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Re: “The bucks don't stop at Bookout

A special "state" prosecutor has been ordered in the Paul Bookout matter. Bookout is from Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro, AR Judge Brent Davis ordered the investigation and selected a special prosecutor due to Scott Ellington withdrawl.

Bookout is being represented by Robert F. Thompson III of the Branch, Thompson, Warmath & Dale Law Firm of Paragould. That firm is an has been second judicial deputy prosecutors for not less than 45-years.

Judge Brent Davis is the former second judicial prosecutor.

Thompson was a deputy prosecutor under Davis.

When I hired the Branch, Thompson, Law Firm in a civil matter I was told that if I was prosecuted they could not represent me for they were deputy prosecutors.

How can an Arkansas Senator, and a deputy prosecutor represent Bookout in any matter?

It is because he is an Arkansas Senator that smells a dollar.

Thompson should withdraw as counsel.

This should be prosecuted by the United States Attorney for the E. District of Arkansas even though he is a Jonesboro, AR lawyer.

Posted by Rudolph Wilson Underwood on 08/21/2013 at 6:00 PM

Re: “The Arkansas Times introduces digital membership

I think you, ozarkrazo, mean “He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.''

ozarkrazo I have one for you and all “knob polishers” such as you; "If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.”

The last time I was called “Underwear” was in the first grade by a girl. I am not one to run from a fight if challenged. However, I do not like to fight women or cowards. Obviously one or both is you. Thus, we will fight your way sister and or sissy.

I bet my daddy can whip your daddy.
I bet my daddy is richer than your daddy.
I bet my daddy can outrun your daddy.

Grow up ozarkrazo and quit hiding behind a pseudonym, girl friend.

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Posted by Rudolph Wilson Underwood on 07/26/2013 at 2:01 PM

Re: “The Arkansas Times introduces digital membership

I think you, ozarkrazo, mean “He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.''

ozarkrazo I have one for you and all “knob polishers” such as you; "If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.”

The last time I was called “Underwear” was in the first grade by a girl. I am not one to run from a fight if challenged. However, I do not like to fight women or cowards. Obviously one or both is you. Thus, we will fight your way sister and or sissy.

I bet my daddy can whip your daddy.
I bet my daddy is richer than your daddy.
I bet my daddy can outrun your daddy.

Grow up ozarkrazo and quit hiding behind a pseudonym, girl friend.

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Posted by Rudolph Wilson Underwood on 07/26/2013 at 1:56 PM

Re: “Securities Department responds to GOP pressure for more investigation of Shoffner case; evidence insufficient so far

My comment received 1 like and 4-dislikes and all, naturally, were anonymous, as usual. I make these comments on Max Brantley’s den at the Arkansas Times, and often on another cowardly copy n paste pen n pencil the Arkansas Business.

I do so because to comment on articles at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette [who had no use for Max Brantley's bullshit] and/or the Memphis Commercial Appeal you must be a subscriber.

I maintain that since Sears stopped sending out the 1500-page catalogs the majority of subscribers to the A-Times n Business, A-DG and the CA do so because it is cheaper than Charmin ass-wipe. This however, excludes lawyers and republican politician subscribers.

What kind of a true American, for America, makes a comment of any kind using and hiding behind a pseudonym?

That is what is wrong with America today, most kiss ass and suck face with the likes of a Max Brantley who is a complete coward, a demon from hell, and is for sale as is his pen n pencil den.

3 likes, 7 dislikes
Posted by Rudolph Wilson Underwood on 07/21/2013 at 6:19 PM

Re: “When a cop kills


It is a no brainer Max's bias pen n pencil is at it again. He is anti Hasting.

Uncle Max knows and has known about the content of my comment for over 10-years. Yet lawyers, judges and Rep. Politicians can do no wrong at his pen n pencil print shop.

This is a story of one Max Brantley's heros

Last week a luncheon, liars contest, or whatever was held honoring a retired deputy prosecuting attorney and former district court judge in the State of Arkansas. He had also served as a special justice on the Supreme Court of Arkansas. As a prosecutor, he has tried major felonies including rape, arson, first degree and capital murder cases. He holds a J.D. from the University of Arkansas where he served as Associate Editor of the
Arkansas Law Review, and a Ph.D. from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth, U. K. He is a former member of the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission and past president of the Arkansas District Judges Council.

A earlier story about the man in above paragraph;

In the early 70’s one of the largest drug bust of its kind, at that time, occurred at the Memphis, TN Airport. If memory serves, I think it involved heroin. A college student from
Paragould, Greene County, Arkansas was the culprit. Naturally stories circulated he was there only to pick up a package and was oblivious of its content when arrested. To my knowledge, he was the only person prosecuted and sentenced. Naturally word circulated that he was awarded mega bucks to take the wrap for local elite and later those in the “knew” arranged a pardon and later he was accepted to law school.

He later passed the bar and armed with a licenses to steal he hung a shingle . In time he formed a partnership with a lawyer that became a municipal judge same-same as now called a city “district” judge. From there his partner/judge entered into politics, vacated his robe, and eventually became a congressman and then an Arkansas Senator. Thus he became a municipal/district judge.

