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Re: “Jeremy Hutchinson's ex-girlfriend arrested for battery in scrap

Ok Jeremy, we all know you are NoOneYouKnow...in typical Jeremy style, you have no common sense to at least type different than you speak! It was like you were reading your blogs to me! Maybe YouKnowMeAsADouchebag would have been better.

Anywaysss, after reading your blog and letting everyone else in the office read your blog, we had quite a laugh! Reading how you actually tried to weasel your way out of all this.

Let's start with your first post...immediately attacking the innocent, the writer! Then turning it into a politicial thing, as most politicians do! The writer got a tip....what writer wouldnt meet about some slimy, sorry, "good man" politician? He obviously did you a favor not blasting you right when he got all the info...instead knowing the Hutchinson name, he sat and waited for you to make some dumbass mistake. Then he just wrote the obvious, the facts, buddy! You got beat up by your 5 foot 3 pizza mistress who beat you with an alligator head...haha...I laugh each time I picture her doing that and you actually calling the police! HA Ex-girlfriend, umm no Jeremy, she was your girlfriend....FIRST your mistress while cheating on your wife, then becoming your girlfriend because ya'll WERE IN LOVE! Let me correct that phrase...SHE was in love with the idea of money and "senator" fame, while you were in love with what she was giving up....in the parking lots at night, if I need to be specific.

Back to the cheating part....you make if sound so innocent, "an honest mans mistake" "a bad choice" "a brief affair"....Oh My Gosh, you cheated for over a year, do we need to Houston Nutt your ass and get the phone records? Do I need to mention how the whole affair was found out??? By the very men and women you walked into church with every Sunday, huh!!!! How fitting, Mr. Good Man Senator! I believe the PI told us he followed you to New Orleans with her, while your family "supported your trip to a big piece of land with other politicians". Im sure Ms. McGee would support the statement that there were probably more before her, too. You're right, thats "good man" behavior. THEN you call all us readers, stupid??? Ummm, who are the stupid ones again? The wife that supported you and helped you win your campaigns? Your kids who lovED you unconditionally and didnt know that when you called from out of town, your mistress was sitting right by you listening? All the voters who voted for you THINKING you were a different kind of politician...gosh, how stupid of us to wish! The congregation at church who thought they were lucky having a senator so kind represent them? Or maybe your family who thought you were an honest, good father/husband? Man, you had us all fooled, and it worked for a while, until GOD said "enough is enough". And boy did he put up with a lot!

In your next post, you lost all your marbles and brought up Clinton, ha! Clinton lied about a simple BJ, while you were going WILD with Ms. McGee over several states. How fitting to pull someone else into all the mess you created...and going after a democrat, ha, geez, always gotta be political! You can not even put your name in the same breath as Clinton, let alone try to even hold his jockey, his cup could be a boat for you. And just so know cause you have already jumped to conclusions, Im a republican!

Next post, you start asking your lawyer type questions: Why did she contact him? What kind of relationship did they have? blah blah blah Sorry, I still remembered your other posts and didnt take in consideration ANYTHING you stated, ha! But good try, lawyer school just paid for itself right there! There it is again "brief affair"....did you really just say you had to "defend" yourself against a 5 foot 3 woman, pssssttt, last time I saw you, you were lookin pretty large and encharge, buddy!!! And of course she got arrested, you're a senator, the police will always take your word over hers, thats a no-brainer! Two powers, being a politician and a cop, vs. your "ex"....whatever, Americans know how it all works, she didnt have a chance and thats why you called the police. "This is Senator Jeremy Hutchinson, my ex-girlfriend is out of control" end of story, you think all is right in the world....but little did you know we are are laughing at the headline news you and your "ex" made. The decision to call the police obviously wasnt made out of common sense, something you lack very much of!

THEN in your next few posts, you get busted and start getting pissed when someone calls you out on having an affair, haha, classic lawyer Jeremy....right there you blew your cover! Im sorry but video proves you were with Ms. McGee while you were still married, plain and simple! And Im sure phone records AND Ms. McGee herself would back the claim up too. Im sure your own ex-wife, and she legally is your "ex", has proof you had an affair....especially since we havent heard a word out of her when you got your "hush hush" divorce! I know why!!!! So you or your friend (notice there is no s) trying to dismiss the affair, typical lawyer behavior! "HE was attacked" "painful divorce" OMG, what man talkes like that???

