful, right? Then why use dogs to do it!? Why not just get out there and run in circles yourselves!? Now THAT... I would pay to see... LOL....

My name is Cyndi Rennick and I live in Florida if you didn't know... although most everyone who's been around for any length of time knows exactly who GreyAdvocateMom is... a big anti-racing beeotch! That's right. No worries... I am not afraid of any of you cowards, thank you very much. You exploit greyhounds. I call you on it. Who's really the bad guy here? Ah, you are. My only error was in hitting the back button and having my message be submitted before I was anywhere near finished with it, which left if UNFINISHED. So get over it. Ask around, I am the farthest thing from "shy" that you have ever seen.

Some other racing freak said "GO AND SEE"... well, I have GONE AND SEEN... and dog racing is horrific and disgusting and should be characterized as criminal animal abuse and you should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of animal abuse laws.

Whoever whined an answer to the 90% adoption rate being a crock has nothing for me either. There is no proof. There is no proof of each and every greyhound that is bred, born, injured, killed and adopted out. NONE. Although there should be.

Don't kid yourselves. The only people fooled by you are the people just like you... people using greyhounds to make a living. Keep on drinking that kool-aid if it helps you watch your own dogs being injured or killed because you chose to race them. Oh yeah, that's love if I ever saw it.

And don't forget, I am Cyndi Rennick of Florida!!!

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Posted by GreyAdvocateMom on 06/21/2012 at 10:10 AM

Re: “Greyhounds put in harm's way so racino can prosper

I am absolutely disgusted to read about this person (Hogue) who started out rescuing a greyhound and ended up training them to race. How very ignorant, misguided and sad. I am shocked that this type of backwards thinking still exists in 2012... amazing. But I suppose that when you are making money off of something, it's in your best interest to deceive yourself.

The story says "That Hogue is an animal lover is unquestionable. Her photography website ( features hundreds of animal portraits: greyhounds, cats, horses, bison, the animals at the Memphis zoo. Her greyhound, Dazzle, features prominently."

I vehemently disagree. Just because you put pictures of animals on your website does not mean you love them. Loving them means that you care for their welfare and do everything in your power to protect them. Loving animals most certainly does not mean that you make a living off of their backs and exploit them rather than having to go out and work an actual real and productive job that contributes to the good of society, rather than to the bowels of it.

Oh, and that 90% adoption rate... what a joke. The racing industry has been saying that for years... I only have one thing to say to them... prove it. Oh, you can't??? Well of course you can't... because it's a flat out lie and also because you don't even keep track of what happens to these dogs when they are no longer profitable. No one is that stupid anymore. Get real.

One final mention, "what will happen to greyhounds?" someone early in the story asks... again... no one is stupid enough to fall for those out dated hysterics. What an utterly ridiculous concept. I mean, when dog fighting was banned did the pit bulls disappear? When cock fighting was banned did roosters disappear? When slavery was banned did African Americans disappear? Of course not. But they did finally have a chance to live their lives the way they were meant to, free from the cruelty, death and exploitation of being the host for the parasites that suck the life from them.

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Posted by GreyAdvocateMom on 06/20/2012 at 9:40 AM


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