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Re: “Kansan named to head UA Law School

"Okay. I think we've gotten off on the wrong foot. I also think no one cares about this except us. So..."

Indeed, seems to be the case.

"I understand the UA Law School has its highest USNWR ranking ever -- maybe top 50 in public schools."

Yep, 45th Ranked Public School as I recall. Dean Nance did do an amazing job. Hopefully Dean Leeds can continue the trend.

"Given the national trend toward law firm downsizing and layoffs"

Yep and it isn't all about the money as many of us know, I suspect in the future, rankings will be less determined by "Big Law" (filled with a lot of egos and gross unhappiness) employment and more about true value of education and satisfaction in the job that someone has, retains and continues to do.

"My best to you, rmphan; I suspect there is more than unites us than divides us."

Indeed, to you too, Tap. There is usually a lot more that unites than divides.

Posted by rmphan on 05/24/2011 at 11:32 PM

Re: “Kansan named to head UA Law School

"Yeah; I took that personally."

Taking something personally doesn't make it a personal attack. That statement had no intention of being an attack, it was merely that you didn't read what I posted and then generalized my statement into something that you could respond in a way that undercut a statement I didn't make. As you recall, that's a distorted argument. (Strawman to be exact)

"I don't think UALR is subpar."

Fine, this conversation has been dragging on for days. I did call it sub-par, but I meant that not as it pertains to its graduates or administrators, but as its viewed by national employment recruiters. That's not just my observation, that's the statistical trend within the last 5-10 years. I don't think UALR is sub-par academically, but it's clear we need a change in direction on the number of graduates in this state per year. I don't see why this isn't a cut and dry issue and you don't agree that we have too many graduates.

Posted by rmphan on 05/24/2011 at 10:53 PM

Re: “Kansan named to head UA Law School

"What I find interesting about this is that rmphan claims above that UALR gets a less distinguished incoming group of law students"

UALR's LSAT Averages are nearly 6 points lower. That's a HUGE difference. Bar passage rates mean nothing, when many top scorers attracted to UA-Law are from out of state and are thus, impacting the world outside Arkansas at a greater rate. (See: UA Law being an academic school)

"Based on those two claims of rmphan--UAF gets significantly better students than UALR but they all pass the bar at a nearly identical rate--I'd say UALR is doing a measurably better job."

Ah, but you see, you've made a classic statistical fallacy. The lower portion of UA-Fayetteville are taking the bar at higher rates and skewing the numbers lower, while if UA's top students stayed in state (they don't, because they get good, high paying jobs in BigLaw in Dallas, Tulsa, Kansas City, St. Louis, OKC, etc. that UALR graduates have not [UALR is viewed as a regional school by many BigLaw employers]), UA's bar passage rate would be much higher. In fact, the reverse is true: UA's doing a significantly better job.

Posted by rmphan on 05/24/2011 at 9:07 PM

Re: “Kansan named to head UA Law School

"I don't think UALR is subpar."

Never said it was. Both schools need to work to address the total number of graduates in the state and what those graduates are doing (for the poor) when they graduate.

"I feel fairly confident that, having graduated with honors at UALR"

Congrats. (Albeit, a little late)

"but I don't feel the need to assault rmphan personally"

I never volleyed any personal attacks. I've attacked the idea of having the number of grads (per year) that we currently have.

"... with its own (separate) dean and adminstrators would be better than what we have now"

You're right. It wouldn't be. That's why I'm talking about enrollment. The administrative issue would be for the system to work out. There would be fewer professors, though, based on that scenario.

Posted by rmphan on 05/24/2011 at 12:46 AM

Re: “Kansan named to head UA Law School

"I was tendered admission at UA; I rejected it."

This is the only part of that I'm going to reply to. What a sad circumstance for you. We all have those decisions we look back on and think, "why"?

"If UALR's "division" is a part of the flagship system, how is that not a dean and other administrators hours away?"

What? It's apart of the system, which means it has its own dean and other administrators. Of course it does.

"If UALR Bowen School of law retains its deans and administrators (and I am neither), how is the de facto two law schools a benefit over one?"

That's not my point, it should be under the current system and should have its enrollment reduced. It will have its administrators regardless of this, but the key is, the enrollment is reduced. I can see why you'd be opposed to this.

