Rightward push 

Rightward push

Isn't it interesting to watch the right scramble to try to turn the tide of history? They spent untold millions in the 2012 election trying to buy the White House. Despite their considerable efforts to keep citizens from voting, to mislead the American people about every aspect of President Obama's record and agenda and to destroy unions since they tend to support Democratic candidates, they still lost. Americans all over the country stood in lines for hours, jumped through ridiculous hoops the Republicans cynically put in place to diminish Democratic turn-out and saved the United States from a take-over by the radical right and their "corporations are people" hack presidential candidate.

But sadly, the Republican Party apparently has learned nothing from the last election. Instead of examining its policies on immigration and gay rights and religious intolerance and bringing their party into the 21st Century, they have chosen to try to change the way states apportion their electoral votes so they will "win" the presidential election despite getting fewer votes. I guess stealing the 2000 election and installing the swaggering idiot from Texas wasn't enough for them. If they can't win the game by playing by the rules, then they'll just change the rules. How typical.

All of us, regardless of political affiliation, should be appalled and horrified by this scheme on the part of the radical right to thwart the will of the people. Had this scheme been in place in 2012, we would have been inaugurating President Romney on Jan. 21, despite Obama receiving nearly 5 million more votes than did Mr. Romney. Once again the Republican Party shows the world all too clearly that it really cares nothing about the will of the citizens of the United States and only about the will of its corporate masters. This must not stand!

Todd Hall

North Little Rock

Clinton in 2016

After watching Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testify before the Senate and House Committees on Benghazi, I have decided that there are two things that would be best for America:

1.) That Mrs. Clinton run for President in 2016.

2.) That South Carolina be allowed to secede from the Union.

What an amazing woman she is, and how rude and arrogant the South Carolina Republican elected officials were.

Butch Stone


From the web

In response to last week's cover story, "Controversial frac sand mining comes to Arkansas":

Don't believe the empty promises of the mining companies. One only has to look at parts of Appalachia that have been impacted by Mountaintop Removal (MTR) coal-mining. The blasts send toxic dust into the air and there have also been issues with groundwater and stream contamination. Not to mention that "reclamation" results in barren "hilltops" which are all but useless for even growing trees after these MTR sites are reclaimed.

These sand frac mining companies are going to use MTR techniques in the Ozarks. This needs to stop before these thugs get their nose in the tent, pure and simple for the long-term future of the Ozarks.


These companies are like the carpetbaggers after the war, they come to Arkansas to get rich off the land but they don't live here and it isn't their home. The mines will operate 23 hours a day, lights, noise and trucks polluting our air and possibly our pristine creeks.

Evergreen will be located outside the city limits and they will be self monitored, local people living close to the mine can only get help after there is an "incident" by sending in a complaint to ADEQ.

It's a sad, sad day for Izard County.

Brenda Eldridge

In response to the dining review, "Mr Dunderbak's gets a second bite at the bratwurst" (Jan. 23):

Sorry, but any review of Mr. Dunderbak's that is two-thirds focused on the veggie options misses the point. That is NOT what 99 percent of people going there are after. Is there still a Reuben? What else do they have that you didn't try? The pretzel was an out-the-door afterthought? WTF?

Big Fun

In response to the Big Picture and web feature "Terrible bills from the Arkansas legislature":

Random drug tests of law-abiding citizens violate their Fourth Amendment right to privacy. Will the tests also be conducted for alcohol? After all, it's as much a drug as any other, and can kill a person's job performance just as effectively. I believe this bill is motivated by a well-known Republican hatred of the poor and minorities.

As far as the guns-in-churches law goes, I would ask how many cases of church-related violence have been reported in Arkansas to justify this bill? I would extend the bill further to allow AR-15s, flame-throwers and grenade launchers in churches. Let's find out if these people are as responsible with their weapons as they tout themselves to be. After all, if Jesus is on your side, what's there to be afraid of?

The purpose of the voter ID bills is to make it harder for the young, the elderly and minorities to vote. You know, the people most likely to vote Democrat.

These are nothing but feel-good bills made to pander to the Republican redneck base, who can't think for themselves, the fascists of the religious right, who would like nothing more than to have theirs declared a state-sponsored religion, and to the corporate overlords of Arkansas who know that a Republican legislature is less likely to raise their tax rates and more likely to remove environmental restrictions on things like "fracking."

Brad Bailey

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