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Re: “Exorcism and evangelicals

Oh phoney, you, or more properly Amanda Marcotte of Slate mentioned my favorite "Christian" shyster Bob Larson in relation to the Justin Harris "exorcisms"of the two adopted girls and I missed it when this was still hot.

She pretty much had McExorcist right. This whole pathetic belief in demon almost everywhere and anything can supposedly can "allow" a demon a " legal right" to possess or torment a person is that old exploiter`s current hook to lure naive and gullible people to him. This crap is part of the Pentecostal / charismatic branch called deliverance ministry AKA "spiritual warfare". Larson seems to be the worst of the lot. He claims half of the world is demon possessed, you can get a demon by having a tattoo or having cremation ashes in the home. Some of his claim as are atrociously cruel, like claiming rape victims get infected from their rape by a demon. And some (well, most) of his claims are just plain absurd or whacko.

Posted by Maurine McAlexander on 07/23/2015 at 2:24 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Marchers for and against marriage equality hit streets in Russellville

I honestly don't see anything wrong with having a civil law allowing two adult gays to marry. Huckabee's dumb claim aside, I haven't seen anything yet from any pro gay marriage people forcing churches to marry gay couples. ( and yes the idiotic did say that) l don`t see how it could possibly hurt anyone else if gay marriage was legal.

Posted by Maurine McAlexander on 05/05/2015 at 12:50 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Marchers for and against marriage equality hit streets in Russellville

Deathbyinches, sounds like you should be proud of your mother.

As for the homophobes, as far as I can figure it, the marriage for straights only people don't see what they say and do as wrong. They think they are righteous but most if not all their rhetoric seems to be parroted from certain leaders they trust to tell them what to think. Some of the claims they make against LGBT people clearly to me don't fit the facts. I don't think they stop and consider some people are manipulating them with emotion and propagandic imagery (distortions and lies) to make them foot soldiers to, in this case, Christian fascism and Christian sharia law.

LGBT people are not the grotesque monsters in Jack Chick tracts. They are people who want the same civil rights as straight people. No one is demanding these bigoted churches to perform religious marriage ceremonies on gay couples.

I'm not excusing these intolerant bigots, just think they have been seriously mislead and don't realize that, to use Christian theology, their devil is manipulating them to do his nasty malevolence for him.

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Posted by Maurine McAlexander on 05/03/2015 at 3:30 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Marchers for and against marriage equality hit streets in Russellville

As for Chaplain Northcut, here's a bit of karma for you. --…

A few days after his "prayer" his "ministry" van broke down. He used to drive around in a refurbished former police car.

I've learned that hate is ultimately self-defeating, but this bit of info seems a bit like the concept of " what is sent out, returns."

Last I heard, yesterday's rally/demonstration had a lot of support from drivers and the Tea Party marriage for straight people only folks were nowhere to be seen. The Russellville Courier, in its usual shoddy reporting, only had one photo of the event, left at the bottom rear corner, with a meek little photo description, as their "coverage." Below the fold, OC. Sheesh!

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Posted by Maurine McAlexander on 05/03/2015 at 3:12 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Marchers for and against marriage equality hit streets in Russellville

Tom Cotton IMO is a Koch puppet. I doubt that idiot really gives a crap about the people he's supposed to represent in government.

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Posted by Maurine McAlexander on 05/02/2015 at 5:15 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Marchers for and against marriage equality hit streets in Russellville

Sounds like Northcutt is revving (pardon the pun) himself up to be a public intolerant a-hole again. The woman they brought in from out of state to speak belongs to a group that may be connected to the barbaric anti-gay laws in Uganda, again no surprise. The Courier`s shoddy report on this rally event was considerably toned down from what I've heard actually happened, with only an ad hominem remark against the protesters.

That's why I decided to join these people, even though I am not LGBT. There's a point where one needs to stand up for those who can't.

Jstone, simply put it IS a civil rights issue. Equal protection for gays to marry. Whether it was the right for women to vote or for black people to vote, history is consistent. It is achieved against strong resistance.

As for those two "Christians," again history shows that bigots use religion to justify their views. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus mention LGBT people. He DID say however, there were two commandments, both about love.

Jstone more Christians like you need to step up and speak out to show people that religious bigots are not the norm in your religion.

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Posted by Maurine McAlexander on 05/02/2015 at 5:13 PM

Re: “Casting out demons: why Justin Harris got rid of kids he applied pressure to adopt

Actually Sol the "exorcism" version the Harrises used may NOT have been in Latin. As I posted earlier, there is a Protestant version called "deliverance ministry" that has nothing to do with the Catholic exorcism rite.

I agree it is mental abuse. Judging by what else was done to the two girls, the denial of human contact alone indicates a serious lack of judgement from these two adults. It was in effect solitary confinement, the type prisoners and prisoners of war are subjected to. And you DON'T do that to a child.

Lori, "witches" or Wiccans do not perform exorcism . Wicca is a RELIGION and one of its rules is against harming another, including a child.

Joseph, the mentally ill religious behavior is neither typical nor exclusive to Arkansas, though unfortunately the heavy Christian religious influence here adversely affects the freedom of expression of minority beliefs. Some years back Russellville had a certain police chaplain who became a city councilman, a guy who proceeded to make an arse of himself before the council rightly censured him. Some of the stuff he and his followers pulled were embarrassing to civil rights minded people.

As for the family pet supposedly being killed, the reporter here showed it was not t he two allegedly telepathic demon possessed girls. However, as a true crime reader, I should mention that one of the signs of a psychopath is torturing and killing of animals. Judging by the subsequent reports of the two girls regarding anImals, the allegation that one killed a pet in the Harris home may be false.

IMO the behavior and responses of the Harrises are self serving blame others and not take responsibility for what they did. Not good charafter traits.

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Posted by Maurine McAlexander on 03/13/2015 at 8:08 PM

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