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Re: “Orlando boycott urged

Wow, what ignorance by our local leadership.

While Zimmerman should have listened to the 911 operator, the knee-jerk reactionaries are amazing. Consider the the Black Panther $10K Fatwa, Spike Lee twittering Zimmerman's address, Sharpton calling for any means necessary for justice, and Obama using this as another poor example of a "teachable moment" (He's batting 0.000 on those).

No wonder witches were burned in Salem. Our citizens are gullible and impatient.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Martin appears to have been a gang banger (this from far left leaning MSNBC) and came up from behind and knocked Zimmerman down with a single punch and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times — an account that police said witnesses have corroborated,

Martin was also suspended for 10 days from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in Miami for possession of an empty marijuana baggie. His latest double "F-U" photo doesn't look anything like the 9 year kid photo that the media chooses to use.

Right or wrong, the evidence at the time showed that Zimmerman was the victim and was not charged. While that may change, everyone needs to settle down and let justice run its course.
Eat some fruit or something.

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Posted by Jridd3 on 03/26/2012 at 4:55 PM

Re: “If the economy is getting better, then what?

Ron –

National Debt:
It has increase $4 trillion under Obama and it will be $5.3+ Trillion when he is done. More than Bush in 8 years. This spending is 180 degrees from his campaign rhetoric. Our credit rating dropped for the first time ever. He hasn't even tried to seriously trim budgets.

GM's Cinderella Story:
Jobs were saved but the preferred bond holders lives were destroyed - health care plans & GM savings were erased in favor of the unions. They changed the terms of the contracts for political benefit and gross favoritism to his union buddies.

Reid wouldn’t allow Obama’s budget to even be considered. We are looking at 4 budgets under this administration that have not been approved. This is the worst of any President.

$2.4 trillion:
This is the impending increase to the debt limit. That is half of the debt added by the economically incompetent Bush over 8 years in 1 single year by Obama.

It isn’t conjecture – Dig into the BLS reports, do some research. The numbers prove numbers that workforce participation is dropping rapidly.in direct contrast to the rosy unemployment numbers

Here, since your would rather argue based on emotion than facts, let me show you:

Govt. Aid:
Look to Finland’s quick turnaround by weaning those off of the Gov’t teet and went from a debt & recession to prosperity in relatively little time.
People need a Job and this administration has done little to stimulate job growth, at least outside the Gov’t. payroll. The far left has made “Capitalism” a dirty word to further their socialist agenda.

This administration is following the Cloward-Piven model to socialism to a tee and the Kool-Aid drinking sheeple blindly make excuses based on “feelings” rather than facts. Either that, or point to Bush’s economic failures as some lame form of rational to spend at twice the rate.


Now, let the obama zombies whine,...

Posted by Jridd3 on 02/19/2012 at 11:33 AM

Re: “If the economy is getting better, then what?

The economy is improving under Obama?
Can anyone dig into the numbers?

National Debt:
> Skyrocketing under Obama, more than twice the rate of the pitiful Bush era ($5.1 trillion and counting).

GM's Cinderella Story:
> Still owes taxpayers $27 billion. Made $7.6 billion thanks to a tsunami, and is giving employees $7,000 each rather than paying back Uncle Sam

> $1.3 trillion deficits every year (no budget have been approved)

$2.4 trillion:
> The amount Obama wants to borrow and spend from 8/2/11 through 11/6/12. It is the same as we borrowed and spent to fight the Axis powers on two fronts from December 7, 1941 to August 15, 1945.

> The “rosy” numbers do not reflect workers bailing out of workforce. Worker participation is dropping at a drastic rate and it isn’t the baby boomers retiring (the over-55 rate is actually increasing).

Govt. Aid:
> 14.2 million new people have joined the food stamp rolls since Obama took office
> 67.3 million Americans, (~22%) rely on the federal government for housing, food, income, student aid, or other assistance once considered to be the responsibility of individuals, families, neighborhoods, churches, and other civil society institutions
> At $2.5 trillion each year and growing, that is more than 70% of all federal spending
> Americans who rely on government receive an average $32,748 worth of benefits. This surpasses the average American’s disposable personal income of $32,446.
> No wonder people are dropping out of the workforce.

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Posted by Jridd3 on 02/18/2012 at 3:29 PM

Re: “The truth about Watergate's Deep Throat

Sound Policy -

Since Wide Receiver just came to light with more documents forthcoming, I would agree with prosecuting anyone who was involved. To heck with partisanship, Bush was not a fiscal conservative so there is not a lot of love lost there. Surprised?

As for hanging around the board, I like to post rebuttals to some of Max's articles because Max despises law abiding gun owners and the sheeple need an opposing point of view to stimulate brain development, even if most of you refuse to shift your paradigms.

I do have a standing offer to place a nice sign in Max's yard indicating his position on firearms.
> Anyone think he will take up the offer and stand by the convictions that he screams from the rooftops?

BTW, I doubt it is possible for you to make me jump. Having read a few of your posts, slinging pathetic insults at anyone who opposes you position without evidence to back it up is not very intimidating and just plain childish.

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Posted by Jridd3 on 02/14/2012 at 5:50 PM

Re: “Annals of gun nuttery

Great idea Lorenzo -

> Max, you want us to bring a sign by for your yard? I will get a real nice one made, I promise. We don't want to drop your home value or tick off your POA.

Otherwise, I guess Lorenzo is right - you are a craven coward and are afraid to declare your self defenseless. Don't worry, I will leave my pistols in the car.

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Posted by Jridd3 on 02/14/2012 at 4:28 PM

Re: “Pulaski District to cut jobs, seek employee givebacks to balance budget

There are no simple answers.

Yes, John Walker milked us for millions in the school desegregation case. The School board is full of several with little competence and obvious political agendas.

And I am pretty sure that if you cut Football & Basketball, you will indirectly increase crime. Reference the increased player performance requirements in the 80's - it almost killed Football & Basketball in central Arkansas and gang activity grew at an exponential rate.

The facilities are already in disarray from continual vandalism. Who here feels safe going to an event at their child's school? We should not have metal detectors at schools and pay officers to maintain safety.

I placed my son in Forest Heights years ago and it was a circus - it was supposedly one of the best schools at that time.

It is time parents get involved with their schools or face charges on child abuse/neglect.

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Posted by Jridd3 on 02/14/2012 at 4:22 PM

Re: “The truth about Watergate's Deep Throat

Breaking in to a campaign HQ compared to supplying guns to criminals and drug lords,...
Watergate is nothing compared Fast & Furious.

Too bad that prosecution of Holder (& Obama?) would be deemed "racist" - It will never happen.

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Posted by Jridd3 on 02/14/2012 at 3:57 PM

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