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Re: “Newport police officer killed in traffic stop; suspect in custody

The lack of opinion is the opinion people. Or should I say snowflakes. I just love using snowflakes because it works. It draws out an emotion of crying, especially with old fart. I guess I should specify my sarcasm a little more clearly. The writer is very opinionated and passionate when it comes to the brutality and wretchedness of Police. He's wrote at least ten headlines on taking away cop cars for police living outside the communities they serve in. A police officer loses his life and we don't hear his agenda against law enforcement. Muteness. No compassion for a true hero to a community. That's where fake news comes in. That's ok, Fox 16 picks up the slack. Asa, Boozman, Cotton, Rutledge they all express formal condolences as reported by Fox. I am sorry for the rant it was excessive. It just really struck me when I over here someone bashing police today as I'm at my job. It's the new cool thing to do. Then I soon read two more officers lost their life today in the news. I feel so sorry for the force and feel it's in a bad state. We need to lift officers up, not put them down. "Furgeson effect" look it up.

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Posted by Rainbow Punk Troll on 06/13/2017 at 8:48 PM

Re: “Newport police officer killed in traffic stop; suspect in custody

Hmm, This is a real thoughtful and opinionated article. Thanks for this one Max! All you do is bash police and invoke pessimistic views about law and order. When someone loses their life serving the very Americans they promise to protect all you snowflakes go mute. You want to stripe them of fringe benefits in their jobs, scrutinize their often times life endangering work, make them adhere to living in certain communities. I could go on and on. They have the most stressful job in the nation. They make a small percentage of what you make and they might not return home from a day at work. The truth is you beg for the Police when your life is on the line. All you liberal cry babies on here living in the Hillcrest/Heights area have no idea of the reality. You cry police brutality, over a rich hillcrest drunk that just wants to sue someone over having his feelings hurt and a black eye. Typical liberal agenda, make the cops look bad. Fake news man, you're fake news.

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Posted by Rainbow Punk Troll on 06/13/2017 at 9:42 AM

Re: “The Comey day open line and video report

Fake news has been pushing this comey hysteria for two weeks. Actual News flash snowflakes, nothing happened today. You can all just keep whining and crying about Russia, honestly its good having you all in the Russia cloud. Meanwhile the president is doing things every single day pushing the agenda. It's going to be a long 4 years for you cry babies! Make that 8 years!! I hope you all keep trusting those fake polls too. They were so accurate in the Crooked Hillary pre election landslide forecast. Give up guys and gals, you lost. No impeachment. Oh and republicans don't take polls.

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Posted by Rainbow Punk Troll on 06/08/2017 at 8:25 PM

Re: “Add the ACLU to questions about Little Rock ordinance to stop homeless feeding

Max Brantley is fake news. This is all about your liberal view and agenda. Explain both sides to this! This has little to do with the homeless. The city is working to keep providing and working with the homeless feeding without any changes. This ordinance is actually about parks and what is happening to them in the inner city. Has anyone been to the big dam bridge/Murray park on Sunday!? It used to be a really nice park, you could play volley ball, walk your dog, grill a few burgers. Now it's nothing but 24inch rims, loud music, red and blue colors and popping in the rock (aka gunshots). It spilled over into cammack just a few weeks ago. Requiring a 500$ down payment and 25-75$ for gatherings of large groups of people would stop this riff raff. This city is turning into a cesspool. It's embarrassing we have to inact ordinances to enjoy public parks but hey it's what we have to do! You liberals keep running off the good cops.

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Posted by Rainbow Punk Troll on 05/16/2017 at 6:18 AM

Re: “Who needs e-mail? Trumps shares classified info directly with Russians

Yeah I agree oldfart. He's something alright. I mean he's a utter moron no doubt. He speaks like a spoiled brat and doesn't think before he opens his twitter. Nothing polished about the guy. But.... He's the president. MAGA# I voted for him, you forgot to mention me in that list of ignorant, slobbering sycophant voters. He stands for law and order, supporting hard working Americans, and has decreased illegal immigration by just taking the position. China is actually taking a stance on North Korea. Cops and immigration enforcement actually believe in the moron and believe they may actually have a government behind them now. Did he divulge something top secret to Russia? I highly doubt it but liberal media/fake news paints the ugliest picture possible. What if he told them about information on lap top bombs or a ISIS plan to bring down a Russian airliner? You snowflakes can just keep crying and jump behind your Hillary resistance. I get on here from time to time and all I read is liberal whining. Sometimes I wish Hillary had won just so you democrats would be less vocal. It's nauseating. Meanwhile the silent majority (slobbering idiots, as you call us) who voted for Trump will just do what we did for the past 8 years. Roll are sleeves up, keep our mouth shut and go to work everymorning. Oh and vote, we do that too.

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Posted by Rainbow Punk Troll on 05/15/2017 at 10:28 PM

Re: “House passes health care legislation; French Hill joins the attack on Obamacare

So let me get this straight. You snowflakes want a government mandated law that was passed in corrupt manner of events. Surrounding a filibuster before a recess when voters didn't even know what they were doing. Nancy Pelosi- we have to pass it before we know what's in it, Barack Obama- you like your doctor you keep your doctor, Jonathan Gruber (obamacare architect)- stupidity of voters helped obamacare pass. How can a government mandate healthcare for the people but government elites not have to adhere to the same law? Obama will never have Obamacare. I'm afraid you Democrats will get what you want. Obamacare won't get repealed but Trump will at least look like he tried. Then the Cadillac tax Obama kept fumbling down the field until post election will come into play. Providers have completely vanished, obamacare is failing. Isn't it ironic that Barry made sure none of the implementation of his signature law would begin until he left office? Great guy that Obama was. He's really giving back to his Chicago community too. You democrats see that speech he's giving for 400,000$? He's stacking his pockets on wall street. Oh, and I lost my doctor. This is why I'm upset. Thanks Barry! Love ya!

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Posted by Rainbow Punk Troll on 05/04/2017 at 9:15 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Inmates' attorneys ask federal court for investigation of Arkansas executions. Judge OKs gathering of evidence.

Oldfart, I see I struck a deep nerve. I wasn't trying to personally attack your atheist views. I was just expressing mine. That was like a week ago. You've been really contemplating this rainbow stuff huh? I get it. You just see things as phenomena and that's you. What's passe' to you is not to some others. I was always with the kids on the playground chasing after the rainbow and amazed. It's a creation to me. Some kids just stare at the ground kicking rocks and it's not that impressive to them. As for Old Testament, we could talk forever I'm sure you'd win. Jesus never taught for us to follow every "jot and tittle" in the Old Testament. Honestly that's why Jesus came and Christianity exists. Gods commandments to Moses/Joshua/Israelites for conquering the land of twelve tribes and Gods own vengeance are usually not taught in Christianity as today's law. You can take the Bible out of context and do what ever you want with it if that's your agenda. As for me I try to follow Jesus's example and try to go by his teachings. If everyone went by the Ten Commandments and just lived like Jesus, Arkansas would never have executions. Not a single one!! It would be awesome. Or as you'd probably say Phenomenal!!
-Rainbow Punk Troll
Thanks, I think I'll start using that.
I never celebrated the execution either you lied about that. I said he should have remained in supermax.

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Posted by L.A. punk on 04/29/2017 at 8:05 AM

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