Health care is a basic human right 

A Christian's first duty is to the hungry, the sick, the oppressed.

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In response to the Feb. 15 Arkansas Blog post, "The tight margins in the Senate make steep hurdle for continuation of the private option":

The very idea that health care is not a basic human right flies in the face of Christian values.

A Christian's first duty is to the hungry, the sick, the oppressed. That is where we find Christ.

We do not find Christ in serving the wealthy, the powerful, the ruling elite.

Unless you are reading a different Bible, one that states that greed is good, poverty is a character defect, and health care should be rationed based on income.

These small-town conservative "Christians" are the same people who crucified Jesus the first time. Religious hypocrites and wealthy politicians who hate everyone who is not like them, and believe that their money and their power are more important than love and life.

Paying Top Dollar for Legislators

Where are all those men (and women) of the cloth who should be lined up out the Capitol's front doors, demanding the self-styled Christians protect health care access and lives of those hundreds of thousands of people who will surely die as a result of these killers' political posturing?

These people are would-be killers, and for many of the idiotic voters of Arkansas, only the clergy has the power to stand up to those who would kill in the pursuit of their political goals.

These are life-and-death decisions, and we must name them as such. And we must name those who would choose death for the less fortunate as the would-be killers they are. The supreme irony, of course, being that most of these people-killers have gotten where they are by accusing others of being "baby" killers.

To paraphrase Madeline Albright, there's a special place reserved for these Pharisees in whatever hell they believe exists in the afterlife.

For the rest of us, we must stand up and publicly condemn them for their immoral and ungodly behavior. Public shaming is one of the few powers that we of the 99 percent still have in this 21st century plutocracy.

Black Panthers for Open Carry

I still think that these Bozos (with apologies to clowns everywhere) are just posturing, at least until the March primaries. None of them can openly support it before the primary. That way they can return to their voters and claim that they did everything they could, but they just had to hold their nose and vote for it.


In response to the Feb. 13 Arkansas Blog post, "Republicans face off in South Carolina debate":

How could any respectable, honest, well-meaning Republican not have been embarrassed and ashamed by this show of insults, accusations, bravado and bullshit promises? What has politics come to in the Republican Party? Contrast it with the last Democratic debate, which generally is acknowledged as one of the best discussions of issues in years. I sure hope the American people take note of the difference. However, I am afraid that most of the people who watch the Republican debates are tea party fanatics, who are just as bat-shit crazy as the candidates. Let me give a shout-out, however, to John Kasich, who refused to participate in the name-calling.

As Cato can tell you, however, this is retrogressive. This is what politics used to be like in the 1800s. So we go back to shameful times in our nation, and repeat mistakes all over again.


What's Trump gonna do next, pull the head off a live bunny just to see if his supporters will still love him? I think he's tried about everything to get booted from the clown car, so tonight he's trying sounding like a Democrat. He's drawing a few boos, but the rest of the crowd have turned down their hearing aids, still fascinated by the bizarre facial expressions and that dead animal on his head.


In response to the Feb. 11 Arkansas Blog post, "Why did the NRA endorse Goodson?"

The reason is obvious. Justice Goodson is facing an unprecedented attack from the media, the Chamber of Commerce, the Judicial Crisis Network and Arkansas business interests. Despite her appeal, John Goodson realized she was in risk of losing the election. He hates to lose, and he has a trump card in his cozy relationship with Sen. Tom Cotton. Cotton is a rising tea party and NRA star, and he or his office would be able to wrangle the endorsement for Goodson from the NRA. Goodson used his chit with Cotton by asking him to do him a solid. As powerful as the Chamber and Northwest Arkansas money is, the NRA is exponentially more powerful. The NRA endorsement is all Courtney needs to win and everything else between now and the election is just noise. Goodson knows it. Cotton knows it. And the NRA knows it. It is a win-win for everyone other than the citizens of Arkansas. The NRA now has a loyal chief justice on any gun-related issue that might come before the court, including product liability. Justice Goodson will be elected. Cotton knows Goodson owes him a favor and Goodson will deliver huge bundled donations in the next election cycle. And John Goodson has shown that he can overcome any political obstacle.

Puppet Master

Puppet Master, I catch your drift but it is probably not quite that simple. But her spreading the word about the NRA endorsement is a perfect case for a motion to recuse or more appropriately recusing because of her flamboyant advertisement of NRA endorsement. That is what I call transparent.

Laissez Faire

So I take it, with our new, wonderful "ethics" rules, Arkansas now allows judges to appeal to the NRA for endorsements? Somebody made the appeal. I just don't think the NRA suddenly said, "Hey, I think Goodson is a go gunner. Let's endorse her."

David Smith

I hereby nominate Brother Bob Ballinger for Stupidest Arkansas Legislator of 2016.

I'm curious, Bob, if one or more people die of food poisoning after eating food improperly prepared at this facility, can the facility claim that god made them do it or that god used the dangerous food preparation process to bring the victims into god's kingdom on his timetable?

Note: I realize it's early in 2016, and many other Arkansas legislators will do equally stupid things this year to qualify as nominees. There are how many ReTHUGliCON representatives and senators again?

Note 2: Gunslinger Jason Rapert is a standing nominee, therefore no single ignorant act is needed for him to be qualified for this award.

Sound Policy


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