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Re: “Boss Bossa Nova

This is the only place (alongside their market next door) in the entire state of Arkansas where one can buy the signature Brazilian soft drink, Guaran√°. And that's saying something given the big presence of Walmart in Brasil...last year there was even a portuguese-language billboard on North Walton Ave. in Bentonville across from WM headquarters. (That may have been a first, too.)

You all are right - this restaurant isn't cheap, but it's ALWAYS fun to eat at.

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Posted by Kurt Wayne on 08/06/2015 at 4:13 PM

Re: “Walton money to back independent school in Bentonville

(Funny thing is that the top students from Bentonville will often have been born in India, so this Walton effort may end up looking more like a British "public school". (Wonder if they'll offer cricket as a sport?) And there are certainly many more black people in the schools in Bentonville than there ever were 20, 30, 40 years ago. Note in the Chamber Choir video above a young man of color at the far right of the choir risers. That next year, he was the madrigal king at Bentonville High. They've discontinued that event as of a year ago, but the madrigal dinner was a $25.00 per plate event that ALWAYS sold out. That same choir had several hispanic students as well.

BTW, here's another reason why Bentonville High will never be the same soon - this year, they nearly have 5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND, at an ARKANSAS high school!!) students. It's time that this school be split, and split it will in 2016, with the new Bentonville West High School opening.)

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Posted by Kurt Wayne on 08/03/2015 at 10:58 PM

Re: “Walton money to back independent school in Bentonville

This one will be interesting and in a very different way than what happened in Little Rock. Just two days ago, for the second year in a row, Bentonville High won the MaxPreps Cup (given annually to 1 of 14,000+ high schools/prep schools in America) for the nation's best high school athletic program. BHS is the first school to win this award both in back-to-back or multiple school years in history (beating out a number of "elite prep" schools, such as President Obama's alma mater the Punahou School). And, for example, this past season black, white, Hawaiian and hispanic players signed to play college sports from BHS, so the program was benefiting all sorts of kids and families.

This comes a year after BHS had 4 members of its 2010 class graduate from West Point (the district superintendant said he believes no other high school in America has sent as many alumni to the service academies this decade). And not long after other school programs such as the Bentonville chamber choir and band have placed first or close to it in national competition.

Your city's flagship high school has had unprecedented success in the United States these past few years, Walton family and friends. Dream big, but be careful what you wish for, and be grateful for what you've had.

(Bentonville High and the service academies - on signing day 2015 BHS football had a player each ink with Army, Navy and Air Force) http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2014/jun/23/…

(the Bentonville High Chamber Choir, which a year earlier took first place in the National Choir Festival in Orlando): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCBBu1XXDP…

(MaxPreps Cup 2014) http://www.maxpreps.com/news/lxSSbEA9FkSuu…

(MaxPreps Cup 2015) http://www.maxpreps.com/news/4DTaidjmGkSJy…

Posted by Kurt Wayne on 08/02/2015 at 4:11 PM

Re: “Duggars face potential claim; question raised about use of local police as bodyguards


First of all, Oprah Winfrey reporting Josh Duggar to a "child abuse hotline" (who reported it to the SPD which did nothing) then sitting back and DOING nothing while the Duggars got rich, famous, influential and had more vulnerable daughters would have been like Erin Brockovich reporting Pacific Gas & Electric to the EPA (assuming it, too, then did nothing) and then sitting back and doing nothing herself while PG&E continued to poison and pollute Hinckley, California with chromium. Oh, but one difference: Ms. Brockovich was for all intents and purposes a nobody while Oprah was a self-made billionairess who could likely get anyone in the media/entertainment (and many in government) to listen with a snap of her fingers.

