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Re: “Mark Pryor, the NRA's friend, opposes debate on gun bill

This is almost comical to me, You guys want "Universal Background Checks" and also claim to own firearms.

We already have background checks, if you go to gun store and buy a gun from a gun store, gun show vendor they run background checks.

If i was a criminal and looking for a gun, I would buy it from another criminal, or I am just going to steal it.. So how would a background check stop that?

How are these background checks going to be enforced? Honor system? hey you did you get a background check on that gun you comitted that crime with? Really?

How would a cop know I had a background check with a national database registery, with all of my information and serial numbers to check it against.

I am all for background checks, we already have them.. I am not for Universal background checks where there is a registration of all my information into a database.
You will have a database for non criminal gun owners, while criminals pass guns around like a Secret Santa office party..

If the government doesnt plan on taking away my guns, like you guys have stated.. then they dont need to know what guns i own.

Not going to even comment on the ammo registration? Really?

You cant have what they are calling "Universal Background Checks" without a national registration database. Which will only effect law abiding citizens..

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Posted by Kplum on 04/13/2013 at 12:54 PM

Re: “Mark Pryor, the NRA's friend, opposes debate on gun bill

We may not agree, you have a right not to want guns.. That's fine, just don't take the right from me.. I think we have exploited enough gun violence, even though we exploit it seems to continue. I think everyone can agree Sandy Hook was awful, and gut wrenching.. I was sick to my stomache.. i feel we failed those kids, they were not safe.. Want to know another place that is vulnerable to attacks? Hospitals. Be Safe!!!

One last thing, Yes Nugent might be a little extreme.. Ok..
But you have Joe Biden leading this thing, he says buy a shotgun and shoot warning shots in the air in case your attacked.. That will scare them.. That's not only negligent discharge of a firearm, it's also illegal..

Thanks for the discussion

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Posted by Kplum on 04/12/2013 at 8:04 PM

Re: “Mark Pryor, the NRA's friend, opposes debate on gun bill

DBI we are going to have to agree to disagree, you say blame Reagan for no mental health system then give me an example of how the mental health system worked..
I don't understand where the NRA is responsible for no enforceable laws.. Everytime I go to a local gun shop to buy a gun I have to fill out paperwork.. If you don't have a CCP your are background checked and have a waiting period before you take possession.. What else do you want law abiding citizens to do?? Instead of reading the headline of an article you might want to read the article.. Another media tactic.. Ever heard about school shield?

The story is unfortunate, why was that guy even out of prison if he killed two people? Is he in prison now? I assure you he obtained those weapons illegally.. He didn't go to a gun shop..

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Posted by Kplum on 04/12/2013 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Mark Pryor, the NRA's friend, opposes debate on gun bill

HHW, I am not going to debate you on whose been in what situations but I will agree we have both been in situations to give us a firm stance on this issue..

I don't "carry" an "assault" rifle, According to the department of defense assault rifles are fully automatic, And are used for military purposes.. Can civilians own these, yes but they go through a bunch of hoops and paperwork to get them. Media has had a field day with this. DHS (department of homeland security) is calling them personal defense weapons, because they just bought 7000 of them. Yes those are fully automatic.. The semi automatic rifles, can be equipped With magazines with 30-100, They only thing these two rifles share is they look alike.. Media has had a field day with that as well.. Do I think I would find myself in a situation that warrants 30-100.. I sure hope not!!! When my first grader goes to school I wouldn't think they would be in that situation either.. Point is we can't control our surroundings.. The unexpected can happen as we have experienced.. Seeing that, I enjoy having the right to be equipped. Adam Lanza didn't use all of the rounds in his magazine either, he did a tactical reload between classrooms.. Seeing this tells me he was prepared and knew what he was doing..

Background checks?? I welcome them, I have had plenty to obtain firearms.. We have to fill out an ATF form 4473 before purchase of a firearm.. Unless of course it is a private sell.. There is no mandate, but the guns I have sold have been transferred to that person. Which means my name is no longer registered to the gun so I cannot be linked backed in case that firearm is used negligently.. Which means the party I sell to will have a background check. This is not the law just something that I do.. My problem is re-registering my guns, we have witness Australia do a re-registration and confiscation took place shortly after.. I too want ALL guns and ammunition out of the hands of those same people.. Why can't we mandate a law for private sells, well the same reason we can't mandate drug sells.. If people want to get a gun to kill, they will.. With or without confiscation.. Laws do not matter at this point. There is a not a high enough price for them to pay to deter them..