The lawyer/judge/congressman/Senator was later indicted and eventually convicted for fraud pertaining to misuse of money from child support recipient programs and served time in federal prison in Millington, TN. Eventually the municipal/district judge was dethroned by a former public defender that gained a little fame for his defense or actually ineffective defense of one of the West Memphis Three murder defendants. Then the lawyer went back to private practice and again became a deputy prosecuting attorney and most recently retired with honors as referenced above.

Money, political connections, and a pardon, not an acquittal, or appellate reversal, took him from being a convicted drug dealer, a struggling branded life as a felon, to having no criminal record at all and legally licensed to do far worse and get away with it. He then became a lawyer, then a prosecutor, judge and set bail for alleged drug dealers and other alleged criminals.

He and I grew up in the same town. In fact, he and his former felon probably now pardoned to partner have represented me in more than one legal matter.

What is my point here? I was convicted of bank fraud in 1999 with proof to the contrary that was intentionally never submitted. While in federal prison, I received undeniable written proof from an officer of the court that my criminal defense lawyer, in concert with the United States Department of Justice for the Eastern District of Arkansas, sold me out. United States District Judge Susan Webber-Wright now Carter is well aware of this
fraud because I reminded her and the Assistant United States Attorney of it, on
record, each time she sentenced me to prison, two separate times.

From 1997 to 2008, armed with undeniable proof of unethical, illegal, dis-barr-able, impeachable, possible behead-able conduct on many-many lawyers and law firms, state/federal prosecutors-judges-politicians and other officers of the court, I sought relief from state and federal courts in this bogus, bias, and corrupt Eastern District of Arkansas Judicial System and was mocked when I was not ignored.

All of this was after the current United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas Christopher R. Thyer and his former law firm sold me out as a client, as well as, obstructed justice and worse in doing so.

It was after the current Paragould, Greene County, Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys [for the past 40+-years] committed fraud on the United States Bankruptcy and the Circuit Court of Greene County.

At that time, in 1998, I did not know they were committing fraud. WHY? Because I made a huge-huge mistake. I TRUSTED MY LAWYER(S). As for the DPA’s FRAUD; Christopher R. Thyer and his 4-partner law firm knew it at all times, the 63+-lawyers at the ROSE LAW FIRM knew it or should have, the 6+ lawyer/prosecutors at the DPA office in Paragould knew it and participated in it, Warren Dupwe bankruptcy trustee not only knew he participated in it, Bankruptcy Judge Mixon and Circuit Judge Turner knew it or should have known it.

Now if anyone wants to investigate the fraud and were to go to the Paragould, Greene County, Arkansas Circuit Court Clerks offices and ask to see file of Underwood v Cross County Bank-Case No.: 97-111(T) good luck. For the last three months, I have tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain the file and it was nowhere to be found. Finally, after several follow up calls I was told, “we’ll call you if we find it.” I do not know if the thugs from the bankruptcy court case has hidden or stolen those files. However, ole handsome Rudy has got some copies of the missing files to prove it all, if anyone gives a damn.

The Rose Law Firm used the same fraud but not only is the civil case file “lost” the court reporter refused and still refuses to “sell” me a transcript of the civil pretrial-trial-post trial even after he was paid $2,000.00 for it.

Some of the thugs who are/were members of the above mentioned law firms as well as other officers of the court have gone from being a lawyer/prosecutor to a judge, Judge to a Congressman, lawyer/prosecutor to a congressman to an Arkansas Senator and a current and former US Senator that was not part of the above law firms but was aware what was going on particularly when the one current Senator was an Attorney General. The other US Senator was dethroned and is now she’s a lobbyist.

A few years ago I contacted this “oath” conscience lawyer, after he got the boot as judge and hung a new shingle, I asked him to help me get back what was illegally taken from me. I informed him I could prove all the fraud these officers of the court committed. He refused to even consider it. When I asked him about justice and his oath as a lawyer and to please represent me against these thug officers of the court. His reply to me was; Rudy, I have to live around here and practice with these people…

Now, let’s say everything I have stated is the truth, can be proven and much-much-much more fraud by those an others? As you know movies, the media, courthouse propaganda, lawyers web pages and commercials, and politicians overly and falsely use the word JUSTICE. If JUSTICE prevails then In my limited legal mind it would appear to me that all of the proven fraudulent conduct of lawyers, prosecutors, and judges since 1998 would render those people as without jurisdiction in any civil or criminal court case matter since for they violated their oaths, broke the law and are at war with the constitution which in some cases is TREASON.

Thus, if justice prevails, the Arkansas State/US Courts would be inundated with appeals from civil/criminal appellate lawyers. Inmates would be released and civil judgments void. Now talking in relevant tongues the issue of MONEY comes alive a lot of money enough to cause someone to lose votes.

It is a sad but typical day in the Eastern District of Arkansas State/Federal Judicial when a guilty drug dealer can buy his freedom with money and political friends then become a lawyer and rob people blind, take payoffs, sell out clients, engage in selective, and vindictive prosecution, and turn your eye on crimes of friends and the elite. I don't see why they don't name a federal courthouse after him. They did it at the "Arnold" hole in Little Rock, AR.

