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Re: “Police: No charges yet in Park Plaza shooting UPDATE

I'm very classy but I always keep it real 95% of the white people that go before the planning commission an the city board get zoned, That's why Erma has someone there every board meeting keeping notes, you say civil I say discrimination, seem like you got some kind of input in my case cuz you sure got a lot to say, truth be told really it does not matter what you say my case will move forward so make sure you ride by an watch me go public, like I said read what I said an keep reading it, of course your going to agree with your fellow white friends because you've never been discriminated against. I WAS" those are the facts. Until then go talk to Erma an she's going to tell you the same thing so STFU who ever you are must be friends with them cuz you sure got so much to say.

Just know I am on it until then mind your business unless your going to live through my eyes an pay my bills shut up! Discrimination is a huge problem in Arkansas you don't nothing about me or what it like to be discriminated against this is straight discrimination so F--> what you think an who are you to judge Nobody cuz you go home At night an eat an sleep well cuz you have no worries, well I'ma a fighter an trust me somebody looking at my case by sides these jerks here. They should be scared cuz when it's all said an done I bet they pull those records too since you seem to think white people get turned away, no they don't they zone them, it's African Americans that are being turned away more than any other race. (FACT). Civil my ass, Federal straight discrimination. Drive around an do your homework count black businesses Vs white businesses, like I said it's not illegal for me to work out of my home. Look it up yourself you don't want to know the truth cuz your in the middle of it yourself "Shrugs" I know who you are. Lol! My case moving forward anyway no matter what you got to say..! I Love DC but Arkansas not soon! POW!! You an nobody else can stop what GOD has for me, but GOD can stop you..! Watch sense you think your GOD an can't be touch, I'ma let GOD touch you an watch your mouth drop to the floor..! By the way I don't do Hair get your facts right before you try to judge an run your mouth. Let me know when you want to pay some bills an taxes sense you know so much, until then help me fight for my rights, if your not STFU or look into my case make some calls let people know this young lady is being discriminated against, if not SHUT! Cuz you don't know what your talking about Mr. Well off who eats an sleeps well at night cuz he's never known what discrimination feels like or ever walked in my shoes. You ready to help me fight get at me if not F--> your opinion did your rights get violated? Well mine did..!

Posted by I speak the truth on 01/02/2012 at 1:09 AM

Re: “Police: No charges yet in Park Plaza shooting UPDATE

I'm not Going To say Names, But The Two Who Wrote The Comment About Zoning Do not Know What Their Talking About, it not illegal for me do Nails on my property, go to U.S. Licensing and Educational Data Home salons legal "Yes with a business license, The city took my license. As long as I know the truth it really don't matter who you two think,
My property rights have been violated
My Civil rights have been violated
I've been discriminated against
My Contiuing education rights have been violated

Neither of you don't know nothing about me, I worked hard an still do, I pay taxes just as you do, I started my business with my own money I saved so guess what I work hard, No One Is Calling the race card, it is racial discrimination, until you know what it's like to be discriminated against then STFU!
I went before the zoning board Sept 2007 denied
City board Twice denied
Board of Ajustment denied!

White male friends with the city board an zoning board, revised his property just I did Nov. 2007 they zoned him.
White Male March 2008 revised they zoned him too, so yes I can call it the card because I was discriminated against. I got my facts together now get yours before you two try to judge me, an Hell no I'm not letting this go, why so it can keep happening? Ima bring some light to it so it will not happen again. An for the comment about the racial comments that were made at my hearing then you should know yourself it's discrimination an most of the whites that go before any those boards they get zoned, this is the who's who state it's who you know.

I got the video's you don't, I live over here you don't, I know what I've been through you don't, I complied with the New DOD an truth be told I should have been grandfathered in, two black business owners get notice to vacate in the same month of April 2007 an both properties were sold to white business owners, after I was told by my landlord if he ever sold his property he would sell it to me an I had witnesses that heard him, he discriminated also, after bring that property to code an it sat there for three years vacant, 10 years of takin care of that property an putting $65,000 into the property, why wouldn't he sell to me.