Ok, so you arent the great guy you think you are...or who your "friend" thinks you are....I have facts, you have opinions! You have lawyer jargon, once again I have facts! I watched you fall off your high horse and get hit by a gator (McGee) on the way down!

So I hope you live happily knowing you broke one of God's sacred commandments....good guys dont do that....(Maybe even 2 out of the ten, like the one post said...campaign money and where it went to, hummmm)....knowing your kids are gonna find out about all your actions one day, thanks to the media and the internet...just type in "razorback and gator" and see what pulls up, omg......knowing you threw away a wife and kids for some trailer park, pizza making girl......knowing that YOU, not anyone else, created and let this happen...knowing you SUCK at making common sense decisions....knowing your kids will probably hate you when they get older because you keep getting worse and worse! When you were married, you dressed nice and "acted" like an honest man....then you turned into the next Jon Gosselin with you sporting "rad" Ed Hardy shirts and loafers! (Were those Bret Michaels jeans you borrowed? No wait, you couldnt have fit into his jeans, haha!) Or how about the 1st annual Stone Christmas photograph with you wearing the awesome Affliction shirt, I'm sure they framed that baby, in the trailer, above the mantel! McGee is quite the photog, I might add....might bite ya in the butt in the future, though!

Thank goodness the ex-wife took the kids to a different town with "the ex-girlfriend" running around bullying everyone with a perserved alligator head...how scray.....smart move on her part to get them away from YOU....I mean her! At least the kids have a great chance to not follow in their daddy's footsteps with their mother leading the way, I dont believe Ive ever read anything bad about her, she must be a pretty strong woman to deal with your antics and decision making! I believe on youtube you told us in your speech that she wasnt real big on politics......FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, haha! No other professionals act like they are above everyone else like you politicians do...well, evidently law enforcement types dabble in it too!

Oh and for McGee...ooohhh how smart that woman is, the things they must teach those girls in the trailer hoods! She played you like a fiddle, haha, and you had NO clue....she knew exactly what she wanted and she got it along with the evidence to prove everything! She watched you lie and manipulate us and she learned a lot...enough to manipulate your own self into a "finacial agreement" and her own condo, plus yours! LOL Makes me laugh so hard! And now you're so desperate, you get on blogs and try to defend yourself! What the heck is a US Senator doing on a blog, dont you have more important things to worry about??? Better yet, more persoanl problems...YOUR OWN CHILDREN....to worry about?? But instead your calling all your "friend" to be a blog-backer for you! Geez, how times have changed for you, Mr. Senator!

How low you must feel each morning you open your eyes and see the indentions of gator teeth on the side of your face when you wash your face...knowing you have no one to call that truely believes a word you say! We laugh at you when you try and justify the happening in your life....how crazy you have destroyed your once ideal lifestyle, for a life of crazy, alligator inspired, madness! But YOU CHOSE it, NoOneYouKnow!

Did you not take "Senator 101: mastering the "mistake" and how to cover it up" when you entered office? As a young boy following his expereicned political father into politics....did you not listen and watch what he did, no wait........YOU DID!!!!

Whatever you post in reponse, it doesnt matter! What matters in all this is that deep in your heart, you KNOW you are wrong.....and you know GOD knows everything....everything you thought know one would ever find out. In the end, its not what the public thinks, its what HE thinks.....and what WE know, heehee! We forgive but NEVER forget! As one of your 1151 FB friends, I read and know the truth....Ive seen it unfold! And if you want to go on the attack, I can give you more facts that these "stupid" readers can read and "lynch" you for...but only if you'd like.

Bottom line: You've made your bed, now "lie" in it! funny, huh!

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Posted by Hesa Lyar on 09/07/2012 at 9:38 PM

Re: “Jeremy Hutchinson's ex-girlfriend arrested for battery in scrap

Dearest NoOneYou Know....no wait, Im sorry, Dearest "Bay"...shoot thats wrong too....ummm, Dearest Batman, ugh, close.....one more time, Dearest Jeremy Young Hutchinson! LOL As I read your posts, and knowing you over the years....I could hear every word you wrote coming out of your mouth, Bbbbbbbbatman.

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Posted by Hesa Lyar on 09/07/2012 at 7:19 PM


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