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Updated on October 16, 2016 at 7:19 AM

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Re: “Searchers find John Glasgow's clothing, ID

Sadly, Arkansas has become a State that has more skeletons and suspicious deaths since William Jefferson and Hilary Rodham Clinton have put there mark on the state before they left the state and became permanent residences of New York, New York. If no one has noticed they left a wake of death and scandal after their departure from the state and all of their business interest were investigated by the best investigators in the world, looking for that career making story. I have heard allegations of drug transportation and distribution. It was rather telling when Mr. Clinton pardoned more criminals than any other presidents in history. Most of them were related to his scandals and others that were connected to him in some unknown way dealing in drugs. If people have not seen how the State paid for a airport for Tyson and Walmart when the two companies could have easily paid for the bulk of it themselves. That just lets you know just how greedy folks are. Greed, something many people discovered they had a problem with for a decade or more. It is pretty sad, when there were cases of Ponzi Schemes in the early part of the 2000's and authorities just kept finding one after another all the way through 2015. We are talking about people still investing money in high yield investment groups that were just dummy companies long after everyone that owns a t.v. knows what a Ponzi Scheme is. Yes the people that took out second mortgages on their homes to invest in groups claiming returns that were double if not triple what normal investments paid out. Yes all the investors were so greedy that they gambled their life savings for the hope of unrealistic payouts. I love what the detective on one of the Investigation Discovery Channel says " IF IT IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS ILLEGAL" that fellow hit the nail on the head, what a excellent way of telling it like it is. I am sorry, but I don't have any pity on anyone that lost money in Ponzi Schemes due to the fact, that they were blinded by greed and ended up blindly giving and loosing all they had all over flat out greed. Just like any lie, they saw people that had already invested, an borrowed money to purchase cars, bigger houses and every other luxurious items people envy. So now we see that people envied the possessions that they saw others getting and borrowed money they did not have to invest in something to good to be true all because they we're blinded by greed themselves. All of the people that only invested in what they knew and understood were solid investments that paid dividends or normal rates of return left their money where it was and now the market has rebounded and they did not loose a dime. They actually kept making money because they were not greedy and were not blinded by envy. Just good solid salt of the earth people that worked hard for their money because they saw how hard their parents had to work just to keep the little bit they had paid for. If they did not have the money to invest or purchase any items with, they waited until they did before they spent it. Simply put, if they did not have the money they did not borrow any, they worked and saved until they could pay for it free and clear.
I started out talking about the all American Clintons and got off on talking about financial losses. If you look at what, where and how the Clintons made all the money they have, you will see that they used the power of their positions to help people with money make substantial more amounts than they would have if the Clintons had not eased the paths or restrictions that stood in the way of them earning more money by destroying the environment. Look at Lake Okeechobee in Florida, it had so much contamblenation from fertilizer and other chemicals running off of crops into it that when the water flowed into the Atlantic Ocean it literally turned the water green as grass over hundreds of square miles of water. With the current regulations in Florida and California on water use and contamination the ground is literally falling in right under peoples feet. Politicians and industry lobbyist make so much money from the positions of power they have, that they keep the regulations in the rich mans favor and they the politicians and special interest groups invest in the companies that they are helping out and get rich without ever having to work for a penny of it.
If you will watch the movie, "The Free State of Jones", you will see how the rich used the poor ignorant people in the South to fight a war over weather the government has the right to tell a State what they could or could not do. Look at the racial situation currently going on in the United States. Non of it has anything to do with the people that are getting shot or doing the shooting, just like the Civil War. The people shooting and getting shot were enticed by slick speaking politicians and plantation owners, to go and get killed over wether they had the right to own a slave when they did not have the money to buy to start with. All of the slave owners got exemptions for their sons so they did not get themselves killed over the very issue that was making the filthy rich. The poor man that only had a family at home to feed was out there getting killed over something that was only going to starve his family to death, he was not going to profit from the war, he was going to loose everything he owned, loved and lived for even his own life. If you step back and look at the big picture it is insanity.
Back to the corruption issue of the Clintons, power is where they make their money, that is the way all elected people make their living. It is not what they work for but how they put our tax dollars in wealthy mens hands at the cost of the greater public. People need to wake up and see, not just look, but see what is really going on. The "War On Drugs" is keeping America working, making guns, cars, trucks, airplanes, clothing, construction, law enforcement, security guards and every thing else you can think of. If we stoped the flow of illegal drugs in the United States, the economy would collapse. There is so much money being made off of it, that if there was a serious effort to eliminate illegal drugs, doctors, rehabs, pharmaceutical companies, and every branch of law enforcement and prisons it touches the very money that we that have nothing to do with any part of illegal drugs is profiting by it in some way. If you really think about the war on drugs and every aspect that it pumps money into that amount of money generated is greater than most countries entire gross domestic product, just think about it, there is nothing that it does not touch financially in some way. People want to know why the middle class and the upper class have gotten so far apart money wise, the middle class is the class of people that pay for every aspect of the "war on drugs" no matter what end of it they are on. The people living off of the government are using their health care benefits, food stamps, social security and disability funds to either purchase drugs to sell on the street for cash or purchase illegal drugs off the street that came from a pharmaceutical company. The "Affordable Care Act" is sucking so much money out of the tax base because the pharmaceutical companies donated millions to the Presidential Candidates so they would come up with health care for all, because it puts so much money in the owners of those companies pockets. Your seeing all of these law suites against these companies, but just say they have to pay out 3 billion dollars to a trust fund for those that win a class action law suites is just pennies on the dollar to how much they made off of the sale of that drug. You subtract the judgment from the profit off of baby powder over the past 70 years and your looking at literally nothing I mean nothing compared to what profit was made off of that one product, it is a joke.
I could go on and on, the people of the United States are going to have to get off of their lazy asses because when the next depression hits it is going to make the last one look like a fire cracker going off in World War II. This country has been sold out by our elected officials that envy what they see that others have so they get greedy and sell the country, your family, and everything this country stands for. The government is already preparing for another Civil War if you look you will see. We do not have to worry about our own military turning against us, they will have paid defense contractors to pick up where our boys join the civil war. I am going to wind the up, THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIEL, not people,or other aspects. The men in the United States treat our women like trash, because the men pay women to cause men to lust after them. DO you see it yet, is it getting any clearer, step back and look at all that I have written, a small book as a comment, it is all about THE LOVE OF MONEY.

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Posted by highclassfarmer on 10/16/2016 at 7:00 AM


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