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Re: “Sheridan High squelches yearbook profile of gay student

I might also add that the churches, and the religious doctrines that they teach as absolutes, have harmed and caused the loss of many lives of GLBTQ persons.

We also have clearly missed the mark on the intent of our founding fathers, as separation of church and state is clear. This school administration is allowing their personal feelings, sense of morals, religious beliefs, and general fears and misunderstandings about another human to direct decisions instead of allowing the law to direct decisions.

For those of you on the opposite side of this argument from me, let me remind you that as soon as you allow them to get away with this, it will not be long until they will use these same tactics to limit your speech or actions in a matter that is of grave importance to you.

Could you imagine that fear, shame, loss of self-esteem and the psychological damage that the principle and superintendent's children would feel should one of them happen to be gay? If a member of their family is gay (and they most likely do have one or two), imagine the hurt they are causing to their own families. The decision to come out is a step of courage, as many people lose everyone in their lives. They lose people simply because of who they are. real love accepts everyone for who they are, you may not understand it, but you don't treat them as a second class citizen or remove them from your life. You patiently work to understand.

Most people who I know in the LGBTQ community are very spiritual people with strong religious history or backgrounds, yet the churches and families they have been a part of have rejected them. I warn you, this is not love, it is not Christianity, and it is not Christ like. Humans consistently try to develop and direct "God" wants and it really is not that at all, it is what a man or church wants. Christianity teaches a personal relationship with God, so therefore, why do we not let it be just that? We look on the outward appearances and often miss the fact that this is a heart or soul experience that you cannot define me, nor I for you.

In the overall picture, this is NOT about religious rights, legal rights, or putting something in your is about HUMAN is about embracing a personal story and a personal journey that should be validated, supported, and celebrated. A member of our community has shared a very personal thing and shown bravery in doing so. A young man has reveled a truth about himself and yet the community is allowing a few bigoted persons to say to him, "you should keep this private, you should not tell this, you may be harmed".

Such attitudes are what give credibility to bullying, hate crimes, and even on a personal level to guilt, shame, and low self-esteem. We, as a society celebrate a man and woman, but yet we fear the concept of a man and a man or a lady and a lady dynamic....why? Because many do not understand it and therefore we allow fear to reign and find all types of excuses, religious, legal, cultural, etc, to dismiss who someone actually is. This is all done because they do not fit our idea of what is acceptable.

I understand firsthand what it means to be discriminated against and I would never wish that on another person for any reason.

To see someone live in fear of losing a job, family, housing, or have personal safety in jeopardy just because of who you are is unthinkable, yet it is actions just as this principle and superintendent have taken that causes this to be a reality for a number of individuals.

For those of you who think orientation is a choice, who would choose to be the potential target of ridicule, discrimination, and possibly violence?

For those who have responded and made this about a sexual practice, I would hate to be in a relationship with you, for you clearly see a relationship as just sexual. This is about one human loving another human, one human sharing a life and all that entails with another human, one human finding completion in themselves and one human experiencing the same emotions with another that you feel when you are with your spouse or significant other. Sex is a natural response for persons in love, however it is not the dominate aspect of the relationship. Love, friendship, companionship, joint likes and dislikes, everyday life, sharing, understanding, and a spiritual connection are what creates a relationship and this is what a LGBTQ person experiences just the same as a heterosexual person.

I will admit that the LGBTQ community has gotten a bad rap that many people believe, however it not one created by the members of this community. It has been created, just as many stereotypes are created by the media, television, and the movies. Stereotypes are often seen as sissy men and masculine women, however the truth is there are many more LGBTQ persons who are exactly the opposite. I personally know very masculine men who are police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and in other typically overtly masculine roles, likewise I know many women who are very feminine and work in typically feminine roles.

As young women and young men, like Taylor, stand up and speak out against injustices and acknowledge who they are and stand with others as proud and secure individuals, the baseless arguments that others who live in fear cast will be diminished and fade away. The generation that I belong to has done much harm to others based on race, gender, orientation, disability, and socio-economic status, but it is refreshing to know that the current generation is casting aside the biases and beginning to see people as just people.

I am proud to support the triple "T" - Team Taylor Tiley

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Posted by Progressive Priest on 03/16/2014 at 8:13 PM

Re: “Sheridan High squelches yearbook profile of gay student

Taylor Is a brave young man and the support his mother is offering is incredible. They both are HEROS for standing up for what is right and just.

As a member of the clergy, I would remind all that everyone who claims to be a Christian is not....many forget that to be a Christian means to be "Christ like". Many would be well advised to go back and re-read the Holy Book that they use to hurt, harm, and abuse others.

Christ was asked what the greatest commandments were and he stated that we should love our God and love others as we love ourselves. He did not turn anyone away and never put exclusions on who was worthy and who was not. In this case there is clearly a religious undertone that has others putting their own personal feelings above an innocent young mans.

While one may have a religious objection to what they see as wrong, I would remind all of the religious zealots that you are operating off of a man's interpretation of right and wrong and NOT Christ's. Christ was quick to remind us to "judge not, least you be judged, for as you judge, so shall you be judged. If you see someone being Gay as a sin, so be it, that is your right, however, remember that the Bible you so quickly quote also clearly defines for you that no sin is greater than another, therefore when you condemn him for being who he was created to be, you are also condemning yourself.

I am proud of this young man for standing up and admitting to himself, his family, and his community who he is. This takes courage and strength. He is making the world a much better place for other young men and women. As a life long Arkansan, I am humbled to see those in the youth GLBTQ community standing up and being counted and making a HUGE difference in our future of equality, justice, and moral right.

To know that such a BRAVE and COURAGEOUS young man will be serving in our military and defending the rights of ALL Americans to have life and liberty is inspiring. His mother as well is due a large amount of credit for being exactly what she should be, a mother who loves, supports, and is proud of her son. You will have many more supporters than detractors. Some people will always be bound by their fears of things they don't understand.

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Posted by Progressive Priest on 03/16/2014 at 7:14 PM


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