As for me, same guy. If you'll look at many of my FB "likes", you'll notice what many people who know me already know (likewise including some local policemen and first responders who are my high school and Facebook friends). I'm very devoted to fighting the intertwined problems of pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking (particularly in the nation of Brazil along with the Portuguese-speaking world with the web-based ministry I work with), and would be very happy if THOSE went away, too, with the snap of a finger. Unfortunately, I see this awful course our nation is on. It's not even a "slippery slope" any more as so many things liberals told us would never happen are things we're either well past or headed to. And in a socialist government with a lot of poverty, pedophilia and every nasty thing that comes with it will thrive:



I'm guessing that even most in the SPRINGDALE Police Department would happily like to eliminate those three problems, though perhaps I'm naive. Thing is, they will flourish in a culture that becomes unmoored from a good constitution, and the Bible, as ours is. Look at Leviticus 18, where God not only warned the Israelites not to practice homosexuality, but ALSO not to have sex with their Moms, daughters, sisters and grandkids as the neighboring Canaanites and Egyptians were doing at epidemic levels. (Don't just take my word for it on this: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?sear… )

And for Pete's sake. Look who YOU guys are nominating against Josh Duggar's Republican presidential candidate friends. Hillary Clinton?!?! (Whose husband treated Monica Lewinsky like toilet paper and may have gone to a rich pal's island for sex with underage girls?) Bernie Sanders?!?! (Who penned, in his thirties, a weird essay on sex that talked about boys having 13-year-old female "sex friends?) Joe Biden?!?! (Who has, on video, done some very creepy touching and embracing of fellow Democrats daughters who seemed clearly uncomfortable with his actions.) My Word. I fear that, given historic precedent, our nation is going to descend into depths none of us who want to see kids PROTECTED and not exploited will be able to bear. It always happens in these third world nations. And the kids who suffer the most will be the ones whose families are ever-more impoverished by the governments who claim they're going to help them. (BTW, there are many of we conservatives who are not happy at all with many of the current crop of Republican candidates, though there are some good ones, even those who had selfies made with young Mr. Duggar.)

Sellercreek, you guys remind me of another saying:

"Someday, they'll never know what hit them. ">(

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Posted by Kurt Wayne on 07/01/2015 at 10:10 PM

Re: “Duggars face potential claim; question raised about use of local police as bodyguards

BTW, I don't work for Gov. Huckabee, nor do I work for any political campaign. I did used to work for the Arkansas Times many moons ago. Good people. Through them, I did get to meet Bill Clinton in person and (with the help of a photographer and interviewer) put together an advertisement/brochure for his 1990 gubernatorial campaign, so I guess that made me connected back then. (Ha.)

And I think timing of this whole Josh Duggar story is about anything BUT obtaining justice. But...he's heading home to Siloam Springs from Washington, D.C. Many of today's liberals (those who don't know all that's happening in Northwest Arkansas) would call that punishment enough.

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Posted by Kurt Wayne on 07/01/2015 at 6:53 PM

Re: “Duggars face potential claim; question raised about use of local police as bodyguards

Ummm, gang.

It's clear that this was a pretty open secret. A LOT of people knew, INCLUDING, it seems from Max Brantley's own account many people who WEREN'T friends/family/church members/political allies with the Duggars. There may have been a LOT of people who hated the Duggars who kept this secret for NINE YEARS. NINE FRIGGING YEARS.

Now, Josh Duggar may have repented, and become repulsed from pedophilia nine years ago. We don't know that, now, do we? According to many of you, once a pedophile, ALWAYS a pedophile, so let's say he didn't. That means there may have been a lot of people, not friendly to the Duggars, who despite knowing the Duggar ladies were still birthing little girls under the same roof as Josh, did NOTHING about this, if you count "blowing the whistle (as In Touch did) as doing something.

And again, the Duggars amassed a net worth of at least $3.5 million, more than probably all you posters here plus me have in the bank put together. They did it 21 months after media mogul par excellence Oprah Winfrey says she reported Duggar to the "child abuse hotline". If I were gay, DARN RIGHT I would blame Oprah not only for not pulling strings to never let them have a regular TV show in the first place (seriously, none of you, I doubt, are foolish enough to believe she didn't have that capability given ALL her media connections) that allowed them not only to fatten their bank accounts and (according to "Alice") not have to pay for ANYTHING in their house, but also for allowing them to get influential enough that they had a soapbox for their political views.

