Owning it 

Owning it

Dan Aykroyd said of John Belushi, "He was a good man, but he was a bad boy." I think we can say the same for Al Franken. I don't know what the story is with these guys, must be a "SNL" thing. Anyway, Al made some mistakes in the past but he is getting it right this time. Step aside and let the newly appointed senator — surely a Democrat — get his/her feet on the ground before the elections next November.

Bill Clinton should have done the same thing when he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar — OK, that was a bad analogy, it wasn't a cookie jar.

If Clinton had resigned when he should have instead of arguing the definition of the word "is," Al Gore would have become president. Gore would have been running in the fall of 2000 as the incumbent against Bush. I heard James Carville on a talk show saying that he didn't think that would have made much difference. Well, James, how much difference did we need back then? One or two hanging chads would have changed the history of this country, and changed it for the better.

What Franken did was wrong, but he has recognized his mistakes. He "owned it," as the saying goes. I'm not defending what Al did in the past, but what he is doing now is the proper thing.

David Rose Hot Springs


Let me begin simply by saying "thank you" for the column titled by Max Brantley "Man's world" (Nov. 30). With all of the explosive allegations concerning sexual harassment lately, it was good hearing a man's opinion about the issues women like myself have dealt with for years. Every time I hear or read an article about sexual harassment, sexual assault and discrimination faced by women even in low profile settings, it stirs up many emotions and memories I've been struggling with myself involving these types of situations. It is even more disappointing to hear other women discount the effect this has on our society by blaming or doubting the women who bravely stand up for themselves.

I also appreciated your acknowledgement that there are many women in our world who would make great leaders if only given a chance void of the misconceptions and stereotypes that are evident in our country today. As the words of the song says, "It's a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl."

Latonya Montgomery Little Rock

From the web, in response to the Dec. 7 Arkansas Blog post "Razorbacks introduce new football coach Chad Morris":

I suppose it will be considered "breaking," though hardly unlooked for, news five years from now when he is unceremoniously fired.


tsallenarng, with your ability to know what's going to happen five years down the road, you really should spend time in the stock market.

Big Fun

"Being a champion is not an event, but a life style" said the coach who most recent team ranks 122nd in the nation in total defense.


Seems to have a winning attitude. Nice of him to acknowledge the difficult job Julie Cromer Peoples was given. We shall see.


From the web, in response to the Dec. 8 Arkansas Blog post, "Circuit judge orders state to stop issuing all new birth certificates until unconstitutional procedure corrected":

Sadly, the Judge Tim Foxes of this state and country, who actually still labor under the notion that their purpose is administration of justice and equal application of the law for all citizens, now appear as freakish outliers from the norm.  The speed with which Leslie Rutledges at all levels of the Republican Party are installing extremist ideologues into the judiciary is frightening. A far more lasting legacy (or pox) than The Orange Idiot's temporary reign as imperator.

RIP Democracy.


From the web, in response to the Dec. 8 Arkansas Blog post "Governor directs Health Department to resume issuing birth certificates under revised procedures": t

Now was that so hard? Just think of all the taxpayer money spent to have it your way, Leslie Rutledge.


I have waited nearly two years for this, to be able to get my child's birth certificate with any measure of dignity (that is, without the indignity of obtaining a court order identifying myself as a "stepparent" petitioning for "parental" rights). So far, in calling ADH to see what I need to bring, I have been put in endless hold queues and given no information. I hope they hold an emergency meeting and sort out how to implement this, and make it as easy as possible on those of us seeking a correction. I don't wish to wait any longer to put this behind me.


From the web, in response to the Dec. 10 Arkansas Blog post "Rep. Bob Ballinger wants to keep fighting over birth certificates":

Why are Bullet Bob and his ilk so fascinated with sex the way other people have it? What pictures must flash across the slide-screens at the back of their occipital regions? What makes them tingle?


Bob is a bigot and hater. Those are his birth parents.

Jake da Snake



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