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Re: “Clueless duo: Romney and McCain

I don't get how Romney's statement:

“With all the issues America faces, for the Obama campaign to stoop to such a low level — they understand and they are are wise enough to understand that people like myself who have asked Todd Akin to get out of the race, are doing so because we vehemently disagree with what he said, and believe it hurts our party and I think is damaging to women,” Romney said on Fox News Sunday."

can be interpreted to mean that Romney does not care about women and the various other assumptions made about it here. Romney is simply saying why he thinks Akin to drop out of his election race, that he asked Akin to get out of the race, and that he thinks Obama bringing it up the way he did is 'damaging to women'. How can what he said be interpreted as 'Romney doesn't give a hill of beans about women' ? How can a statement like the way the Obama campaign portrayed what was going on "is damaging to women" be twisted to mean Romney "doesn't care about women"? Only Obama would stoop to these tactics. You'd have to be a Psychiatrist specializing in abnormal psychology and treating dysfunctional people to even begin to explain what is behind Obama's campaign methods

This is another illustration of how Obama operates. Akin makes a stupid statement. Practically everyone in the civilized world condemns what Akin said, and Romney even told him he ought to drop out of his election campaign. Obama's response? He starts making free-floating remarks that don't follow at all from what Romney did or said. He just picks some things he knows will upset some people, such as claiming that Romney doesn't care about women, that the Republicans don't care either, that their stance on pro-life and abortion makes them blood-thirsty monsters who don't care about women who are raped, and so on.

Obama knows that the progressives, left wing and democrats are pro-choice, so he makes unsupported accusations, either himself or through surrogates like his staff or PACs, and then continues to attack Romney as though what Obama said is a proven fact. The media then reports it in a way that is so slanted and left-wing that it looks like the entire world thinks Obama is a saint and Romney is a wicked devil who will do things as president that Obama actually has already done or started planning and preparing to do!

The most important point, though, is: what does this have to do with the huge problems America now faces? Issues about abortion, rape and others will not be solved by either candidate as President. They are complex and difficult issues which will be worked through by America as a whole, with some of them being in the domain of states anyway. What the next President must do is bring us all together, get us to work together, and keep us aware of and focused on the national problems, such as energy, debt, jobs, etc. To debate the issues Obama has brought up deliberately and cleverly avoids the issues he has failed to correct or even make progress on. The only thing Obama and the progressive democrats have been able to get done was to drive Republicans out of the meetings which would decide what would happen with a national health care proposition, so there would be no examination of the pet project Obama and the left wanted to implement, because they knew full well that it was full of enormous problems which would be seen and brought up by anyone who was not already in their lap. So, in a totally partisan closed door session the democratic party and other left wing members of congress met and drew up a huge plan which even they could not understand, and vote it into law without ANY consideration for the wishes of the American people. Since then, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of polls have shown conclusively that most Americans HATE Obama-care and disapprove of the way it was put into law. It has already shown that it has such terrible provisions for those who it was supposed to help that some elderly people have already been denied services such as dialysis, which has resulted in a number of deaths, by local panels who determine the eligibility of patients to receive care. Google this and find out.

