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Re: “Let the tax cuts expire

** How do you pay for tax cuts for the wealthy ?
1. First attempt : threatening Social Security and Medicare Cut through the deficit panel.
2. Second attempt : holding the desperate Hostage, say, the Ransom.
How long will it take for Obama to learn that we think compromise is a synonym for unconditional surrender, or another Bush-era?
** The deal based on the outright lies and supportive Dead Media will lead to another Bush-era & irreversible RECESSION.
1. The reps uses the recession as an excuse for tax cuts for the wealthy.
2. The Republican Senate minority leader has been arguing that the outcome of the midterm elections confers a mandate on Congress to extend the Bush-era tax cuts.
"There's bipartisan opposition to raising taxes on anyone at this time."
(a). Only 34 percent of Americans believe that tax cuts ought to be extended for those households making more than $250000 a year, according to a new CNN poll.
(b). A recent CBS News poll indicated that Only 26 percent indicated they support extending the tax cuts for all Americans regardless of income level
(c). In the AP-CNBC poll, 34 percent favor extending the tax cuts for all Americans.
(d). A recent Gallup poll found 40 percent favor maintaining the Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans.
3. The reps road the waves of deficit reduction just 2 months ago.
Now, 2 months later they are set to increase the deficit and increase the governments debt ceiling just so they can give themselves and their rich pals more money.
This isn't what Americans voted for.
4. Tax cut for small businesses.
A small business bill was blocked for weeks by a republican filibuster in the Senate.
5. Tax cut for job creation.
(a). There is no evidence that the tax cuts created even a single job.
Back when Bush was pushing his tax cut packages through Congress in 2001 and 2003, supporters said the cuts (which weren't balanced with spending reductions) would initiate an era in which the American economy would grow so robustly the nation would be running a surplus of more than $5 trillion at the scheduled expiration date. U.S. now runs a deficit of about $1.3 trillion.
In fact, the available evidence is the exact opposite:
Former President Bill Clinton left a record surplus and created 20 million jobs, despite the warning of potential economic disaster over tax increase for the wealthiest.
(b). Your Waterloo = our windfall.
Even when the economy was on the cusp of entire collapse just like Lehman Brothers ahead of the roll-out of stimulus package, it was held hostage by Audacity of Nope, and the time was running out.
Power first then said : Nope ! How do we pay for it ?, Just let it go under exactly like Lehman Brothers.
6. The GOP along with Big Business bought this past midterm election.
The structure that the last champion is authorized to pick the next match winner .
The ruling that allowed Corporate money to back Political Candidates destroyed the very fabric of the Elections and Americans are paying dearly for it.
The incessant barrage of negative campaign ads drove most Americans towards something they knew nothing about, the Republican­/Corporate take-over of the US. Millions upon millions were spent to defeat certain Democrats.
7. From my perspective, Communism & extreme Capitalism have one thing in common : Power First, Corruption at the cost of people !

Posted by hsr0601 on 12/06/2010 at 9:44 AM

Re: “Another bankrupt clown

Anger at These :
Gambling on Iraq Oil Again : A Drop in the Bucket Vs. Growing Population & Demand World-wide. The Age of Cheap Oil = A Thing of the Past.
1. At this time, it looks like the oil-friendly country is gambling on Iraq oil again, citing a big government & deficit, and therefore the world-wide stimulus package worth trillions and health care reform in America are now at stake.
2. Of the money by the money for the money is getting a society nowhere near prosperity.
Gambling on party of "no idea" is sure to be much like Throwing an Egg of Economy Against a Rock.
The outcome of government take-over :
1. In banking industry, the result of government take-over is big bonus parties backed by the tax-payer's invaluable cash.
2. In healcare reform, the outcome of government take-over is to dump ill children when needed most.
3. In oil spill, the administration should be held responsible for its deregulation, urging a big government
Chanting deficit :
1. Amid chanting deficit, the same old failed policy.
2. Amid chanting deficit, hands-off approach over huge trade deficit from oil money spill & trade imbalance with China from remorseless health care premium.
3. Unfortunately, as a direct consequence of remorseless health care premium, numerous folks have no choice but to hang onto affordable offerings, since one in two households is said to face a hard decision between necessity & drug.
4. Inaction cost in relation to health care reform totals $9trillion over the next decade.
5. Over the next 10 years, total Bush tax cut costs will equal $3.9 trillion, .... the tax cuts would increase deficits by nearly $4 trillion between 2005 and 2014.
The most critical debt : Personal Bankruptcy
1. The current recession came from Personal Bankruptcy largely as a consequence of the relentless health care costs, pain at the pump, and the subsequent subprime mortgage crisis.
Facig huge trade deficit from oil money spill & trade imbalance with China, the primary economic policy of previous administration was " spending baby "to the great delight of republicans' sponsors.
2. By comparison, the recovered stock market value alone, around $1.5 trillion, is nearly twice as much as the stimulus package, set aside all the other benefits.
As always, the republicans and unqualified media let folks locked in a box. ruling out the positive effects.
The most promising deficit-cut of government : Slashing the destructive war & military waste
1. Slashing the destructive war & military waste alone supposedly could be enough to balance the budget.
Energy Independence : An Only Way to Desperately-Needed Job Growth
1. My response to the question : where are jobs ?
In the trade deficit, exactly in the severe and persistent oil money spill, taboo of " do not add to the deficit" party.
2. Under the existing Bush tax cut for bonus parties, a sole job plan for the republicans, the country already saw millions of job cuts.

Posted by hsr0601 on 10/08/2010 at 4:03 PM


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