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Re: “A look back at ousted Bryant police chief Mark Kizer

My husband is a retired 25+ year veteran of the department who has served with integrity at every position at Bryant PD after starting as a rookie in the small 6 person department. It has now grown to over 40+ officers/staff. As the Captain he was the next in line for chief when Dabbs came into the Mayors office but he was passed up for Kizer who he had supervised while Kizer was a Bryant PD Officer. My husband should have been and deserved to be the next chief & was the most qualified professionally but wasnt best friends with the mayors husband. Obviously the most critical qualification. But he had not been popular with the previous couple of Mayors because he refused to lie about or cover up as they wanted. My husband wasnt bitter though & actually didnt want the more political position of chief as he was getting closer to retirement. He served the city loyally & was respectful & loyal to both Kizer & Dabbs. Shortly after Kizer started serving as chief he, my husband & a couple of others attended a national law enforcement event where Kizer wanted to go to a strip club the first night. My husband said no thanks & returned to the hotel & called me. Everything changed that night because my husband didnt want to participate in their choice of activities. (There are other things that happened that night that were not exactly becoming of a LEO needless to say it would have been extremely embarrassing to the citizens of Bryant & could have actually caused legal issues for him at the time). When they returned from the trip my husband was harassed about not participating, humiliated at times in front of officers he supervised & repeatedly had his legs knocked out from under him regarding decisions & orders to staff. He was left out of meetings & decisions while other command staff were included. He never knew where Kizer was for hours & even days on a regular basis. Not so much as a phone call, text or email was bestowed about his 2nd in command. All the while the Lt. who served under my husband & was a participant in Kizers chosen activities would be informed but did not or was not allowed to say where the chief was or what he was doing. You can rest assured there was no vacation time for Kizer on the schedule on many of these occasions. MANY. That is theft of taxpayer money as far as Im concerned. He does what he wants, when he wants & Dabbs has supported it all only disciplining him when it became a controversial issue with the city council & hit the news. My husband & I who originally & very publicly supported both Dabbs & Kizer in the beginning slowly became persona non grata at the department & city events & meetings. They used us while they needed us. My husband who is not one to ruffle feathers or complain became more & more uncomfortable with things he was asked to say, do or not do, participate in & lie about or cover up. He felt he was deliberately being pushed into leaving the department. He had begun his drop program which is 7 years of savings attached to his retirement benefits which would add up to a very significant amount of money should he complete the 7 years so obviously he did not want to leave or retire yet. He had approximately 5-5 1/2 years left on the drop when he retired. The treatment he was receiving from these folks was wearing on him & embarrassing him in the department & community he had served for so long. He was seeing his good name & reputation he had worked so hard to keep being dragged into the mud not just by them but because he was considered part of their little posse by people were not fans. We were both disappointed & embarrassed in the type of people we had so publicly supported in the beginning. Even my attempts to do family get togethers and a spouse support team to do occasional activities such as feed the guys or do special things for National Law Enforcement week were disregarded, rejected & ignored while other spouses were supported very appropriately when they wanted to do these types of things. It isnt a brotherhood as they would like for you to believe. Its romper room with guns, bullets & bullies. They were eventually able to force my husband to retire after he was setup by a CID detective who he was attending, ironically a voice stress analysis refresher course (lie detector basically). Kizer accused my husband of lying to him on a phone call. What he didnt know was that I was in the vehicle & heard every word of the conversation & I knew exactly what was & wasnt said. He threatened my husband with an internal investigation & lie detector or VSA test. There were only a few of them certified in VSA, my husband, the aforementioned detective & a couple of others. At this point Kizer had had my husband followed & checked up on by having one of his a member of the staff who also reported to my husband come by our house multiple times when my husband had come home for lunch or came home sick. He had turned people against my husband, humiliated him, etc... to the point my husband didnt feel he could trust ANY of them to support him or even tell the truth. Although we knew the internal & VSA would clear him of any wrong doing, rather than go through more of the same my husband & I discussed it & decided he should just retire. The law enforcement community had changed. It was more about back stabbing & politics & he was tired. He also knew what Kizer was capable of doing & knew he would keep pushing the line until he found a way to get rid of him mainly because he wanted to move his buddy & future groomsman Lt. Plouch into the captains position. He didnt feel he could take a chance on something being done that would cause him further personal, professional or even legal issues as Kizer had already attempted to cause issues between my husband & I by making negative comments about me & making suggestions of untrustworthy behavior about me. When I accidentally deposited a check twice (using the banks phone app deposit feature) from Landers for off duty security work rather than bring it to our attention & ask for an explanation he went slyly about working with Prosecuting Attorney Ken Cassidy, who congratulations Saline County is now your newest Judge. I very publicly campaigned against his wifes run for a judges seat based on it being a conflict of interest if she were elected. Which it was/is. I also worked for & campaigned for her opponent whom he banned from the PAs office - all of that is another long story) to investigate our bank accounts without our knowledge, accuse me of bank fraud & theft & allow us to be interrogated by the prosecutors investigator AT the police department while he & the city attorney Chris Madison sat in the next office listening & proceeded to chastise me like a child when I emerged from the interrogation as if I had deliberately tried to steal $200 from a business my husband had done off duty security work for for many years without issue. I could go on & on. My husband retired in July 2015 with no big send off, no fanfare, very few in attendance (I was not even there as I was with my mother who was having surgery that day). Our children, his mother, siblings & friends were not invited nor were able to attend at the quick, last minute, thrown together retirement party that should have been a happy highlight of his career. It lasted maybe 15-20 mins. There was a cake, a gifted gun engraved with his name, a plaque & a photo op for the mayor as she shook his hand & thanked him for his service after which she excused herself & left. My husband felt highly insulted & disrespected but happy to be done with these particular people. Please if you support this man or woman just watch your back. He has not proven himself nor has she to be a decent, moral or honorable person. I apologize to anyone I may have offended when I so vehemently supported Dabbs & Kizer in the beginning. I was fooled for a bit as was my husband. Congratulations to the City of Bryant, the new mayor, council members & department heads who can now breathe a sigh of relief & make positive future growth in the city without having to hang your heads in shame and disgust of your leadership. Im sorry I did not say these things 3 years ago but was concerned about retaliation against me, my husband & family. My new motto is Karma is real.

Tammy R Newcomb

Posted by Tammy Rainbolt-Newcomb on 12/04/2018 at 11:40 PM


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