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Re: “A law lesson for attorney general candidates from Cliff Jackson

I have rarely ever agreed with (my former landlord) Cliff Jackson on much of anything, especially politics. However, after reading this brilliant assessment of the GOP AG's race, I find myself marching in lockstep with him.

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Posted by NLR Tap on 05/14/2014 at 10:51 AM

Re: “Thursday night line

"Steel was seen at churches (my church as well) last sunday handing out cards and asking for donations to his campaign. I shit you not." -arkansas panic fan

@Ark panic...nice (and divisive) comment. Representive Steele (spell it right if you're gonna spell it) has made it a point to attend churches of all color and creed usually more than one each Sunday. I do not see your problem with this. Is he NOT welcome in your church? (That's a rhetorical question since obviously he WAS welcomed by at least some of your membership!)

One of Tracy Steele's MAIN GOALS is to UNIFY the citizens of NLR. It is a desire shared by many of us that support him. Attending two churches each Sunday far exceeds ANY attempt that either of his opponents are making even though one in particular seems to want to play the unification card frequently in his "speeches" of late.

Finally, I am both amused and saddened at your closing line. Don't you see just a little irony in such a comment?

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Posted by NLR Tap on 08/04/2012 at 5:14 AM

Re: “Legislative ethics, Part II

NLR Truth, he actually accuses US of harping! :-) SMH

Mr. Brantley, as the guy who writes the blog, you're always going to have the last word and I have no doubt you will here. That's just the price we pay to play.

Therefore, I am going to leave this discussion with one thought. In your own words you agreed that no laws have been broken by STAND. It follows then that you must agree that they have filed all REQUIRED reports.

When (and/or if) the law is changed to include the release of information you so ardently desire, I can assure you STAND will comply.

Until then, I wouldn't expect very many non-profits to drop what they are doing and comply when you demand that they disclose information beyond that which is required.

In closing, if NLR Truth and I are harping, OK. You harp on too, Mr. Brantley. There's not a lot we can do but respond when compelled to do so! :-)

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Posted by NLR Tap on 06/19/2012 at 9:37 PM

Re: “Legislative ethics, Part II


Mr. Brantley,

STAND, Inc. is a non-profit corporation which is able to demonstrate a verifiably useful and productive service to the community. They pay a fair market price for their office space and while we disagree, a reasonable salary to Rep. Steele. They are at any time willing to produce actual beneficiaries that can testify to the valuable services they have received from STAND, Inc. As a 501(c)3 they are ALLOWED by law to "receive a substantial part of their support from a government unit or the general public".

It is my understanding that ALL reports REQUIRED of STAND, Inc. as a 501(c)3 have been filed. It is my further understanding that in spite of these actions, you continue to badger Rep. Steele and STAND, Inc. for more information than the law requires.

In short, what I understand that you covet is the STAND, INC. donor list. As a non-profit is STAND, Inc required by law to release this specific information? I might be wrong, but I can see an analogy in this with a church. Few churches if any are willing to voluntarily release their donor lists and amounts contributed.

Oh and I DO apologize for one thing. Thank you for taking the time to mine Scott Miller's Facebook post on the DSP cost overrun to take another shot at Rep. Steele. Personally, I read Jake Sandlin's more balanced coverage of that issue in the (EGADS) Arkansas Democrat/Gazette.

Holding grudges doesn't become you Mr. Brantley. I'm disappointed too. I have always been a regular reader who considered you a better journalist than to continue to engage in emotionally charged rhetoric.

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Posted by NLR Tap on 06/18/2012 at 1:41 PM

Re: “Legislative ethics, Part II

I'm not sure why this has come up again, perhaps we can thank the South Carolina reporters.

Mr. Brantley, could the REAL reason that this issue has resurfaced be due to the Smith campaign's recent large advertising "investment" in your newspaper? Can I really take you to be objective when you critize Representative Steele's ethics while at the same time I see a Smith for Mayor advertisement on your own blog? Perhaps THAT is the reason you seem to have no ethical issues with a $6+ million overrun at the Smith managed Dickey Stephens Stadium project? The same project that the endorsing mayor called "on-budget"? I also don't understand why you found no problem with the huge Joe Smith fund-raiser held at the Argenta Community Theatre. A facility that received $100K from the city and one operated and managed by Mr. Smith's campaign manager?

Mr. Brantley, I just don't think ethics is something you need talk about until you decide to spread it around a little. NLR has a treasure trove of ethics issues that don't seem to interest you. That needs to change.

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Posted by NLR Tap on 06/18/2012 at 11:39 AM

Re: “Tracy Steele announces for NLR mayor

First, JCB,
Your dripping sarcasm was not over my head and I'm sure I wasn't the only one offended by it. However, support who you wish...or (more likely based on your angry comments), support no one.

Now, MM,
You used the term "Fessing up"-My characterization of that was that he was honest and forthright when asked about it. That's just a difference of opinion.

He wasn't quoted as having said he'd never draw a salary from STAND, and his current salary at the Foundation is modest for the REAL and VERIFIABLE work it does. Some expect others to work for free but few actually do.

Regarding "not reavealing the sources of contributions". Is STAND for some reason required to include additional information not asked for in the reports? I'm NOT hearing you say that the reports were NOT turned in only that they didn't include all the information YOU looked for. I'm just wondering if this was a REAL story why is the IRS and the media letting it slide?

While you are free to disagree with me (I'd be shocked if you don't!) your "tidbits" still don't compare to the reality of our City being nationally embarassed for attempted bid fixing and perceived Mafia connections. While those in the administration weren't charged, I can't help but believe that the "culture" fostered and accepted by the current administration certainly didn't discourage what did happen.

I initially posted that I supported Tracy. It shouldn't surprise you THAT I STILL DO. While I'd like for others to support him too, I realize that with the current fractured voter base, brought about by an an administration a growing number of us no longer trust) we'll have to settle for 50.1%.

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Posted by NLR Tap on 02/29/2012 at 5:53 AM

Re: “Tracy Steele announces for NLR mayor


"There is no need to be so hateful" was the comment and that should hardly be mistaken for an attack. No one accused anyone of hating anybody nor were the remarks audacious in any way. THAT is the truth.

Oh about your screenname, "Jim Crow" Black. REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

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Posted by NLR Tap on 02/27/2012 at 12:00 AM

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