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Re: “Bart Hester and Blake Johnson plan to vote for Medicaid appropriation; line-item-veto tactic may shrink the Tea Party Ten

How many are aware that many teachers in our state are refusing their employee health care policies because the "free" medicaid is far better coverage with no premiums, no copays, totally "free" prescriptions etc.

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Posted by SirGareth on 04/15/2016 at 11:29 AM

Re: “Asa! Hutchinson rolls out an income tax cut plan

We all cannot join government unions and have the taxpayers fund us no matter how ineffective or incompetent we are.

Therefore we do need to attract EMPLOYERS who can COMPETE with employers in surrounding states where there is no income tax and low electricity costs. As you know, Obama's plan is to skyrocket Arkansas electrical rates which will make the lights go out for many Arkansas Employers.

How is Mike Ross going to attract EMPLOYERS to Arkansas with the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the nation; one of the highest income tax rates in the nation for the highly skilled employees who can create the jobs the lower skilled worker can enter; and lastly cope with the skyrocketing energy costs that are part of Obama's Democrat platform?

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Posted by SirGareth on 07/12/2014 at 9:23 AM

Re: “Is Mark Pryor winning in the campaign for Senate against Tom Cotton?

Debating issues is such a gimmick. The population doesn't like debate. They like Snappy TV commercials telling us all how good Washington DC mega-government has been for all us Arkansans.

Why without Washington mega-government, Arkansans would be employed at high paid jobs building the Keystone Pipeline instead of sucking at the government hind teat.

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Posted by SirGareth on 04/22/2014 at 8:00 AM

Re: “Searching for a 'fix' for Arkansas teacher health insurance

RE: "What about our wonderful paras, custodians, secretaries, support personnel...stand with us fellow Arkansans...not against us. We educate your children. We don't deserve to be treated this way!"

I agree, and this can be fixed by moving away from government unions that force taxpayers at gunpoint to pay for your salary.

You see this creates resentment. You would rather pay $100 dollars to the charity of your own choice than to be mugged on the street to pay $50 for the charity of your mugger's choice I'm sure you will agree.

What is needed is a merit based system, just like the one you set up for your students. The students who actually "achieve" get the good grades and they are not forced by their student union to "share" their grades with the non-achievers in order to make it more "fair." How do union teachers reconcile this absurd dichotomy of their own making?

The only way merit can be evaluated is when market forces are brought to bear. If the people who built the Yugo automobile were allowed to determine their own "merit, " they would undoubtedly charge Rolls Royce prices for their piece of communist junk.

The best way to achieve a merit based system for teachers is to get the state out of the education. business Remember, the whole involvement of government interference in education was to make it "fair" so that the the children of the elite (Washington's political elite for instance) would not have educational advantage over the poorest welfare neighborhoods of the corrupt debt ridden Democrat run cities of our union built rust belt. How's it working out so far?

Lastly, government education is dangerous. The Hitler youth that metastasized into the SS and Gestapo could have never emerged from a system of private schooling in prewar Germany. It took universal government education to achieve this.

Posted by SirGareth on 09/15/2013 at 11:33 AM

Re: “Searching for a 'fix' for Arkansas teacher health insurance

RE: Yes, technically most teachers do get "raises" every year for experience. They add up to about $40 more a month each year. Those lane changes you talk about equal about $100 more a month, but require the teacher to spend money on college tuition.

Does anyone see the problem here? What is being described is an incestuous relation between ed-schools and teachers. The more that is spent on "education" the more it costs to deliver less.

Does anyone really believe that sitting in a class being taught by a teacher of one pay lane is better than being taught by a teacher in a lesser lane? Why would anyone allow their children to be taught by the cheaper lane teacher? Do they get a tax refund for allowing their child to be taught by a cheaper teacher?

Sitting in (and paying for) colleges that often teach little real world skills should not be the gate-keeper of higher pay for teachers; Good teaching should be the gate keeper for higher wages.

The only pay system that serves the needs of the child does equal damage to the union system; the unions always win in this struggle and the children always lose. A jaded teacher that hates teaching is often the most "experienced" teacher.

Of course we are not talking about real experience but only years sitting in the same desk doing the same old thing while dreaming of their early retirement and beating the kids out of the building when the bell rings.

The kids desperately need a merit based system of choice rather than government union system of mediocrity at Rolls Royce prices. We need exceptional inspirational teachers and we need to pay them well. Ed schools do not produce these. Education degrees are the sum and substance of the problem and we need to get the educational schools out of the business of education before our kids can once again compete in a world where this happened long ago.

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Posted by SirGareth on 09/15/2013 at 10:42 AM

Re: “Searching for a 'fix' for Arkansas teacher health insurance

This problem can be solved with tax credits. Simply give a tax credit equal to the per student spending on the states entire education bureaucracy to each parent who enrolls their child in an independently accredited school of their own choice.

Good schools will attract more parents and thus will be able to pay their good teachers more. The student teacher ratio will no longer be determined by teacher unions but by real objectives. A good math teacher may easily be able to handle 50 students or more and do a better job that a mathematics teacher who has only 8 students but doesn't really know any math. Good teachers inspire while poor teachers discourage.

With the system privatized a merit based compensation system (similar to how students are evaluated) can be established.

Very good teachers will easily be able to have 80% of their health insurance covered provided they teach year round. Why should any employer pay for 12 month's worth of insurance for 8 months worth of work.

With excellent coverage the teacher will only have a 50 dollar co-pay and 300 dollars per day for hospital stays

We need to get these reforms done so good teachers can live as well as those who are forced to pay their salaries.

Posted by SirGareth on 09/15/2013 at 10:07 AM

Re: “More on the Navy Seals

RE: "SG. I know you won't understand this. We are not a perfect nation, but we are not Saudi Arabia. We show respect to other religions because that is who we are, or at least we aspire to be that nation."

So thats why re respect the Ku Klux Klan, not because we share their ideals but re respect them simply because that's who we are as a nation?

If we were to execute a klansman for racially motivated murder we would still honor their klan traditions by lighting up a few crosses before we park his corpse in a prison graveyard??

You see you are right, I don't understand your political correctness; to me it is shallow and even smug.

We are humans, and because we are human we are called upon to judge. Animals don't need to judge but we do. We discriminate by rejecting the bad for the good. We don't honor the bad even if an entire nation embraces it.

Is relegating half of a population to property status simply because they are a weaker sex good, bad, or just relative?

RE" Be careful, SG, you might become what you hate.

I doubt that I will become what I hate. I haven't transmogrified as of yet and I'm approaching four score and ten.

Rejecting a primitive rather nasty religion isn't hatred. It's simply discrimination which any intelligent being does as a matter of survival.

RE: "I have quite a few Muslim friends and acquaintances in CA."

I have as well and have spent time in Islamic countries. I've opened my home to provide refuge to young Muslim men from Tajikistan who were escaping the mass murder of men over the age of 12 who worshiped Muhammad in the wrong way. I'm not going to grant you your assumed moral superiority based upon what I see as moral blindness. I too have met some very nice Muslims and I don't hold it against them the the religion they were born to is a primitive throwback to an age we should have put past us. I see them as misguided, just as I would someone born to the traditions of the Klan.

Posted by SirGareth on 05/05/2011 at 2:04 PM

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