It is a sad but typical day in the Eastern District of Arkansas State/Federal Judicial with lawyers, judges, and officers of the court when they deny due process and justice to a defendant who had/has proof of his innocence and fraud on the allege victim, their law firm, defense lawyers, state/federal judges, and politicians. As a result of presenting all of this fraud by officers of the court I will spend my life as a felon and I am forbidden to file any legal pleading without obtaining the permission of some 88-year old senior judge first.

All of these judges require lawyers and citizens to address them as "Your Honor." What a joke. Read the FBI's web page about abuse of power and authority being a priority for them to investigate. Their web page is nothing but an advertisement to politicians for when it comes to budget funding. The FBI should have their own comedy show. The judges have one; The Judge Judy Show- Judge Brown etc.

If I were to write a book about my experience with the lawyers judges and politicians I'd appropriately title it "CRYING WOLF TO WOLVES."


Do the justice pretenders administer justice at all costs or do the “do rights” ignore me, pass me off as an idiot, liar, and sore-loser? That is a no brainer. Money prevails over justice in the Eastern District of Arkansas Judicial System [probably in America].

PROVE ME WRONG. Do not just make fun because I am uneducated, verbose, and whatever.

Take me before a FEDERAL GRAND JURY [hopefully out of Arkansas] and I’ll eat the ham sandwich then they’ve got to indict someone or something.

Who would like to be my life insurance policy beneficiary?

Posted by Rudolph Wilson Underwood on 06/27/2013 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Chris Thyer: Informant in Shoffner case will eventually be identified

Chris Thyer: “Informant in Shoffner case will eventually be identified”...

Gee the 6th Amendment guarantees that even in the bogus E. District of Arkansas state/federal judicial system.

…"Christopher Thyer, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, saying the allegations, if proven, "completely erode the public trust" in Shoffner as an elected official. "When that trust is broken," Thyer said, "punishment is due..."

“Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.” Friedrich W. Nietzsche - German Philosopher - 1900

Remember those comments former Arkansas State Representative and current Arkansas Attorney General Christopher Thyer. I want to read/hear or see your thoughts about punishment, client and public trust, justice, oaths, and integrity within a year from now.

“There is no more cruel tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice.” Montesguier De L’Espirit Des Lois - 1748

Naturally, I will not read about Thyer getting the boot in the Arkansas Times because shyster-lover Max Brantley protects all lawyers bogus or not. Why? Because most of the Arkansas Times subscribers are lawyers and Republican Politicians. The rest subscribe because the Arkansas Times Magazine is cheaper than toilet paper.

It was a sad day when the 1000-page Sears catalog ceased. Out-houses will never be the same except when your in a state/federal court house.

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Posted by Rudolph Wilson Underwood on 06/14/2013 at 3:47 PM

Re: “Jay Moody being reviewed for federal judgeship

My comment, if “fat-Max” Brantley, and the Brantleyites will allow it, is about the article "Jay Moody being reviewed for federal judgeship" and the comment about Judge Susan Wright [Susan Webber-Wright now Carter] plans to take retirement later this summer.”

If someone wants to see firsthand a person that will do anything to reach the lime-light or a complete print whore one needs to look no further than United States District Judge Susan Webber Wright now Carter. This vertically challenged plumper, and former school marm went straight from the chalkboard to a federal-judges bench solely because she was a John Paul Hammerschmidt groupie. In addition it did not hurt marrying a law school professor, RIP, some 20-years her senior.

Judges Wright and James M. Moody are proof positive there is no justice in the federal court system of the E. District of Arkansas. I can, and I have proven it but no one cares.

Judge Wright sanctioned former President Clinton for “discovery” violation when Clinton was evasive in a deposition pertaining to getting a “BJ”. Judge Wright’s sanction order made sure everyone now, and throughout history, knew she was sanctioning a “sitting” US President as opposed to Defendant Clinton as recognized by the Plaintiff and her lawyer. Oh yea and the “integrity of the court” was such a big issue with this ole broad. However prior to sanctioning the President she was allowing and violating discovery in another case.

As a result SWW was probably the first US District Judge to rule on her own demise when a litigant, me, filed a Motion for a Writ of Scire Facias against her. That is an alternative to impeachment for miscreant judges. Judge Wright denied it within just a few days of it being filed.

Knowing Judge Wright’s fraud, arrogance, and incompetence was about to be publicized the phony US District clerk of court James W. McCormack stepped in. A lawsuit was filed against super Suzzy and other thug officers of the court and the clerk of court had some fossilized ole senior judge, G.T. Eisele, excuse me the Honorable G. Thomas Eisele, to disallow the litigant to file any pleading without GTE’s permission first. Thus; justice in the E. District of Arkansas. Ole “hog-jaws” Brantley knows this as well.

If there ever was a reason to compel the judges of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas to wear “HIGH-YELLER” dresses/robes look no further than Judges Susan Webber-Wright now Carter and James M. Moody. They not only are a mockery of justice they were and are for sale.

I pray that I live long enough to see these two clowns impeached.

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Posted by Rudolph Wilson Underwood on 06/07/2013 at 7:56 PM

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