We need to turn our attention and focus back on the problems which are so big that they threaten the very survival of the American system and way of life. America is not evil because its hard working citizens have managed to improve their lives and prosper because of their dedication, their generosity, and their love of freedom. Obama wants to break the country down and rebuild it in the image of a brand of socialism which will rob us of what we have earned for ourselves by "the sweat of our brow", and give it to other countries and people who have chosen to occupy themselves with petty religious arguments, wars and various other activities which Americans have rejected in their 200+ year history. America is strong because we are a mixture of the best of all races, all peoples, all beliefs. We tolerate opposing views and religions as long as individual rights are not abused or ignored when one group or religion tries to use force or other power to dominate people who do not accept their points of view. That is why this "polarization" of citizens in this election, where democrats and replublicans who have opposing points of view and goals, is so worrisome to me. When America becomes like most of the rest of the world, where one or another point of view is forced upon everyone without tolerance, that is when we will fail and will decline. There is much talk now that America is already declining, but that won't be true if we are careful with who we elect to run our government, and do not let anyone brainwash us into believing that another system of government should replace American democracy. If we become socialists, we will be no better at it than any other socialist country now is; socialism makes everyone "equal" by breaking down everything to the lowest level. Then everyone is equally poor and without hope. Americanism can bring everyone up to a high level, making them equal without destroying all the good that has been built into our country. No socialist scheme can ever save us or bring us prosperity, because that is not a goal of socialism. The goal of socialism is to prevent any one person or group from becoming more prosperous than any other, regardless of the sacrifice and effort made to earn prosperity. And make no mistake - Obama is a socialist of some kind. Just go back and look at his public statements and you will see. America is exactly on the road he planned to be on, and he wants another term to finish tearing us down and weakening us so that we cannot resist the decline to socialistic government. Some people who feel they have been treated unfairly, or who believe Obama can give them a job that Romney or another person could not, will think that Obama's brand of socialism sounds like a good idea, because they assume they will be given more than they are presently getting. But there is no history of that ever happening when countries go down the road to socialism, such as Obama is trying to lead us down. It is true that we need to reform many things for America to regain the position in the world it used to hold. But, we do not need to destroy America and replace with an inferior country to accomplish those reforms. Where will the resources necessary to do what Obama proposes going to come from? America would no longer be a fountain of new ideas, entrepreneurism, strong economic performance, provider of much of the world's food, and so forth, if America stops being the America which made it a fountain of good things for the world merely to remove some of the drawbacks of the American system. It is the old "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" situation. We must all take a VERY LONG LOOK at what Obama has said, what he has done, and what he has said he plans to do. In over sixty years, I have not seen anything even remotely like what is happening to us now. It is as though we have lost confidence that we can continue to do what we have done for hundreds of years! Things that are being debated now, and given serious consideration, are so radical and dangerous that they were not even thought about in the past, except by some of the radical militants who now have such great influence on the highest office in the land. I hope those of us who like to shoot from the hip and see where the bullet lands will realize that they will be giving away their birthright if they allow America to go down the road it is now on. I hope we will find ways to solve our problems and return to the leadership role we have had for so long. The rest of the world needs us to do so. We are a country of many races, many religions, many philosophies, which have all been able to co-exist for many years, and have been the envy of the entire world in some ways. We must not now think we cannot continue to be that way, but must choose one or another narrow system with few advantages over what we have, if any. What we MUST do is to examine our American system of free enterprise and capitalism, identify where the problems are, and find new ways to deal with those problems, all the while honoring the principles in the Constitution which have carried us this far. We can do this if we stop attacking each other with the idea that one of us must destroy the others and impose a dangerous system upon the losers. It is good to debate ideas, to be able to voice our concerns, to be able to point out problems, violations of trust, law, and other important parts of our system. We can do that now even while we consider abolishing the system which guarantees such privileges! If we keep going the way we are headed, the one-party passing of law and forcing it upon everyone without sufficient consideration for benefits and drawbacks will become the norm, and we will soon lose the right to speak out against what is wrong. Just as in Orwell's '1984', the government will tell us what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what not to do, and what our beliefs and opinions are. Those who don't go along will be conditioned by various means until they do.

If that ever does happen, I can promise one thing: I will NEVER see five fingers when there are only four. Peace is not worth having if the price is to be in the chains of government control.

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Posted by Larry D Holmes on 08/27/2012 at 8:33 PM

Re: “Clueless duo: Romney and McCain

This place is really disappointing. Apparently, the reason Obama has stooped to such lows in trying to win another term is because that appeals to so many democrats, liberals and progressives, who handle things the same way? It seems to have become the standard, at least in public, for people to paint those who are not just like them, who do not have the same opinions, who do not act, think and look like them, as scum. Whether we consider our families, our friends, our associates at work, our adversaries, even strangers, we will always find that some of them don't agree with us. Does everyone here use this strategy when dealing with people in their lives who don’t share their opinions? President Obama has been able to bait the media and, in turn, many Americans, into a name-calling sewer war to avoid being called to account for his terrible handling of the economy and several other absolutely critical issues, blaming it all on Bush much longer than could be reasonably supported by the facts. This follows the same pattern as his first term in office. He doesn't deal with the critical issues in ways that he must account for; he uses baiting techniques to get people involved calling each other names, inventing new atrocities to accuse their political opponents of, and does any other dirty, under-handed trick that can be imagined to keep our attention off the real issues, so we don't notice how poorly those issues are being managed, which is the real job of the President. There has always been a kind of resentment by blue collar people against the white collar people who do what is required to excel, often by making great personal sacrifice in order to progress to the position they are in. I cannot say I completely understand it, but I know it is there, because I have experienced it in ways that were a complete surprise to me.

