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Re: “Infantile Antifa

Dear Mr. Dead: My, you seem to be so incisive in declaring You know everything about white Christian males, not to mention every other dolt who may have voted for Trump. So sure you are right - morally right. I only wish you would turn that microscopic lens on yourself.

Why would you ever support Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate? For what? Have you studied what she did as secretary of state - the slaughter of innocents in Libya - posters get mad when I bring that up - but no one has ever responded - THAT can be ignored. By such intelligent, educated,morally superior individuals, no less. Ha.

That is what smug, self-righteous people - on Both Sides do - they KNOW - oh how they know, what is so wrong about everyone else - how about getting down off that pedestal you love - and show some humanity. Because you, yourself, are bigoted - how dare you categorize ALL people who voted for Trump as you do. The old deplorables, so to speak. Hillary Clinton was a deplorable candidate - no matter how much Gene Lyons is enamored of her - and SHE ran a stupid, stupid campaign - so much for her supposed political acumen. And she continues to blame everyone else for failing to become president.

I am a woman, a feminist, and I would have never voted for her. I investigated HER background. Stupid, stupid Democrats - my former party - so eager to denounce everyone - everyone - who disagrees with them. So easy to concentrate on ONLY those selective groups that qualify - and forget everyone else. No, not forget - just continue to slam others. I toured Wisconsin - I saw good people - doing whatever they could to survive - helping each other - families - and she ignored them. So easy to be so sure you see EVERYTHING clearly - so easy. Some issues are complex - not simplistic, use your exalted brain.

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Posted by Investigator of both sides on 09/09/2017 at 11:12 AM

Re: “Infantile Antifa

Go read the comments when aol, for instance, posts an article on the alt right Or or the alt left. So very depressing.

My conclusion - there are rageful crazies on Both Sides - some identify with the right - some identify with the left. Scary vulgar language. I used to believe that those who identify with liberals, the left, would never stoop to such scary, vulgar language. No longer.

Both sides should condemn this "the end justify the means" mentality. Again - disturbed people - on both sides.

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Posted by Investigator of both sides on 09/08/2017 at 1:39 PM

Re: “What happened

Oh, do let me quote Gene Lyons, " ... it became a familiar pattern. Hillary Clinton was arrogant, corrupt, deceptive essentially a brass-plated bitch. Each time the actual evidence revealed no real crime, her detractors simply moved on to the next damned thing. It was like something out of "Lord of the Flies."

How about this: " ... it became a familiar pattern. Donald Trump is arrogant, corrupt, deceptive essentially a brass-plated bastard. Each time the actual evidence revealed NO REAL CRIME, his detractors simply moved on to the next damned thing. It was like something out of "Lord of the Flies." And folks, that's gonna happen - just watch.

Oh, but that's different - ain't it. I will state something else - Donald Trump is a moral scumbag, Bill Clinton is a moral scumbag, Hillary Clinton is a moral scumbag. Look what Donald Trump did to women, look what Bill Clinton did in the OVAL office while he was president, and look at Hillary Clinton being the architect of a policy that ended in the slaughter of innocents and continues today. Or rather Sidney Blumenthal was the architect - and she listened and became his shill. Or rather Tyler Drumhill was the architect, Sidney Blumenthal was HIS shill and Hillary Clinton just lapped it up. Interesting Drumhill died right before he was to testify. Pancreatic cancer. What a coincidence. None of what these three did is morally right.

But Lyons can forgive and forget so much - if it suits him. Keep braying from astride that white horse. Like so many others - he didn't become the darling of the White House - and can't give it up. And I'm accused of always bringing up Hillary Clinton - read his column again. Oh, but he is so fair - yeah, right. And the proverbial pigs will fly tomorrow. Look at both sides - that is incomprehensible to him.

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Posted by Investigator of both sides on 08/31/2017 at 6:41 PM

Re: “Why Charlottesville happened

Oh Kate - I know I am a racist - I have subconscious, implicit racial bias. I used to think I wasn't - my god, I marched for civil rights - but then I took the test in Malcolm Gladwell's book, "Blink" - and what was appalling was you could take the test over and over - knowing the questions - and the result was the same - if you honestly answered with the very first thing that came into your mind. So I don't need a lecture from you with the common generalizations about all people who disagree with you.

So I want to ghetto-ize the blacks on the south and west sides because I said cops should re-instate stop and frisk and put a curfew in place. These are war zones - innocent black people are terrified to go out of their houses - for anything - but that you counter with - oh, people are working on this problem. Fine, - but, again, what about TODAY. Every day the newspapers have stories about innocents being maimed or killed - you say - oh just wait - there will be answers - in the future.

Of course there should be police reform - and it has started - but that is just one part of the problem - why not the other part - black people are getting killed by black gangs. Nothing is happening about that today - and the mainstream press ignores that too. It's always - oh it is a complex problem, people are working on it - and it just goes on and on.