DHS is separate from the military, the military has its own budget for guns and ammo.. Department of homeland security claims the massive buys is for "normal" use.. And they buy in bulk to save money, I am not buying it considering they had over 260 million rounds enough for 2 years of normal use.. Makes me think there is something getting ready to happen to have a need for that kind of firepower.. You did the nail on the head with "control" groups.. That's exactly what they are doing. Who do they want to control? Why do they want to control them? We already know the how, they did buy body armor and tanks for nothing more than homeland security, I though the national guard was our "homeland security" this is beyond military..

Glad you brought up womens reproductive service and use the wordage "strip her of her own constitutional right" to privacy in her own medical decisions.. Again I will go back to the word "control". The government is overreaching as you have stated.. Doesnt matter what the issue is, I see a lot of government overreaching for control..

Your right, SS and Medicare are contributors to the deficit directly. But the government does again "control" those funds and borrows against them for more programs they can't afford.. My point there is, how can we trust the government when they are robbing Peter to pay Paul. They can't balance a checkbook, we are well into the red, I don't trust them with my healthcare.. They will borrow against it, that's the track record.. I don't want to have to wait 14 months for a knee replacement like they do in Canada.. That takes away from my quality of life.. They won't deny you medical coverage, but in the future they CAN make you wait for it..

About Steve, I don't control him, nor is it my place to scold him on how he feels.. I believe everyone has a right to what they believe, ya'lls exchange got shitty quick.. Pardon my language..

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Posted by Kplum on 04/12/2013 at 4:53 PM

Re: “Mark Pryor, the NRA's friend, opposes debate on gun bill

HHW, I understand your position.. I want to be sensitive to your situation, people like that is why i carry, i choose to not be a victim. I am not going to get into the well, cars kill people or Macdonalds made me fat.. Our country has become so tolerant and we need to be "PC" all the time.. We are allowing government to pass laws that do not pertain to law makers.. Our government has become so irresponsible i.e. social security, the deficit, medicare.. I get red flags when DHS buys 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, fully automatic AR15's which they call personal defense weapons, but want to take civilians semi-auto AR15's and call them assault weapons.. Where will it stop? Mayor Bloomberg in New York is banning soda and trans fat? Really? Government is telling us what we can and cannot have, wait until obamacare..

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Posted by Kplum on 04/12/2013 at 2:42 PM

Re: “Mark Pryor, the NRA's friend, opposes debate on gun bill

That's why go to different forums, and read.. I want to know how others view things.. I know I don't know everything, some healthy debate Is fun and good to understand why I believe they way I do, and why you believe the way you do.. I want to understand the other side, especially on an issue I feel strongly about.. I don't want to end a debate by saying " well, screw you then" lol, it's a little childish.. Just want to be informed.. :)

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Posted by Kplum on 04/12/2013 at 1:26 PM

Re: “Mark Pryor, the NRA's friend, opposes debate on gun bill

DBI, I am with you, I pray that I never get into a situation that warrants lethal force, I own guns, and I don't want to shoot anyone either.. By saying that your guns are old are not condusive into "pulling off a Sandy Hook massacre, just shows your not adequately trained to abuse your firearms that way.. The fact is, is they can.. You said you want us to pay attention that historically our insane mass murders weren't until that day, and that "most" had no previous record to that path.. Let's also throw in these firearms were purchased legally..

Let's start with Adam Lanza because you bring that up that incident.. Adam Lanza suffered From OCD, a sensory processing disorder, Aspergers syndrome a mild form of autism. His mother noticed declines in his behavior months before the incident and 2 weeks before she found disturbing pictures that he had in his room. Enough IMHO for he is mother to understand his condition and get him help. I can only go by what has been released, Lanza shot his mother with her own gun, before the spree.. That tells me 1. Her guns were easily accessible and 2. She might have tried to stop him, but it was too late.. With unstable kids common sense would have told you " I probably need to keep these guns out of reach, of my kids" which should be the case anyways in a safe.. Previous record that he was unstable check, obtaining a weapon unlawfully, by stealing it from his mother.. Check..

I will keep the other two short and sweet..
Loughner's own father took away his shotgun, displayed disruptness in class and was reported by his teachers fearing for the safety of students. Prof. Maghee worried about him showing up to class with a weapon, and Sorenson sent emails saying he scares the crap out of her.. All were not taken seriously and overlooked

James Holmes purchased all of his firearms, gun club denied his application and he was fired by his psychologist, because she too feared his unstableness.. He even threatened her through text message, again not reported and fell by the waist side..

America doesn't have a gun problem, we have a problem of not doing anything about threats.. We don't take action until its too late.. Be responsible parents, if you feel threatened, take action!! Alert authorities, don't be complacent.. Don't be so arrogant and blame guns, how dare you? All 3 indicated threats to society..

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Posted by Kplum on 04/12/2013 at 12:36 PM

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