Again, NINE FRIGGING YEARS this was an open secret among Duggar friends and foes alike after Oprah (says she) reported the Duggars. Again, if this was all about justice, the way this has handled doesn't make sense at all, especially in light of the Duggar sisters.

But, if your aim was not justice but rather, achieving maximum political damage to your real and/or perceived enemies, this makes perfect sense.

Stew in your hate all you want, friends. I have nothing against the Duggar family but in light of this it wouldn't have bothered me if this had all come out 9 years ago and they'd never become rich and famous. I know: in your logic, maybe Jim Bob should have said "We don't deserve a TV show. Our son is a child molester and we enabled him." (Sheesh, maybe he did, anyway.) That didn't happen. I would have respected Oprah, who used to be called the most influential person in the world, if she'd have stepped in and said: "No, you DON'T. Your 15 minutes of fame are up."

But, it didn't happen. And asking "why" is very reasonable.

BTW, speaking of "crimes against children", pretty sickening to hear of 70+ kids being executed by the people your and Oprah's president called "the JV team". Ghastly. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/07/01/is…

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Posted by Kurt Wayne on 07/01/2015 at 6:46 PM

Re: “How In Touch got the Duggar story

Tan R Barnfield, if you're reading this:

- When did you become aware of the Duggars' family secret? How long ago? When you did, when did you report it?

- The Arkansas Times, through Max Brantley, has reported that a lot of people knew including Duggar family friends, church members and political allies. That word "including" means there are people who knew who WEREN'T in any of those categories. How many people do you think knew this open secret?

- Mr. Brantley in The Arkansas Times also reports that these people knew because they were told by the DUGGAR FAMILY THEMSELVES. What's the old saying "the only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead"? How could a secret like this stay quiet for so long? How long did these people know?

- Do you think pedophiles are "born that way". Are you of the opinion that a pedophile cannot lose his feelings of attraction toward children? (Even if there may be no evidence whatsoever that pedophilic attractions are genetic and/or inborn?)

- Do you know the identity of "Alice", the bulletin board poster on an obscure blog whose posts (indicating Josh Duggar's molestation accusations) from 2006-7 were brought to light alongside these charges?

- Do you know why "Alice" was given credence when so much of her posts ("Alice" said the Duggars taped a show with Oprah Winfrey, Oprah says they didn't; "Alice" said the Duggars met with Oprah in January, Oprah says it was in December; "Alice" says
the Duggars were on the Montel WIlliams show, there appears to be no record that they were) seem inaccurate, while other claims (such as the Campbell Soup Company giving the Duggar family a baby grand piano, free) seem downright bizarre?

- Why do you think Oprah Winfrey, billionairess and perhaps the most influential person in the media (if not the world) after calling a child abuse hotline about the Duggar charges in early December 2006 then cancelling the Duggar family appearance on her show, just sat back and watched the Duggars become rich (to the tune of $3.5 million), famous and especially vocal in their Christian and anti-gay beliefs for NINE YEARS AFTERWARD? Do you not think that she could have stopped the Duggar family gravy train dead in its tracks with just a few phone calls to media and entertainment movers and shakers, given the Duggar family regular TV show started 21 months after she reported Josh to authorities?

- Do you think that there is any conceivable way that the Duggars (value: $3 million) could threatened Oprah Winfrey (value: $3 billion) to stay quiet? (I don't.)

- In particular, why did she and other people (many of them ostensibly not Duggar friends, according to Max Brantley) wait NINE YEARS to start making noise about this, especially when Michelle Duggar gave birth to 3 more daughters while Josh was living under her roof, and also when Josh got married, moved out, had a daughter with his wife and proclaimed "We want to have 21 kids"? Do you not think any of those in the know on this might have thought the younger girls were in danger during that nine-year period?

- Why did a LABOR LAW firm in Little Rock file the FOI request about this?

- Do you think this was truly about justice for the victims, or just about taking down a political enemy of LGBT people, especially one who had recent photographs taken with just about every major current Republican presidential candidate?

I hope you can answer these questions, because I really wish some journalist would ask them.

Thank you in advance.

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Posted by Kurt Wayne on 07/01/2015 at 4:19 PM

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