Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15 

Geaux Tigers

I really enjoy your publication, even though there is often a serious disconnect between your liberal-populist themes and the gaudy advertising that clearly is aimed at the upper middle class. We used to call that limousine liberalism.

However, my serious beef with you is the recent editorial comment concerning Louisiana's new governor, Bobby Jindal. You seemed to equate Louisiana's support for LSU football with a failing educational system. As a born and bred Louisianian, I asked my sister-in-law about this. She is a 34-year veteran of the Caddo Parish school system. She opined as to how the schools there had textbooks and free lunches as long as she's been teaching there.

She also told me about two programs that Arkansas teachers and students would probably die for. One is called TOPS and it provides free tuition to all Louisiana high school graduates who maintain a certain grade point average.

The other one is the DROP program for retiring teachers. The state will provide a program for their last three years, which puts 75 percent of their regular salary in an account that is part of a pool of investments. In one recent year, her account earned 15.65 percent interest. She is now able to draw it all out, draw only some or leave it all in the program. And continue to work at her regular salary if she chooses.

And, as far as LSU football, that is certainly the pot calling the kettle black. The LSU Tigers are not nearly as much of a statewide religion as Arkansas Razorbacks are up here. Having read Louisiana newspapers for over 50 years, I have never seen a serious editorial page comment concerning LSU football; a regular occurrence in papers up here. Geaux Tigers and go Bobby Jindal!

Steve Hotho

Hot Springs

Huckabee's record

Ernest Dumas' column Nov. 1 on Mike Huckabee doesn't mention that he's being sued for the hard-drive destruction fiasco.

He is and it's coming to a head. Further, Huckabee DENIES he did anything wrong. Don't take my word for this, check out the lawsuit against him. Pulaski County Circuit Court, Case No. CV-07-9346. I think newspapers can report what's in the court system.

Carole Lonsway



In a recent edition of the paper you listed the best lawyers in various categories but forgot one major category — disability. The law firm where I work, Nussbaum, Hendrix, Trussell and Cockrill, helps people who are disabled and who have contributed into the system for years get back what they deserve when they cannot work anymore due to physical and/or mental disabilities. As you probably know, dealing with the government is very tedious and we help people walk through it all the way to the 8th Circuit Court if need be. We have helped people from all walks of life when things are really bad for them so would you please include this important law category next year.

Susan M. Heinritz

Little Rock

Losing it

There is a tradition on most appellate courts that when one of the brethren due to age or infirmity begins to “lose it” the most respected remaining member is selected to tell the ailing member it is time to step down.

After reading Doug Smith's feeble attempt to drive the final political stake in the heart of an adversary of the old Gazette it comes to me that this honored tradition doesn't exist in the newspaper business.

Jim Johnson


The Jena 6

The Jena 6 were guilty of almost killing a student. CNN reported that the student that they beat up did not hang nooses.As for the “noose hangers,” they are seen as having started this horrible episode which we did not need and seems to have benefited no one except the extremists on the left and right.

Steve Wheeler

North Little Rock

Hate crimes

After reading the letter to a black couple from a neighbor complaining about them moving to Maumelle I've yet to see anything criminal. The letter was perhaps hateful but certainly not criminal. At best it deserved condemnation and an apology by the writer but a charge of terroristic threatening is ridiculous. [Since our article, the writer of the letter has pleaded guilty to a federal charge.]

The letter supposedly interfered with federal laws preventing housing discrimination. Is there any difference in this letter and the public advocacy of legal discrimination in employment and education against white people known as affirmative action? Could a federal prosecutor charge the leadership of the Democratic Party with terroristic threatening for favoring discrimination against European-Americans?

A regression in free expression is occurring in nations employing hate crimes. Their first target is fascist groups to which there is little opposition. Next they target anyone criticizing homosexual behavior. But their ultimate goal is to silence Christians by making it a hate crime to claim your religion is the true faith.

The Democratic Party is still popular in Arkansas but do their supporters here really understand where the secular controllers and bank rollers of the national party want to take America? The Democrats have already acquiesced to the civil rights organizations' demands to elevate their race above others. All it would take is a couple of more like Bill Clinton's appointment of atheist Ruth Ginsburg to the Supreme Court to render freedom of religion meaningless.

Thomas Pope

Little Rock


Boss and De Judge (County Judge Buddy Villines) share a similar extreme embarrassment: the employees they hired.

Frank Broyles fired Jack Crow immediately. Heck, even Michigan didn't fire the coach after its recent fiasco.

Villines was so worried about his reputation he tried to cover up the scandal, even though his action was illegal. He had hired a beaver trapper to run the show.

Now Villines thinks it's blown over. He wants to run for re-election. Will Rogers said, “The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office.”

I guess that indicates the indifferent citizens will re-elect De Judge.

Joseph Wood

North Little Rock


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