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Recently retired from piddlin' around. Now mostly just phartin' around.

Updated on July 22, 2013 at 11:24 AM

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Re: “The Tom Cotton Big Lie open line

About that simulation theory, Sarge, I think the best movie about it was "The Thirteenth Floor". IMO, it is better than the "Matrix" movies which I have a hard time keepin' straight in my head. "Dark City" is a totally whacked-out exploration on the theme.

"The Thirteenth Floor" has a jaw-droppin' endin' almost as good as "The Sixth Sense" -- not to mention being more thought provokin'.

Someday, maybe, I'll grow up. But I sincerely hope not. I kinda like havin' my jaw dropped every now and then. I start droolin' now when it happens cause I'm old but I still like it.

In the meantime, if anybody wants to make a movie about my TOTs, have at it. I see a race of super-smart spud-lookin' creatures. You could call it "Tater TOTs". Or not. It's up to you.

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Posted by Olphart on 05/26/2018 at 9:06 PM

Re: “The Tom Cotton Big Lie open line

NVR, I was a pharmacist until recently so I already know about poison. ;-) But the first book sounds good. Thanks.

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Posted by Olphart on 05/26/2018 at 8:27 PM

Re: “The Tom Cotton Big Lie open line

Open line means any subject. Right?

I tend to look at things like a lot of movies do. You start out with a big wide angle shot and you gradually zoom in, boring your way down to the closeup, the particular. I imagine life on earth as an experiment set up by "Them Out There" who know shit. I don't know if we're a major study set up by some of the the muckety muck TOTs or a third grade science experiment from one of the younger TOTs because I have no idea how smart the TOT species really is or how far they've evolved.

Which brings me to human evolution. I see all life on Earth as the result of the mother of all algorithms written by a much higher species, namely the TOTs. I suspect that they have no idea how we'll turn out but they watch us for amusement, when they're not appalled by our stupidity and our decadence. We may be, to them, kinda like the sea monkey brine shrimp eggs that we used to order from the backs of comic books. "Just add water and watch their comical antics!"

Which brings us in to a closeup, a particular moment in time I was reading about today in a book about the discovery of the elements in the periodic table.*

About 400 years ago, we humans, discovered science and gradually worked our way up figurin' out how things worked by using the scientific method that most, but not yet all of us, appreciate. It was a gradual process where you start out with superstition -- demons, witches, dragons, giants, and such -- and work your way up to the space exploration, Blu-ray players, and smartphones that we have today. It took a while, like I said, and, theoretically, there was a moment when it was about half superstition and half science.

I think that moment was in the late 1800's when the chemist/clairvoyants Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater discovered a new chemical element that they dubbed "Occultum".

"Besant was a leading light in the theosophist religious movement, a clairvoyant, a feminist activist and a leading political radical of the Victorian period. With Leadbeater, a former Anglican preacher, she wrote many books, among them one called Occult Chemistry, a fusion of these later interests with what she had learnt while studying chemistry as one of the first woman undergraduates at London University. This volume, first published in 1909 and later running to several editions, gave exhaustive and precise descriptions of the appearance of individual atoms of many of the elements as they appeared first to Leadbeater and then, under his tutelage, to Besant, viewed by the third eye of clairvoyance. The atoms were illustrated by Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa, Leadbeaters young Singhalese companion, who attended the chemical seances along with his white kitten."

Occultum later proved to be a dud and this particular method of discovery soon faded out. Oddly enough, this couple did correctly predict that subatomic particles spun upon an axis and vibrated well before it was scientifically discovered.

Don't worry. I don't plan on sharing ALL my crackpot musings with this blog. Some I'll save for other purposes like the weekly dialogue with my psychiatrist, Dr. Googenheimer.

* from "Periodic Tales: A Cultural History of the Elements, from Arsenic to Zinc" by Hugh Aldersey-Williams

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Posted by Olphart on 05/26/2018 at 8:09 PM

Re: “'Spirit-filled' Senator Rapert talks about his war with Satan

I ain't worried, 'plexed. That gun he talks about is like his Christianity. He keeps threatening to whip it out but it never shows up. The Mississippi River should have such a mouth. We wouldn't ever have no more floods cause the drainage would be so good. He's just a metaphor waitin' to happen...or something. Rapert is what you get when you cross a rotten apple with a bad egg. He'd make a nasty pie. The only time I wanna run across Rapert is when I find him layin' out on I-40. OK, not that one, he'll call the cops on me for threatening him. Uh...he ain't no good. Satan admires him fer his evil deeds. Chiggers won't go anywhere near him cause he reeks of sulfur. Given the choice, they'll take a bite out of Lucifer.

I'm tired, tuckered out, all stove up, and old. I gotta go lie down. Zzzz. Can't half sleep. Zzzz.

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Posted by Olphart on 05/26/2018 at 4:12 PM

Re: “'Spirit-filled' Senator Rapert talks about his war with Satan

I've got nothin' better to to do today. I'm thinkin' bout headin' out to the marketplace -- say the parking lot at Lowes -- and find me a flatbed truck parked near the contractors entrance. I'm gonna take my Acme megaphone up there onto the truck bed and begin to pray.

"Lord, thank you for not makin' me like other men, men like that jack-legged charlatan, Jason Rapert for example. And dear God bless me for not making a public fool of myself by claimin' false directives from you and goin' around beggin' for money like the tax collector or the head of Holy Ghost Ministry. Oh Lord, I feel so blessed not to feel like an inadequate little runt who imagines persecution after the public, brazen, erecting of graven images on public property which I know You loathe and...huh? What you mean, get my ass down off your truck? No, Lord that wasn't meant for you; I'll talk at you later. James Brown here is tellin' me I gotta get down. Amen, yer servant, olphart of Conway."

I kinda hope Rapert shows up while I'm there. After hearin' me, he might get shamed into changin' his ways. I'm not countin' on it though.

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Posted by Olphart on 05/26/2018 at 10:12 AM

Re: “Ireland poised to repeal abortion ban

I have fond memories, too, of stereo Canned Heat back in the dorm. I don't believe that we ever thought of straining it through a towel though. The Owl's voice was plenty high enough without straining.

I know this is a cheap shot, Going, but you can get even sooner or later, I'm sure.

Meanwhile: https://youtu.be/JXtm_hymz_c

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Posted by Olphart on 05/25/2018 at 9:57 PM

Re: “Ireland poised to repeal abortion ban

It's possible that many unwanted pregnancies occur because of drunken behavior by one or both of the parties involved.

When the Irish Clergy and the Irish people quit drinking alcohol, maybe, they'll reinstate the ban. What are the odds that this will happen, you think? Going, would you call up your bookie and find out what the payout would be on betting that the Irish stop all the tippling? Hell freezing over would be a sure thing compared to that bet, I'll, er, bet.

Having said that, I'd trust any Irish drunk more than any teetotlin' dotard. The Irish are good people and I like their potatoes a lot. Some even brag about their whiskey but I'm going in circles here it seems...

Abortion is a serious choice to make but it's a choice that shouldn't be illegal to make. Now, it's not...in Ireland.

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Posted by Olphart on 05/25/2018 at 6:39 PM

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