So really it don't matter what the two of you think, stop stereotyping as if blacks don't work hard or don't pay taxes, SBA didn't help me start my business so I must have worked hard, guess my credit wasn't go enough, you crazy oh! Yeah my credit was perfect, Arkansas makes it very hard for black owned businesses to get anything, y'all talk shit about people being on welfare, in which it's more whites on welfare than blacks, so guess what I'm tell you two, I'm one African American that wants to work, a double minority with a business mind an I'm not looking for no hand out. It's 2011 going into 2012 why are African Americans still fighting for our rights? Because Arkansas wants to steotype all black in one class, y'all ain't no better ---> Very Small Minded yourself. Face it I can call it the race card cuz it's true! Straight discrimination..! Sorry y'all can't see past what's real, sorry y'all still living a sheltered life an will never know what it's like to be discriminated against, until then continue to live in your White world, me I call it how I see it, wake up cuz y'all don't Shit about life especially when it's been given to you your whole life with a silver spoon in your mouths..! F--> your opinion, I'ma get the last laugh. So STFU..! Ok

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Posted by I speak the truth on 12/31/2011 at 12:54 AM

Re: “Little Rock police statement on restaurant beating

I'm not speaking on how Mr.Erwin I am sorry that happened to him he didn't deserve that kind of treatment, I live in Hillcrest an I've seen first hand how ugly some of these police officers can be, I had a neighbor an her boyfriend harassing me, her boyfriend does not live on my neighbor's property, her boyfriend threatened to kill me twice, Nigger, why don't you just move, as a matter of fact I'll have someone to kill you myself.

My point is I had a officer that had been called to my neighbors house twice this officer also lives in this area, he was very rude to me an basically wrote the police report up the way he want to, I did comfront this officer of his rudeness, also he spoke with one of my witnesses a neighbor from across the street from me that did witness my neighbors boyfriend taunting me and video tapping me, but what this officer didn't do was talk to my witness that was sitting on my pourch who witnessed an heard all the racial slurs, an saw how my neighbors boyfriend was at the back gate harassing me. My witness was trying to tell this officer the neighbors were harssing me, the officer completely ignored anything my witness said, never wrote any in the report what my witness told him, instead he wrote the most awful report trying to make like he never heard a word my witness that was sitting there telling him, this officer was not nice to me at all, to me he was taking my neighbors boyfriend words an believed what he wanted.

This neighbor's boyfriend had threatened me twice in one month an my neighbor did nothing to stop her friends an boyfriend from harassing me, those were her guest I felt she should have ask them to stop. I've witnessed myself first hand how ugly some of these police officers can be an I've seen some very nice one's, the first time my neighbors boyfriend threaten me it took the police 3 hours to answer the call, those officers were nice, the second time my neighbor thought it was cute around her friends to call the police on me, by calling the police telling them I was playing loud music in the alley, but on that same night my neighbor accross from was having a party with very loud music, but because my neighbors were picking on or harssing me 3 car loads of police show up with one police officer being way out of line, Yes! I did tell this office he was being very rude an he was, I turn my music on to ignor the racial slurs, my music was not loud at all it may have seemed loud but the convertable top was down but wasn't loud.

I understand these officers have a tuff job, but get the facts before you start lashing out at someone who has done nothing to anybody, an if this officer had did his job by talking to my witness he would have known the problem was not me, it was my neighbor allowing her boyfriend to harss me. I've live in my house for four years, but have never bothered anyone an don't care to, but when my neighbor started dating this guy things changed because she was allowing her boyfriend to do an say awful things to me. I've only had problems with four officers on the police force an I'm nothing willing to allow any of the four disrespect me nor talk to me in any kinda of way, it's no need for that an it's was no need for any officer to put his hands on anyone, now if they are fighting the police that's different or being disrespectful yes hand cuff them an take them to jail. But some of these officers can be real jerks, I understand they deal with a lot.

