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In response to an Arkansas Blog post about Secretary of State Mark Martin's failed bid before the state Supreme Court to compel Pulaski County Circuit Judge Alice Gray to rule in a suit that claims the state's voter I.D. law is unconstitutional:

Secretary of State Martin caused his own problem. This was bad planning and timing on his part. Being disrespectful to Judge Gray and the courts was a dumb thing for him to do. Martin needs to be a man and stop blaming others for his mistakes.


With all due respect, Mr. Couch Esq. [David Couch, Judge Gray's lawyer, who noted that Martin could have asked for an expedited hearing when the case was filed], well not really, what a crock of shit. Secretary of State Martin's attorneys had nothing to do with the delay. Your filing suit in February 2018 for a law enacted in August 2017 is the cause. This suit and the song and dance you are providing is nothing more than a calculated catalyst for creating turmoil for this election now that the Republican Party is the majority party. All you and your ilk want is an "aha" moment to set the stage for 2020 election rhetoric.

I was served a copy of your filing and it contains a lot of irrelevant verbiage and exhibits in a pathetic attempt to link the provisions of the current law with the previous one in 2014. Rather than be forthright and truthful, you piled it on to create confusion for the less informed. For example, Mr. Haas' affidavit complains his 2014 provisional ballot was not counted and the ACLU's two-cents worth refers to the number of 2014 ballots not counted. You totally ignored the cure contained in the current law, which I am pleased to have been a part of having included. The ACLU liked it when the bill was being considered; now has buyer's remorse. I spent eight hours adapting the state board poll-worker-training PowerPoint to Jefferson County workers and cannot go final because we won't know until the Supreme Court rules what will be asked for in May. This is not about counting votes. That safeguard is built into the act. It is about keeping 75 county election commissions off balance not being able to complete preparations, have printing done or training poll workers and seeing how much ink you can get with the hope of pushing your agenda in the General Election and in 2020.


In response to an Arkansas Blog post on a John Bolton's super PAC's use of information acquired by Cambridge Analytica from Facebook to benefit U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton's 2014 campaign:

It's not too early to start campaigning against Cotton. I don't know who it might be, but there's someone out there. Tom Cotton stole your information on Facebook. Ideally there is a veteran, enlisted, non-officer type, who can put a certain spin on what military officers can be like. And it can be put in an ad. It's easy to do ugly with Tom Cotton. Start in on him. Now.


Hey, maybe senator "war hero" will find enough character to disavow and return campaign donations tainted by the shady use of unsuspecting Facebook users.


"Psychographic messaging": Bolton is certainly a psycho who will likely have us in about three wars at one time.


In response to a story in the March 29 issue of the Times about the sale of the Donaghey Building to owners who say they'll convert the office building to residential use:

I believe the Donaghey Building was originally given to the University of Arkansas as a funding source. Now that it has come out the trustees sold it for $599,000 and a second owner sold it for over $5 million just 17 years later, one wonders if the trustees knew what they were doing? Especially when there was no improvements made after the original purchase. I don't think Mr. Donaghey would be happy with the results of his generous gesture to the college.


In response to Jacob Rosenberg's story on the difficulty of former inmates to renew their driver's licenses so they can go to work and a new law that provides help through Arkansas Community Corrections:

It's almost like we don't want these folks to be successful in their attempts to re-enter our communities and society.

Maybe we should consider putting a hold on the collection of past fines, etc., so that getting a job and housing will come first. Then pay back the fines over time without putting them deeper in the hole.

wannabee conservative

The ACC re-entry program was a blessing for me, as well. I was at the Covenant Recovery Center in Malvern and it helped me prepare for life on the outside. My ACC parole officers in Greene County also do a lot to help parolees in many different ways. They really make it easy for a person like I used to be to change into the person I am today.

Roderick Fitzke

In response to former Times reporter David Koon's writing in The Observer column that he has taken a new job (but will continue to contribute to the newspaper):

Don't tell me you are going to law school, David. That's what a lot of newspapermen do when they get the middle-age crazies. I have really enjoyed all of your work, and with all of your communication skills, you would make a good lawyer in the mind of this former newspaperman turned lawyer and now retired.


In response to the Times' review of Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Beer Garden in Hot Springs:

This is the best line I can remember reading in a dining review: As for the pie, the Dire Wolf was the Joe Pesci of pizzas — compact, brawny, menacing.

Big Fun

In response to an Arkansas Blog post about President Trump's claim that he will "make it up" to farmers hurt by his trade war:

Farmers helped elect him. They think he was talking about them when he said, "Mexico will pay." Wonder how long it will take them to realize he's not good with the truth. Maybe when their crops rot in the fields because he has destroyed the market and ability to harvest with his immigration policy.


Trump uses the smart pill scam. A traveling salesperson travels the country selling smart pills guaranteed to make you smarter. A customer buys a bottle of the pills and immediately takes some. Spitting out the pills, he says, "That must be rabbit poop," to which the salesman replied, "You're getting smarter already."

Traitor Trump is feeding the farmers a bunch of s**t.

Tariffs were a major cause of the 1929 depression.

Going for the record

In response to the Arkansas Blog's mention of Little Rock lawyer David Couch's preparation of a new amendment to the state Constitution that would allow the recreational use of marijuana:

Thank you, David Couch for what you do. I have no interest in smoking pot or eating calves liver or running a marathon or practicing autoerotic asphyxiation while Mag's at work, but I'm fine with other people who like these things.

Having spent a decade in the Get-You-Drunk industry, I've seen the dangers of alcohol first hand. Since having seen my first joint at the U of A in 1972, I have not seen the dangers of marijuana over the last 46 years. The only danger associated with pot is the danger of being arrested if you're caught with it.

No one has died due to the effects of marijuana. No wife was beaten to a pulp because her hubby was high as a kite. It does make driving hazardous. It does make me appear to be a Parkinson's patient in the final stages if I smoke the stuff. It was never fun for me and it was never my thing ... rum and Coke please!

The Money Addicts running our state ought to be for the full legalization of marijuana in Arkansas. Legalized, regulated and taxed, the marijuana industry would bring billions of dollars into the treasury while reducing the prison population. It says timber is Arkansas's number one cash crop, but everyone knows pot sales each year dwarf the earnings of the timber industry.

One would think in this Trump Cash Grab era, every state in the union would be passing marijuana legalization bills. And if a population ever had a good reason to get high and stay high ... now is the time!

Mandatory pot smoking for people flying the Confederate flag in 2018 ought to be the law of the land! Smoke 'em if you got 'em!


Last week's cover story mistakenly reported that there was a Moms Demand Action information table at Henderson State University in 2017 after the Women's March.



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