Posted by rmphan on 05/23/2011 at 8:32 PM

Re: “Kansan named to head UA Law School

"I would suggest that you brush up on your reading comprehension skills yourself. The commenter you're replying to never said anything at all about being an administrator at UALR. S/he said "I and my UALR colleagues" - and if you read the rest of the sentence you would realize that s/he was talking about fellow law students & graduates of UALR. So most of your comment is non-sensical in replying as if the previous commenter is a UALR employee."

Do you have a problem with basic reading skills?

"Now I will weigh in to defend my law school (no offense to the one out northwest whose admission I rejected)."

What does this quote mean to you, "kejsmith"? When you take the time to figure it (aka: your neurons operate in an IQ level past the single digits, let me know).

"I and my UALR colleagues have held our own quite well in the practice of law ... in the last 20 years I've been at it."

Did you read this quote, "kejsmith"? I didn't realize law students could practice Law for 20 years. LOL.

"So most of your comment is non-sensical in replying as if the previous commenter is a UALR employee."

Pot meet kettle.

"*apart = perhaps you don't know this, but "apart" is not a word. It should have a space between "a" and "part."

Oh really?



Every dictionary I check disagrees with you. Perhaps YOU should check up on your grammar and spelling, as if it has anything to do with this discussion. (Though if you're going to point it out, at least be correct. Truly pathetic.)

"It's kind of an embarrassment if your responses are full of errors such as yours (aside from the glaringly obvious one that you did not take time to fully comprehend the previous commenter's comment) when you specifically say that someone ELSE should brush up on their reading comprehension skills. Completely laughable!"

No, what's laughable is you completely failed to read the previous poster where he says he likely REJECTED an application and that he's been practicing Law (students can't practice Law) and worst of all, you try to correct my spelling and are shot down by a basic Google search where MULTIPLE dictionaries prove you wrong. Truly embarrassing!

Posted by rmphan on 05/23/2011 at 4:17 PM

Re: “Kansan named to head UA Law School

"Now I will weigh in to defend my law school (no offense to the one out northwest whose admission I rejected)."

Excuse me, but I was accepted to both Law Schools. The bottom line is, the University of Arkansas is a nationally reputable school, UALR is a strong regional school. Rankings reflect that. Get over it and get over yourself. If you are actually involved in the admissions process at UALR, I'll consider making sure someone involved in the system sees your post and tracks your IP. No public employee should ever make a post personally attacking an admissions candidate.

By the way, I chose the former over the ladder and for good reason too.

"I don't know whether the ABA would accredit a "division" with deans and other administrators three hours away."

Did you not read what I posted. I didn't say anything about a division three hours away, I said the number of law graduates should be cut in half and UALR's division should become apart of the flagship system. Please be sure to brush up on your reading comprehension skills, since you feel the need to tout yourself as a UALR administrator.

"I don't know what agenda underlies the attacks on the UALR Bowen School of Law, but they are an affront to every graduate every time they are made."

I never attacked the graduates (or administrators) of UALR, I attacked the idea of having two Law Schools in the state where one is needed.

"... they don't do much good for the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville. It's a fight that doesn't advance either institution."

It doesn't do much for the state to have two law schools. I'm not in the business of defending a law school that isn't needed, just like I wouldn't come on here as an employee of UALR and try to the defend the law school. That's called conflict of interest.

"It's a fight that doesn't advance either institution."

I don't believe UALR graduates aren't competent, I believe they aren't needed. This state's best interests are served by having fewer and more qualified Law graduates. Are you really going to argue with me that UALR has better candidates? I'm looking at the numbers right now. They aren't better. It isn't even close. Now if you want to argue the LSAT is a sham, then feel free to have that argument. It's not one I disagree with it, but don't tell me UALR is the better school. Virtually no evidence supports that premise.

By the way, your school doesn't need defending on a blog and if it does, let your graduates do it. Doing it as an administrator is an ill-advised attempt on your part. Especially considering, once again, that I don't believe UALR's graduates aren't well-equipped and competent, the school simply should not be graduating the numbers that it is and should be downgraded.

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Posted by rmphan on 05/23/2011 at 12:24 AM

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