And what about the shooters? I can only tell you my reaction - the day after the 3-year-old boy was paralyzed, a story ran about the apprehended shooter - a 21-year-old gang member. I looked at his mug shot - he looked so young, and so very scared. He had not been aiming at the boy - but at another gang member. All I could think about how black two lives had been destroyed - the shooter's who will be put in prison for a very long time - and the boy who will be in his own prison for life. Just maybe those two lives would have different outcomes if the shooter was stopped - OK, maybe for nothing - and his gun was taken. Or if there had been an enforced curfew. Just maybe - but it is something - not nothing - not just generalizations about sometime in the future.

Again, these are war zones - people are terrified to leave their houses - businesses are scared to start local businesses - high-performing teachers do not want jobs there - it is too dangerous.

All I want is for people like you to realize, yes, how very complex this problem is - fine, care about social injustice - how about a bleeding friend - a line from HAIR song. So appropos. Why let these blacks live these lives - oh no, just forget about them - which, basically is what you are doing. You are too busy passing the buck and accusing anyone who disagrees with you that they are, at heart, Nazis and Klansmen. All I suggested was employing stop and frisk again and maybe a curfew - but you come back with the same old, same old. And that my dear, is not only slim y but grotesque.

One more item - oh how wonderful you, of course, and those like you, want to work for gun control to get guns out of the hands of dangerous people. How noble of you - and I mean that - but that tipping point was reached long ago. And I blame the Republicans. When we could have stopped this hemorrhage of guns - I believe no citizen should have a gun - has long passed. My god, soon anyone will be able to 3-D print a gun. And I cannot fault the good people of these areas wanting to own a gun now - no one else is really helping them protect themselves in the course of a day.

So that's it - and if you think I said vitriolic things - you should read what others on the side of the angels have called me. Yes I was mad, I am still mad - but all I want is for you and others here is to just investigate both sides. If you are challenged - we are not all Nazis or Klan members at heart. The End. Phew.

Posted by Investigator of both sides on 08/29/2017 at 8:18 PM

Re: “Why Charlottesville happened

Oh, Kate - there are no easy answers - so just don't deal with it, right? How moral. Sleep well. I'll tell you one easy answer - let the police do stop and frisk again - to anybody in those areas. Instill curfews in those areas. These are war zones.
We raised our kids in a rich, mostly white suburb. BUT if carnage like what is happening every day had occurred - I wouldn't have blinked an eye at my 17-year-old son being stopped for anything - and I mean anything - maybe it wouldn't be fair - but he would have to deal with it in order to stop the mayhem.

Yes, standing up for rights for the disenfranchised is so very noble - and so very easy - but innocent African-Americans are being shot, wounded or killed every damn day - and something has to be done. Cull the bad cops - but DO something - the gangs now rule. And they are spreading all over. And to simply say, "There are no easy answers," as the rest of the mainstream media also says over and over, is slimy beyond belief.

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Posted by Investigator of both sides on 08/28/2017 at 7:50 PM

Re: “Why Charlottesville happened

In Chicago the innocent blacks on the south and west sides are being shot and maimed or killed every 24 hours. Last weekend, there were 8 murders, 30 people shot.These people are terrified to sit on their front porches, terrified to go to the store, terrified to let their kids play outside, terrified period. Little kids are living in what has become a war zone. Gangs rule.

What about the innocent blacks. No, you in all your self-righteous zeal, along with Black Lives Matter, can just ignore them. It is so very easy to vent yourselves on these posts - so you can feel superior - get down to the nitty-gritty and what solutions can you give. The stock answer is give these thugs jobs -- another cop-out - who wants to bring new businesses to these areas - when employees get shot going to and from work? Why not any compassion for THESE black Americans who are being terrorized every night and day?

I am not black, but I am a mother - the horrendous acts of violence against innocent children - sicken me. And they sicken the innocent people living in these war zones. What is the solution TODAY??? So no stop and frisk, no nothing the police can do. And all of you, in your smugness, can just ignore the innocent blacks - how very easy and how revolting. Tell your smugness to Devon Quinn - a 3-year-old black child who was shot and paralyzed - paralyzed - last year . How do you tell a three-year-old he will never run and play again?

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Posted by Investigator of both sides on 08/27/2017 at 5:37 PM

Re: “Friday: The open line and the daily news roundup

Dearest Ms. Bates: You are hysterical. In both ways - too, too funny - and your rants are beyond normalcy. Do you realize how truly goofy you sound in post after post. Why not try to condense your screeds into rational thought - my god, who is narcissistic here? You, sweetie.

Yes, certainly a case can be made against trump - but the Democrats, my erstwhile party, brought this all upon themselves. Hillary Clinton as president? I am a woman and feminist - but never her. Never. And no matter how much you blab on, nothing will change the fact that she shouldn't have been the candidate. Dangerous.

Do calm down. I know show biz and, my goodness, I'm sorry you have not been successful - maybe as Lady MacBeth - start washing them hands - hysterics might work in that role. Probably not.

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Posted by Investigator of both sides on 08/26/2017 at 8:08 PM

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