On primary care 

On primary care

In a recent article on the Lee County Clinic, Ms. Sip Mouden was quoted as saying, “Unlike outposts of the state's Arkansas Health Education Centers, community health centers function as ‘medical homes,' keeping clinical records on their patients in the same way private health care providers do.”

Unfortunately, Ms. Mouden's statement is not accurate. Six of our eight Area Health Education Centers house family medicine residency programs, the faculty and residents of which provide primary care services to all ages and genders of patients in their family medicine centers. These family medicine centers act as medical homes for those patients and keep records on those patients on our EMR system. In fact, we are moving forward to implement more advanced models of primary care, now that we have laid the foundation by implementing an EMR system.

To give you a feeling for the extent of primary care/medical home services we provide, in fiscal year 2008 our faculty and residents provided: 161,962 outpatient visits; 9,861 hospital admissions; 3,849 nursing home visits; 2,329 babies delivered, and $2.4 million in uncompensated care. Medicaid patients provided 41 percent of net collections.

Dr. Mark B. Mengel

Vice chancellor, UAMS regional programs


Your lack of objectivity in your article titled “The Religious Right has muscle” is shocking.

It was made very clear from the first sentence where you stand on the issue. It would be one thing if this was an op-ed piece, but no, this was the front page. This was a gross demonstration of biased reporting. Frankly just terrible journalism. The quotes you incorporated in your article where appalling. Did you even read them?

There were multiple threats on his life. Do you really think that it is appropriate to put in a newspaper? Please do not try and justify them by saying that it proves your point he is a hated man. The very fact that that is what you aimed to prove shows the lack of objectiveness in your reporting. I have seen more civil blogs on the issue than your report.

I do not agree on every issue that Jerry Cox lobbies. He does it appropriately. He believes what he believes. That is his right. Nothing he is doing is outside the law. He defiantly has one thing you do not, integrity.

By the way, I am a liberal. Please stop making us look bad.

Jeff Arnold


Same old garbage

I just saw Rush Limbaugh on CNN telling a conservative group that he hopes our president fails. Fox News has Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and that freak Anne Coulter (Andy Dick in drag) talking the same garbage. I got a news flash for the Republican Party. You better hope Obama turns this country around. The Republicans had control of the White House for eight years and Congress for six years and created the mess we are in now. They cannot blame that on Clinton. If you cannot help get us out of your mess, then just get out of our way.

America has spoken. There is hope in the air for the first time in eight years. People are tired of the divide-and-conquer mentality the Republicans continue to follow. It will take time to undo what the Republican Party has done to our nation and economy.

If Rush is in fact the leader of the Republican Party they are in a sad state. He is a once drug-addicted, hypocritical fat pig, who speaks only of hate and division. He and the others betray all that is great about America. This generation could use a Bob Dylan: “Congressmen and senators heed ye the call, don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall. For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled.”

The Republicans need to find new leaders. You better pay attention.

Butch Stone


Guns in church

Since the fine folks of our fair state feel a need to carry and conceal guns in church I have an observation to make. (Please legislative people do not take me seriously!)

When we can carry weapons into church to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Prince of Peace we need to take one more step in our course.

The news people have been making a great deal about the state lottery and the background check it would necessitate of the retailers of these tickets. I say we lighten the load on our already stressed background checking personnel and allow churches to sell state lottery tickets, too. With the exception of the Tony Alamo group, the background check would be a phone call or second-cousin-to-the-preacher verification away. Way easier than all that official investigation stuff and therefore saving the state money. Besides, we can then be truly biblical. Money changers in the temple and all that.

George Gibson

Little Rock

Free choice

Why shouldn't workers have the same right to a contract as CEOs? Currently it is the management of a company that decides if a union organizing effort of employees who have signed “authorization for representation” cards is recognized or a secret ballot election is called for. Let me say it again, the company currently has the power to dictate the secret ballot election, not the workers and certainly not the union.

The Employee Free Choice Act takes the power away from management and gives the employees the option of the secret ballot elect ion. Under the act, it's the employees not the employer who dictates the secret ballot process. If workers wish a secret ballot election, then the National Labor Relations Board would hold one. If not, then the employees have a union to negotiate on their behalf.

The CEO is able to control the employees' destiny, why not the employee?

Lindsay Brown

Business representative

Painters Local Union 424



I recently attended the House Judiciary Committee meeting on the animal cruelty issue. It didn't take long to unravel the web of deceit that was presented. The attorney general and his staff had no idea how many individuals were charged with animal cruelty in 2008, but it was very important to make animal cruelty a felony in Arkansas. The Humane Society of the United States is standing by with $250,000 in taxpayer grant money to train “law enforcement” officials. The large lobbying/insurance company, Farm Bureau, gave its papal blessing. I guess it didn't matter that over 67 percent of Arkansans voted no to this issue. Just let a few years pass and the people will be overruled.

The only reason this law was put into effect was for money and power, not to help the animals.

Anna M. Slavin


The obstructionists

Is it just myself or have others out there also observed how vehement the dwindling number of fasci-cons have become in their asinine attacks against any message of truth or change now that they can no longer continue lying with impunity concerning the actual tragic condition of our nation, Constitution and rule of law?

Unfortunately, with the Democratic takeover of the Congress and election of President Obama, we can look forward to even more of their lies, fear mongering, personal attacks and blatant racism that might work again, unless we the majority, including millions of young voters, remain politically active and instantly fight back at every opportunity.

There are two options available to us. Continue the fear-activated path of insanity the Reich wingers advocate, or change direction while there might still be time. The very future of our world depends on what path we take.

Lew Huddleston





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