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In response to Gene Lyons' column (available weekly at arktimes.com) "Global warming is real" (Dec. 14):

The only thing more worthless, false and wrong than global warming is this article. Why do liberals always believe the evidence for global warming but as soon as one of their leftist scientist claims it's a hoax, they are the crazy ones not to be believed? Bill Gray is a fine example of this. Liberals were the first to believe his hurricane reports until he recognized his own work as being useless. Weathermen can't even predict things week to week and yet a liberal is dumb enough to think that we can predict something 500 years into the future. While you're predicting the weather, why not give everyone some stock tips, health advice or something actually worth something? Heck, lets pull a "Back to the Future 2" and ask liberal researchers to predict who will win the next 500 Super Bowls.

This is nothing more than a way to tax and control people. Make up a fabrication in the sky and scare people into thinking they are going to die a slow painful death. This article mentions heat as a sign of global warming. How many famines over time have there been? And on the other hand, how many floods and time of rain have we had over the years including this past one? It's the weather! It changes from season to season and from year to year. Some years are hotter than others and some are colder. Do people not remember the mid-'80s when there wasn't a single snow day for several years? And then there were some.

Liberalism is nothing more than scare tactics wrapped up in a big ol' wad of tax increases. Trust in me, say the liberal snakes to the taxpayer. Trust us with your money while we feast on the fatted calf. The global warming effort will fade away and fail just as all liberal ideas do. Soon, there will be another thing to be fearful of. Another hoax to brainwash the people with. Another reason to rely on the government and do nothing until the sun fries them like an egg. Articles like this are soulless and wrong. That's all there is to it.

Finally, since liberals could care less about the national deficit and generations that will come after them to pay for it, why should they care about the future of the planet? You guys won't even be around. All the researchers wasting their time with lies about this will have been gone for years. Eat, drink and be merry, liberal. For the government tells you so.

B Rock Sucks

I have just about given up arguing the facts to global warming skeptics. My question for them now, is "Who is going to foot the bill for damage caused by the rise in ocean levels?" We have already spent a million dollars to move a coastal village in Alaska further inland. There is surely more of that to come.


In response to the post "Tom Courtway named UCA president" on the Arkansas Blog:

Let me see if I understand this correctly. Courtway was legal counsel during the last two presidential implosions and either (a) looked the other way while shenanigans were occurring, or (b) didn't know enough to get in that information loop and put a stop to it, and now he's the most qualified person to lead a troubled institution?

Past performance is the best predictor of future performance, and the good old boy board of trustees got them another good old boy who will go along to get along. What a sad joke. The inbreeding continues.


Don't know Mr. Courtway, did not attend UCA, but in order to be above suspicion, an outsider would be the logical next step after TWO past presidents being either convicted or investigated.

Not Mr. Courtway's fault but Lu Hardin and his little Napoleon complex of giving all kinds of tuition and housing favors to "connected" non-deserving students taints any local applicant.


The last president WAS an outsider.

Courtway has stepped in twice now and cleaned up the messes left by his two predecessors. My impression is that he is a humble man, not demanding the kind of salary and perks of others in similar position. He appears to be highly competent and apparently enjoys the enthusiastic support of the faculty, students and administration.

Of course, we could initiate the kind of "nationwide search" that generated Allen Meadors. Personally, I think I'll stick with Courtway.


I think this is a good appointment. Everything I have read and heard about him is good. The best indication that he will be good for the school is his lack of demands for taking the job. The Board should have been suspicious of anyone who came in with the demands that Allen Meadors had. Both of my kids went to school there and so I have a real interest in seeing the school get over the past two presidents — Hardin and Meadors.


UCA couldn't have asked for a better president than Tom Courtway. He taught one of my master's of accounting courses. He has a strong knowledge of financial background, and he knows how and when to research if he is not 100 percent certain on his answers. He is a great person with outstanding character. Cheers to Courtway for this accomplishment.



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