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Re: “Topless Texas twosome take on gun toters

Hackett, the state police determined that those licensed to carry are trustworthy (not to mention firearms instructors, passing a federal background check, and submission of fingerprints to ease identification should a CHCL holder actually commit a crime). How many offenses have been committed by those licensed to conceal-carry in comparison to those who are not licensed? Also you describe the act of threatening in your first post, but your second post, while a genuine concern, does not present a threat as mere possession is not the equivalent to the intent to use it unlawfully.

Doigotta, you assume to know the context of the crime. My wife was calm when she asked (not begged, your assumption) the aggressor to stop, giving him the opportunity to do the right thing. Instead, he chose to try to become violent - that is until he became aware of the fact that he wasn't going to harm anyone, but was risking his own life by trying to do so. You were able to defend yourself, which is great, but a firearm can afford protection to those who may not be able to physically defend themselves.

I'm not saying that the world would not be a better place without the need for weapons, but the cat's out of the bag on this one. Weapons will be a part of our world as long as there are people out there with the intent of doing others harm. But, there are two ways any weapon can be used: to harm or to protect. Yes, there are risks associated with it, but the necessity of it depends on each individual's personal situation - and no one is really in the position to make that decision for someone else. It, as well as all other freedoms, should be limited in the smallest amount possible.

Posted by James Hurst on 08/05/2014 at 12:32 AM

Re: “Topless Texas twosome take on gun toters

Doigotta: Way to blame the victim! I mean, the victim was obviously asking for it! The aggressor was set on harming someone and a gun prevented him from doing so. This singular instance is justification for carrying a weapon and is evidence which supports the standpoint that there are times when a gun is needed.

and Hackett, if someone threatens you with a gun, it is assault with a deadly weapon - a crime.

I do find it interesting that a number of you commenting on this article were critical of (or hostile toward) us - not presenting facts or logical reasons why guns should not be carried. The only real point presented concerned the Old West, though is not really applicable due to the contextual differences between carrying a weapon at that time and carrying one today.

Oh and our political viewpoints would not clearly fall into either the red or blue categories, as they depend on the topic being discussed and not party lines.

Posted by James Hurst on 08/04/2014 at 8:27 PM

Re: “Topless Texas twosome take on gun toters

I suppose none of us are responsible enough huh. So when your bubble of safety bursts, no one will be able to protect you. At least a 20 minute response time. Do you realize we have so little resources in Little Rock that we are lucky to have 5 police patrolling?Hurricane Katrina??? Life happens everywhere. No we do not need a rifle strapped to our side. I have been called all kinds of things because you have an opinion. I suppose you live in the HEIGHTS, HILLCREST, or down CHENAL, and if you do not need a gun great for you. Again I am going to say if you have never been a victim of a violent crime, or think it does not happen, you shouldn't even be on his thread.

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Posted by James Hurst on 08/04/2014 at 3:08 PM

Re: “Topless Texas twosome take on gun toters

Sound Policy: Yes, the video depicted both sides as in-your-face. I do love how you choose not debate my points, but to attack me... it speaks quite highly of you.

No, I didn't watch western movies or tv - I didn't have cable nor regular access to television as a child. And no one knows when I carry - so no, I do not carry to impress others. If I'm looking to impress someone I'll tell them all about how I'm working on my doctoral degree in criminal justice - so I know far more on the subject of crime than a large portion of the populace.

I do advocate open-carry(for pistols, carrying a rifle is inappropriate in almost every scenario possible), primarily because it would allow for easier identification of those who are carrying.

Yes, there are those who would abuse the right to bear arms, just as there are those who abuse all other rights. Bearing and flaunting (or the more appropriate term "brandishing") are starkly different.

There are several reasons I carry. The first is that there were several times I was placed in imminent danger prior to owning a firearm, and since owning one (and starting a family) I have had to use it to protect my family from someone who threatened their lives. Thankfully, the aggressor backed down... and fled the scene prior to the police's arrival.

It is a right, I have the choice to exercise it. Just like freedom of speech, everyone has their own opinion and can choose to voice it. You can have your belief about guns and I have mine. The second amendment is just the guarantee that allows us the option of having weapons to protect ourselves if the scenario ever presents itself.

Here's an interesting question: If this right was not important, why did it come before rights such as search and seizure rights?

Another question: if nothing good comes from guns, why do police officers carry them?

4 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by James Hurst on 08/03/2014 at 9:10 PM

Re: “Topless Texas twosome take on gun toters

Okay... first the ability to bear arms is a right, as it is a part of the Bil of Rights. Flaunting of the chesticles is not a right but merely is not illegal in the circumstances shown. BIG Difference! Second, are we really going to say that open carrying is tantamount to challenging everyone to a gun battle? That would be like saying that a woman dressing provactively is inviting herself to be raped. Yes people may, and do, say both - but it is a faulty logic in both situations.

Obviously, those depicted have a loudly-voiced opinion, but little to no knowledge of the other point of view on the matter. The police typically make reports and do investigative work regarding crimes both violent and non-violent. Everyone should be able to protect themselves and a firearm is a very easy way for a 100 lbs woman to be able to defend herself from a 200+ lbs man, from whatever his intent may be. If you are afraid of a weapon (or anything for that matter), you should learn more about it as you may find a lack of reason to have such fears in the first place.

A vast majority of those who do carry have reason to, and many of those would step in to help a violent situation if one were to occur in his/her presence. I know of several individuals who have had to use their firearm in defense of themselves and others.

I myself have had to use my firearm to defend my family from someone intent on injuring them... and police response time was still more than 15 minutes. The incident occurred outside of our home and my wife and children would have been gravely or severly injured had I been disallowed my right to bear arms.

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Posted by James Hurst on 08/03/2014 at 1:25 PM


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