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Re: “Governor exploring possibility of compromise on HB 1228

Why is it that bleeding heart big mouths like you, Brak, do not like the truth and don't like it to be said publicly? And you all use the same, lame, tired, nonsense arguements: racism, bigotry, hate, yattata, yattata. And I did not tout ANYTHING about any of MY beliefs using religion. I said nothing about what I believe. I merely pointed out that those in this country who have those beliefs have the right to have them and to exercise them, but through legislation, the gays, and big mouthed, uneducated, ignorant dolts like you are trying to take that right away from those people. Because YOU, AND THE GAYS, do not believe that those people should be free to exercise their religious beliefs or practices IF GAYS MIGHT SOMEHOW BE OFFENDED. God forbid that the gays are offended! Why do normal Americans and business owners who are offended by gays, and do not agree with their lifestyle, have to be silent about it, and be forced to do business with them if they SIMPLY do not want to, or it goes against all they believe? That has NOTHING to do with hate. People of strong faith follow ALL the principles of their faith, and Catholicism does not accept or condone homosexuality. Period. No matter what the gays want. Why can't Catholics practice that if they desire and that is what they believe and how they live? Why are gays free to live as THEY want and to offend as THEY want, yet nobody else in this country is afforded the same right? Why do gays, blacks, and illegals have more rights than whites and Christians, especially Catholics? In a country that was built on the principles of Christianity, no less. It is ludicrous. If a gay, black, or hispanic is denied something, OF COURSE it is because they are gay, black, or hispanic, NOT because they do not deserve it. So they want special legislation that guarantees them to have whatever they want from whomever they want, and they want legislation that FORCES people to deal with them, even if they do not want to or cannot because of their beliefs. But heterosexuals, whites, Christians, and especially Catholics, have to put up and shut up. No CITIZEN in this country should have to deal with anyone they do not want to deal with, for whatever reason they choose. It seems it is no longer a free country for citizens, heterosexuals, whites, Christians, or Catholics. So, please shut your whining, democrat as s the h&ll up.

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Posted by seesthetruth on 04/01/2015 at 3:51 PM

Re: “Governor exploring possibility of compromise on HB 1228

Why is it perfectly OK to enact legislation FORCING people to accept and condone gays and their lifestyle, and forcing the NORMAL people to stay silent about it, but it is not ok to enact legislation giving NORMAL people a venue, such as this law, which was enacted by Bill Clinton, by the way, to voice WHY they cannot or do not want to accept and condone, in silence, gays and their lifestyle? Why is it that only Christians, especially Catholics, in this country are not allowed to practice their religion or make public their beliefs? Yet, we are bending over backward for muslims. Gays and their activist groups have to realize that they cannot FORCE people, through legislation, to like them or the way they live, accept them and their lifestyle, agree with their lifestyle, condone it, or be forced to deal with them and give them special consideration because they are gay. Many Americans just do not want to be bothered with gays at all, because they want no part of their abnormal lifestyle, and they do not want to be forced to condone it or accept it. And this has nothing to do with hate. The majority of NORMAL Americans do not hate gays and their lifestyle. They simply do not agree with it or accept it, because it is NOT normal. And it is their right to not accept it. Last I checked, this is America, and EVERYONE is entitled to publicly voice an opinion, not just blacks, gays, and illegal hispanics. NORMAL white Americans are no longer allowed to voice opinions and preferences if they offend some group or subculture in this country. NORMAL Americans are tired of being forced, through legislation, to accept the abnormal as normal. Homosexuality is an abnormality. It is a glitch of nature, and is really a birth defect, for those who claim to have been born that way, as homosexuality is not conducive to procreation. And believe it or not, humans are here to perpetuate the species. Humans of the same sex cannot procreate, so to be sexually attracted to the same sex is, plain and simple, against the laws of nature, and is not normal. Homosexuality is widely practiced, but nowhere is it considered normal, because it is not. There are also many who are living as homosexuals, but have made a choice to live that way, after being heterosexual their whole lives, and even after being married. I know at least 10 people, who even have children, and have chosen this. And the damage to the children in every case has been catastrophic and irreversible. NORMAL Americans are tired of being forced to accept, support, condone, applaud, spotlight, reward, and give special conditions to the abnormal and those who live abnormal lifestyles. Why is it that it is not OK anymore, in this country, to be normal, or a Christian, especially a Catholic, or even white, for that matter? All these blowhard activists really need to just shut up and go cover themselves. Everyone in this country--even the abnormal gays--has a right to choose who they want to associate with and who they want to deal with, and who they do NOT want to associate with or deal with. The reasons people have for NOT wanting to associate with or deal with someone are THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

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Posted by seesthetruth on 04/01/2015 at 12:36 PM

Re: “Searchers find John Glasgow's clothing, ID

When this guy disappeared, then his car was found there 2 days later, there was an EXTENSIVE search of that mountain. The family and searchers were there for 2 weeks and found nothing. And they searched for MILES. The dogs could not even pick up his scent other than in his car. There was none of his scent leading away from his car, which means he did not walk away from his car. If he had been dead there at that time, they would have found him. The leading Search and Rescue man in Arkansas said that there was "absolutely no evidence that John was on that mountain". So, how in the hell did they find his skull there 7 years later? And within a mile of where his car was found. It is very likely that whoever killed him, and took his car there to make it look like he had gone there, waited until the search was called off, and everyone was gone, then went there to dump the body. They could have dumped the body the following year. Who knows. But after that man disappeared, he definitely was not on that mountain, dead or alive, and he had not been on that mountain, dead or alive. The car was just a smoke screen. It is also possible he was in hiding for some time, and after the publicity died down, and he knew that nobody was searching for him any more, he went there and killed himself. That is very unlikely, however, because there was no financial activity on any of his accounts after he disappeared, and he did not take any cash out of the bank or from the safe in his home. It is more likely that he was killed right after he disappeared, the body was in another location, then transported to Petit Jean well after the fact, and dumped there to decompose, in a last slap in the face to John Glasgow, his family, the searchers, and the police. It was a terrible game of hide and seek, and the killers wanted to get the last laugh, and to show that the police and searchers had been fooled. They need to check into the background of the guy John Glasgow sent to prison. I would also bet that the SOB Freeman had something to do with this.

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Posted by seesthetruth on 04/01/2015 at 11:46 AM


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