Posted by I speak the truth on 11/11/2011 at 9:20 PM

Re: “UPDATE: City board approves McDonald's at University/Markham

By the way Stacy Hurst and Mark Stodola I complied in the right way, so please don't come with that "Well You Gotta Do It In The Right Way" One board member had the nerve to ask me if I've moved yet," I was like moved out of where" out of your house , I'm like no i am buying my house," she said well have thought about moving your business to 12th st." So I said Mrs. JA have you thought moving to 12th street"

I suggest that everybody read >
Hillcrest: The History And Architectural Heritage
Of Little Rock's Street Suburb especially page (6) not a lot has changed either!! Fact!!

It's funny I've been in my house four years, yeah! I had some harassment when I first move here, I got threatening calls, neighbors would walk by an stair, or say something smart, lil old bold white female couldnt hardly walk, said it's about time somebody is cleaning up this yard damn yard, we didn't say nothing out of respect, same female I helped get up because she fell two years later in front of my house on the side walk,
Oh! Hadn't been in my house yet good before the guys helping me move some things, where followed to the markham location an the man was calling the police on them an follow them from the van buren location.

Here another one, my family was over helping me move stuff in, all I can say go get the police report Sept.30 2007 just harassment, I'm going to finish writing my book in hopes that I get a movie deal, I might call it the month of April 2007, why because in the month of April 2007 Two African Americans got notice to vacate and both properties were sold to white business owners, I was there for 10 years, yes I ask to buy the property I had already put $65,000 into the property an bringing it to code and paid my rent on time every month, so why wouldn't he want to sell to me, I ask but he sold it to a white business owner. Same goes for the other african American 11 years, y'all want us out of Hillcrest that bad you would discriminate, faithful tenets sure you can sell to anybody you want, but that was plan dirty and lowdown.

Alrigt I'm going to finish some writing I'll think of a great name for my book,an by the way mayor Stodola I want my business license back it's keeping me from my continuing education an without my business license as a double minoriy my rights are still being violated. I know read you were for minority businesses owners and our education. Without my business license you've taken for four years of my business continuing education and that is not right.. I complied to the zoning laws. The vote was 4/4 you have full veto power why didn't you brake the tie if your some much for minoriy business owners, damn I should have been granfathered in I was already here in Hillcrest but you sure made room to granfather two after me.

I'm just saying y'all ain't right how do you sleep at night?
Mikki D's what about my livelihood?

Posted by I speak the truth on 10/05/2011 at 2:07 AM

Re: “UPDATE: City board approves McDonald's at University/Markham

All I wanted to do was nails, but my small nail business would increase traffic an crime, ahhh! Racial profiling racial stereotyping, Oh! By the way Stacy hurst an Mark Stodola it's not illegal I think you better read The U.S. Licensing and Educational Data, I'm still Trippin on how my civil rights and property rights have been violated for the last four year's. But two white people go before the board and voted right in, they go in Nov. 2007 the other goes in March 2008 them I go in Sept.2007, all three us complied with the new zoning laws, we all live in Hillcrest, I been in Hillcrest for 19 years, wanna know what's wrong with this picture? Wow! Cuz I'm African American an I'm a double minority and I'm not renting I'm buying.. On a resent police report I'm going to get evicted, I'm sorry but I will not be a victim on my own property, and I bet I'm not going to be called the N-Word nor be threaten of my life, nor be harassed or just plan lied on me, and surly because your friends with the Mayor don't make it right for you an your boyfriend to us racial slurs and threaten my life.

But it's all coming to a head soon, I will continue to pray, keep my faith in God, because no man can not stop what God has for his children who believe in him and his word. Please take Note God don't like ugly an your lies will soon come to light to back fire in your face.

Posted by I speak the truth on 10/05/2011 at 12:43 AM


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