I am from a blue-collar family. I am the first and only person of my generation in my extended family to graduate from college and go on to a "white collar" job. I did not feel better than my cousins and siblings in any way, but, as I worked like a slave, and sacrificed time, possessions, buying a home and a new car, and so forth, to get through school and then to work my way up to a good job and starting my own company, attitudes toward me and talk about me changed in ways I could never have imagined. The "urban legend" that I found, in my family at least, was that "white collar" types of people always think they are better than "blue collar" types of people. And I found that to be true in society in general as well. So, my relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and so on, began to treat me as though I actually was the way they erroneously thought I should be, once I graduated and moved to a higher paying, better job. I made it a point NOT to allow my new job and "status" to change my attitudes and actions about my previous friends, but I could not escape their expectations. For example, I bought a small air conditioner for a couple I had been close to for years because she was pregnant and summer heat was making her miserable. I was told by others that “just wasn’t done” when a person rises up in their job, income, etc., though I still hate that and don’t “get it”. I have not been able to even talk to them since. They somehow turned my attempt to share my good fortune into something else; I don't even know what that was. I only know what others told me, and I was so completely puzzled that to this day, I still don't know what the whole problem was, except that it had to do with the misconception that my action showed I looked down on my previous friends. When we were finally able to buy a small house, a car, and so forth, which others had done years earlier because they weren't going to school, as I was, that seemed to turn others against us also. We finally moved away because we got so tired of all the BS! My family and relatives started adding snide remarks saying now that I was out of school, I thought I was better than them but in reality I had become inferior to them by earning a degree, and so forth; unfortunately, you can't move away from that. And I cannot believe that these things happened because I changed to a snob without realizing it; I tried too hard to maintain the same attitudes and relationships I’d always had.

After years of thinking about my experiences, and observing the same kinds of things happening with other people, on both sides of the story, I have realized that it is not necessarily that the "rich" people have bad attitudes about the "poor" and "middle class" people around them. While there are "rich" people who think and act horribly and do believe they are above those who don't have a lot of money, there are also a lot of those who are now called "rich" who do NOT believe they are better than anyone else because they have been able to acquire money. And they probably have stories like mine to tell. Fortunately, there are many people on both sides of the story are just good, fine people, who get along with each other, and those are the ones who will continue to make America great, even though they often get caught between the less desirable rich and poor/average people in the arguments and injustices. The first are the ones I will try to emulate, if the other kinds of people will let me.

There is some form of this problem running rampant in America at these times when America is least able to tolerate it. It is made much, much worse, unfortunately, by President Obama's personality and leadership style, and by those around him he has appointed to help run the country, and explain why and how the president does things. The internet by its nature has a lot of historical information about when and how the insanely negative, low-down tactics were begun and used continuously over the past couple of years, as we have prepared for the upcoming elections. I have looked over the internet extensively, expecting to see that, as in most controversies, both sides were responsible for the low tactics, the untruths and downright lies, at times, in order to convince people the other side was bad, and not to vote for them. But I was wrong! The progressive left (including many Democrats) were actually more to blame for the current “muckraking” than anyone else, with Obama’s team being the worst (I don’t buy the cop-out that says “it is out of my control; the PACs are doing that without my permission”, for either candidate. How difficult can it be for the candidate, on either side, to state that he does NOT support a PAC’s position and ads, to clear matters up unambiguously?) I am by nature a moderate; I used to be a faithful Demcrat, as taught me by my blue-collar parents, though I have registered as a Republican, because my research on the internet easily convinced me that it was the progressives, allied with the democratic far left, who chose to try to make Romney, and the other Republicans as well, in the early going, look so dirty, evil, deceptive, and untruthful. And when the GOP people did not respond in kind, the progressive left/democrats simply claimed the GOP DID respond in kind. And some citizens simply accepted that, because they have identified themselves so totally with the far left philosophies and ideas that they are no longer willing, or able?, to stand back and look at all sides of an argument objectively, and make up their own minds about what they believe; it seems like they merely pick a candidate and accept whatever he says about the other. That may also be why they follow along like sheep with whatever propaganda the progressives dispense through the majority of media channels, mimicking the tone and content of what is said on radio, TV and print. I've gone toe to toe with progressives, and none of them have been able to show original sources, facts, etc., NOT reports from TV, radio and print, to support their claims about the GOP in general. There will always be those on both sides who are careful in their thinking and wise in their decisions, who do not fit these generalities, but the majority of left and right citizens seem to be committed to sharply defined positions.

If the division of the citizens of America continues to be so radically polarized, and the mood continues to be so mean, angry and thoughtless about what is said and how it affects others, it may not matter WHO wins the election. This country will be in such a state of discord that we will see everyone fighting everyone else, with the ultimate victory being that one person's tirade will so destroy some idea or discussion that little can be done to solve the very real, very large problems we face now, and even larger problems in the near future.

I am concerned that those who are so anxious to toss hate and violence around may find it an easy step to begin acting out their terrible feelings, attitudes and ideas. And, if America cannot solve her problems and resume her role as the leader of the free world, perhaps even the WHOLE world, the insane zealots who are trying so hard to get us to do what we're doing will be the ones to dominate the world. Neither Obama, nor Romney, whoever you prefer, will be able to fix THAT scenario.

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Posted by Larry D Holmes on 08/27/2012 at 4:48 PM


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